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Approved Starship Corusca II-class Picket Carrier

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It's Real to Pretend
Intent: To upgrade the Corusca carrier in order to make it fit within the new technological standards.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Carrier
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yes
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Duranium(frame), Reinforced Duraplast(hull)
Description: While a sturdy design, the Corusca-class Picket Carrier suffered from a distinct lack of anti-fighter weaponry. In tests, the Corusca's paltry armament of missile launchers proved to be less than stellar. As such, Subach engineers chose to slightly scale up the design, allowing for it to be far more useful than it previously was before. Flak guns now comprise a significant amount of its anti-fighter weaponry, while its hangar bay is itself capable of carrying over 33% more starships.

Similar to its predecessor, the majority of the weapons utilized on the Corusca II are projectile-based, meaning a little bit more power can be shunted to the shields and engines. Significant modifications to the design can be made, though, the Carrack-like hull allowing for a wealth of modifications to be adapted into the frame of the vessel. However, like the Corusca, the Corusca II has significantly limited longevity compared to other, more modern Subach ships.
Classification: Capital ship
Role: Picket Carrier
Height: 160m
Width: 180m
Length: 500m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1, Class 10 backup
Minimum Crew: 450
Optimal Crew: 700
Armaments: 60 flak guns, 4 triple turbolaser turrets
Hangar: 48 fighters and/or bombers, 8 shuttlecraft, 4 gunships, 4 dropships
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensors, shields
Passenger Capacity: 250
Cargo Capacity: 7500 metric tons
Consumables: 6 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Circe Savan"]

Just because this uses mass drivers as its primary armament does not mean it does not require the same amount of power to operate the weapons. If you want a mass driver to fire with the same kind of power a turbolaser has, you're still going to have to expend roughly the same amount of energy.

As well, you can't reinforce a hull in such a fashion to protect it from ion strikes. That's just Star Wars for you. You would have to have considerable effort to make a dev thread to counter that, not the least of which would have to stem from a ship -actually- being disabled by ion weapons; something that has not happened in the history of the board to my knowledge.

Everything else checks out.
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