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Corellian Engineering & Corellian Arms

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
Corporation Name: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Subsidy: Corellian Arms
Headquarters: Corellia


  • Airspeeder Manufacturing
  • Droid Manufacturing
  • Droid Repair
  • Ship Building
  • Ship Design
  • Ship Modification
  • Ship Parts
  • Ship Repair
  • Speeder Repairs
  • Walker Manufacturing
  • Walker Repairs
  • Weapons Manufacturing







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A message was sent to the Corellian Engineering company reading,

I would like to purchase a single Protectorate Blockade Runner should they be available for the public to order with the right amount of credits. There is no need for the Military model, as I request the Civilian counterpart for a simple business venture. Thank you for your time in reading this.

- Carrison Tech"


It was the second booth Mistress Rrusho had visited that afternoon. Something rather intriguing to her caught her eye. They were colossal droids, things that looked like they could take down a gunship with ease. Kurah wanted them - she wanted them badly. If she could acquire two such droids, she'd replace her Mirari bodyguards with the massive hulks during more open, militarized scenarios where they would serve much better.
"I want to purchase two HBD-300 Mark III droids. Also, would I be able to replace their droid brains with Mirari models and reprogram them for hardware compatibility?"
Even if Kurah could not, they were still huge 'wins' if she could buy them.

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