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Compressed Gas Zero-G Mobility Pack

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Intent: To provide a simple and redundant "homemade" mobility system for use in zero gravity and space environments.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: None. Home made system
Affiliation: Arrbi Betna, Mandalorians
Modularity: Customization is possible as the system is home made. Upgrades can include but are not limted to larger bottles, housings, securing devices, interchangable gas canisters, and control device.
Production: Limited
Material: Compressed gas canister (Gas is interchangable), metal frame (metal type is interchangable), control device (hand held or linked to HUD system), securing restraints (leather straps, magnetic plate, etc.)
Description: The zero gravity mobility system was developed by Betna to aid movement in deep space and zero gravity environments. The system is, at this time, completely home made by Betna and consists of a compressed gas canister, a metal frame to hold the canister, a control device, and restraints to hold the device to the user.

Using short burst of compressed gas, the user is able to move and adjust themselves in zero-g environments to better position themselves for anything from regular maintenance on the outer shells of ships to quiet maneuvering under enemy radar. The system is highly versatile and easy to assemble with premade parts, requiring minimal skilled labor to create, as well as totally silent in space. Users are able to operate under enemy scanners without being seen on scanning systems short of direct visual contact or magnetic scans to find the individual.

The unit is rather fragile, however, and is susceptible to damage and will cease function entirely, possibly with catastrophic results, if the canister is ruptured. Also, the unit's functional longevity decreases dramatically with prolonged use.

Weight: 80kg
Length: 1.3m

Valiens Nantaris

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@[member="Arrbi Betna"]
Compressed gas at the best of times is an inefficient method of propulsion, and the physics in space make it trickier.
Due to the low temperatures involved and the lack of gravity you’d need multiple jets to stop yourself turning into a gyroscope. You’d also need a massive amount of compressed gas, and a way to stop it freezing inside the canister. Nitrogen is probably the best choice, but even that would be unreliable.

80kg is massively heavy. If this ever came into a normal gravity situation the user would be unable to move at all due to the weight. Even in space, trying to push an additional 80kg of weight as well as the person, makes this rather impractical.

I also have to point out the obvious “as well as totally silent in space” which is the case with everything as there is no noise in space.

Overall, I’m not sure why you’re better off with this than a jetpack or other rocketry device.

Convince me otherwise or I’ll deny this.
Go ahead and archive this, please. I think I'm over thinking the concept so I'm going to go back to the drawing board on this concept and try and rework it at a later time after I take some time for more dedicated research in zero-g and/or space propulsion. Thank you for your time, though :)
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