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Common Guard


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Rex Cruger"]

With promotions about to take place within her staff, Kay was in need of another guard. Shuffling people seemed to be a constant. Yet usually she'd start people with one job, only to find that they grew in skills to be suitable for another. So filling in the gaps was needed.

She sat in her office at her desk, sipping her tea while going through applications and messages. A few people were to come by today about the position. Personal bodyguards needed to be vetted by both herself and [member="Darlyn Excron"] . For the moment he still held the position of Head of Security.

Kay picked up her commlonk and accessed his channel. ~Darlyn, it's Kay. I have some possible new recruits coming in today. Are you available to meet them with me? I'm in my office.~
How often was her here? How often was Darlyn seated in his office, not able to go out, about, and enjoy the planet he'd come to call home? With so few superiors, he had to keep the vetting up, the hire rate. With such great changes lately, he had to make sure more guards than ever were working for them.

He was so grateful when Kay finally messaged him. He popped his earpiece into his ear and straightened his beskar desperado armor out. No point in lacking in appearances... especially for vetting. Speaking to Kay as he made his way down, he made all possible haste. "I'm on my way down. Hope you don't mind my work attire... no time to change."

Not to mention he'd grown fond of wearing the stylish suit of armore. He eventually made his way into her office, finding his place behind her for the process of interviewing.

[member="Lady Kay"]


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Work attire? No time to change? ~As long as you aren't just wearing boxers or something, you'll be fine.~

She looked to the door in anticipation of what could possibly be wrong with what [member="Darlyn Excron"] was wearing, only to see that she didn't need to worry at all. The armour was a bit intimidating, but fine nonetheless.

"The first to come in is [member="Rex Cruger"] . Here's his file." She handed her datapad to him as he walked over behind her.
The Bothan would slowly walk in as he heard is name and stand in front of the desk looking down at the two of them. He would seem to be that special compared to any of the rest of the candidates but he had a aura of experience and training that didn't follow the other, and a look that he had more then what meet the eye.

"Queen Kay, Mr. Excroon, it's my honor to be here as to apply to protect you."

The words would come out with a bow as he finally stands back up straight with his arms behind his head looking dead ahead and waiting for the conversation to begin.

[member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Darlyn Excron"]
Darlyn took the data pad, pulling up the file for this "Rex" fellow. He would be reading said file as the Bothan would walk in, and giving a glance he both liked and disliked what he'd shown up in. The attire meant a certain level of professionalism, but the last individual he'd let meet with Kay directly, knowingly or not...

He still just finished the paperwork. Ah well, at least this one seemed to be military enough to wait his turn to speak. Less chaos that way. Darlyn pulled a chair over to himself telekineticly and sat down, putting the data pad aside. "just to be certain it's you, would you please state your name, age, and species for me? Standard lines and protocol but we've all day anyways. Might as well do it right, eh?"

[member="Rex Cruger"] [member="Lady Kay"]


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay picked up her tea and had a sip as [member="Darlyn Excron"] took her datapad. A split second later, [member="Rex Cruger"] walked in. She bowed her head as he greeted them. "Pleasure."

Her cup was set back down on her desk. She studied Rex as Darlyn gave his questions, most especially as Darlyn wanted Rex to inform them of his species. Wasn't it obvious? Oh well.

She gave Rex a little nod, as if to tell him that she was waiting for his answer.
"Yessir, My Name is Rex Cruger, I am 30 Years of age, I come from the planet Bothan and am of the Bothan species."

He would stare right past the both of them his chest broad and his arms behind his back with his legs about shoulder width apart as he repeated the lines in the order they were asked, his voice sounded deep and low but held a air of confidence as if he believed he was the one getting the job already, and he knew he was. His eyes might not have been darting but his mind was, his peripherals was catching everything he needed and he was analyzing the room for any possible attacks or ways to defend the room in question, he liked to be ahead of the game when it comes to be being on the defensive.

[member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Darlyn Excron"]
"Well, at least you're not the wrong person." OR a good liar. First thing you did was have them say their name and basic details, make sure they weren't at the wrong interview or trying to pass odd as someone else. Liars were too quick or slow most of the time.

Least [member="Rex Cruger"] got the pacing right. He sat back a bit. "Well then, why don't you tell us about yourself, whatever you feel is important." Ah, a valuable question. You could tell a lot about a man from what he chose to value, including if they fit the job.

Besides, it wasn't like he expected [member="Lady Kay"] to deny himy the job. After recent events Darlyn would love having more around. The underground background checks were what mattered more.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Rex Cruger"] was quick to answer and straight to the point. That was a good sign, in her mind at least. She glanced over her shpulder as [member="Darlyn Excron"] asked more questions. Kay was willing to take a back seat on this one and let Darlyn run the show. This way she could do a better job of it herself later on.

She picked up her tea and had a sip. Rex had a good look about him, and she didn't get a bad vibe either. Yet she wondered how much of a conversationalist he'd be as well. Kay didn't want to be guarded by someone that was more or less a living statue. She wanted to get to know those that were in her employ, to know where their weaknesses lay as well as their strengths. It was important to keep things running smoothly.
"Well I've been a fighter since my early teens, fighting for independence on my home planet, I was exiled due to political games played by my second who became the leader after we recaptured it. I also have many years of experience... doing many other things connected with military duties and training. If you wish for me to elaborate I will, but at your own discretion, sir, mam."

He sounded formal do to his extensive training but he was in a order of attention, it was a job interview not interaction time, he had experience with Ambassadors and other political leaders that liked talkers, and he filled that role, but when it came to business he kept it a high priority to keep himself in line and to only answer what's necessary.

[member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Darlyn Excron"]
"Well at least we won't need to teach you how to use a gun. That's good. Well then let's see what else there is... for basics I suppose... force sensitivity? Training you believe important to the job? And of course, any references you have would be lovely."

All in a calm, business mode, Darlyn was taking care of the essentials. Basic ettiquit. There w asnt much getting that he could do in an interview, though he was running background checks on both legal and less than legal channels sooner or later. Not to mention he had a habit of over the top, dramatic behaviors to "test" them. Last time her had a guard 'betray' them by attacking with a stun blaster. Kay usually expected something absurd.

He found it amusing, useful too. Test their desire to protect or will to fight. A method to the madness so to speak.

[member="Rex Cruger"] [member="Lady Kay"]


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay had another sip of her tea, listening to both [member="Rex Cruger"] and [member="Darlyn Excron"] as the interview continued. She took note of Rex's pose and the tone of his voice. His training was evident, that much was certain. But Darlyn had a way of getting certain reactions from people. She looked over her shoulder to him and wondered what he had planned for this one.

She also wondered what Mac would do once he gained the position. His methods would probably be quite different. He could try a spar, check for stamina, a whole manner of things. Or he could just rely on instincts. Only time will tell.
"Former resistance fighter, years of military training and instructing, I've guarded many famous individuals and political persons, several stars and a few ambassadors along with prominent lords and ladies of the outer rim, I also was..." He would cough not wanting to say it, "a "Force Ranger" from the hit show... and for the last one I think it best to show you."

As he said this he would slowly lift a pen into the air and rotate it, his posture not moving and his gaze remaining the same as he moved it over to [member="Lady Kay"] and slowly put it on top of her ear like a carpenter would do. He seemed to do it with no effort, as he really did it was just a pen. He kept his senses open, this was the Queen of a planet, he knew that at any seconds some unconventional tactics could come into play from his interviewer, [member="Darlyn Excron"].
Darlyn hummed a bit, and slowly stood up, walking out from behind the desk and circling around the potential recruit. There was certainly no question, if this man was truthful, of his skill, and the man's posture and stance spoke volumes of professionalism. Indeed, all that was to question were his instincts and commitment.

"Why do you wish to be a guardsmen? Certainly you qualify for more exciting careers." As he was behind [member="Rex Cruger"], he shifted only slightly to show [member="Lady Kay"] his blaster being silently set to stun. His question was a distraction while he set up his little test. And he wanted Kay to be perfectly aware his weapon was set into a safe mode, while Rex wouldn't know.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay raised a brow slightly. Force Rangers? She had bypassed that show a little bit. But there wasn't much time for her to watch anything. Her spare time was focused on reading. And there wasn't much time for that.

She watched as [member="Darlyn Excron"] continued to conduct the interview. What was he up to? He had walked around [member="Rex Cruger"] and was now briefly showing his blaster to her. Would Rex see the shift in her eyes going downward? Kay rubbed the back of her neck.

This was certainly going to prove interesting...
He would find his movement a little odd, [member="Darlyn Excron"] got up and walked around him, he made no facial or physical recognition of them movement but he didn't have to, reaching out with the force he saw what was happening and gave a slight smile, not one enough to catch, but one for his own pleasure, he had known that the protection of the Queen would be one that would be top priority and candidates would have to be ready for anything, so he came well prepared for anything, this was a good test, he had to admit.

"Do I take you down now or later? I don't want to ruin you fun but stunning the queen for my sake is just rude, I suggest instead of giving her warning, warn her before we start, or surprise her as much as you would me."

He said this calmly as he continued his straight look forward towards where he had been sitting and [member="Lady Kay"], he had a sequence of moves planned out if he decided to go on with his little play, but he had a suspicion he wouldn't.
"Cute, but you don't take me down at all." He chuckled a bit as he turned to look at them both. "You ever seen a lightsaber [member="Rex Cruger"]? You ever seen what they do to a person?" Thinking on the fly was something he did frequently, so changing tactics here was simple enough. Of course he wasn't going to go through with the little play, but his ability to figure it all out was the only real reason. Believe him, he wanted to go through with it, but it was pointless to do so now. "You know how to fight one?" This was a valid second, as he was sure [member="Lady Kay"] would agree. It really was the last question to ask, if he'd never seen one, well he'd have to learn quickly.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay smirked as [member="Rex Cruger"] figured out [member="Darlyn Excron"] 's little plot stright away. Msybe he heard the blaster being switched to stun? His eaes would certainly indicate a heightened sense of hearing. All good skills in a guard.

"I haven't been attacked with lightsabers much, but it'd be a great skill to know how to deflect or to disarm." She sat back in her chair, glad that she wasn't going to be knocked unconscious today. That'd be embarrassing.
He nodded at her with a slight smile at the edge of his lips as he sat there staring forwards. Before a move could be made he stood up and had drawn a lightsaber and had drew it onto [member="Darlyn Excron"] neck staring at him with a bigger smile this time.

"Lightsabers you say? Well I happened to have an example of one for you. I hope this isn't too straight foward for you." He gave a slight smile as he stared at Darlyn with a slight wink as he stood there. "Oh and I can deflect and block for you Ms. Kay." He said talking to [member="Lady Kay"] but keeping his eye on the recruiter.
Rex was fast, but so was Darlyn. Though if it had been a real life or death situation, he'd have likely gotten severely hurt at minimum, Darlyn would've hit back. On either side of his waist was a blue and yellow blade, ignited a fraction of a second after [member="Rex Cruger"]'s. There was a little bit of a smirk on his lips, just a little bit. Theatrical, Darlyn enjoyed the change from overly professional conversation. "Mm.. not at all. Just remember some of us have, lets say, far more extensive experience dealing with the weapon. No offense of course, I'm sure you know how to handle yours fine enough."

It was fair to say Darlyn's skills lapsed a little bit between sessions of practice up at the Commenor force praxeum, things were always rather calm. However, [member="Lady Kay"] could testify that he still had quite the capability as a duelist, she had come to visit the praxeum more than once to assess its students. "And believe me, no fancy armor will keep you safe if I have to hunt you down for betraying her trust. We clear on that?" Despite the words there wasn't malice in his voice. Confidence, arrogance maybe, but not malice.

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