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Coming back

Hello all,

I'm just returning after leaving at the end of last year and would like to get some of my characters going up again. If anyone is interested please post an idea, (I'm terrible at thinking of things to do.)

My Characters:

Ben Carlin: "Rookie" GA Piot
John Shepherd: Former member of the Kathol Outback
Matthew Justice: Former Member of the Kathol, Part of the Justice "Clan"
Darson Rade: Former Admiral
Jayce Miller: New character, Smuggler
Fenn Ordo: Mandalorian
Rukya Rexus: Jedi Padawan
Bear Mylls: Owner of Mylls Survival Co.
The Reaper of Won Shasot
[member="Ben Carlin"]
So got a couple ideas to run by you.

If you wanna do Dax and Shep again they could meet up after not having seen each other in whats been a year or two. The could just shoot the chit and catch up before something goes down in the bar or something?

Or if you wanna do Jayce with Tsuki, Tsuki could stumble across a shipment of weapons and get caught, Jayce somehow finds her or something and he offers to help her if she helps him steal the weapons?

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