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Approved Tech Combat bow

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Diana Cross

Aim steady, fire true

Source: http://gamingbolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/crysis-3-compound-bow.jpg

Intent: To create a specialized bow with multiple types of arrows to be used by the Moross Crusade.
Development Thread: If nessesary.
Model: Multipurpose combat bow
Affiliation: Moross Crusade
Modularity: Yes, various arrow types can be modified; new arrows can be created.
Production: Mass produced
Material: Various materials, various electronics and mechanics.
Description: A specialized bow fashioned from durasteel with multiple arrow types, each serving their own purpose. The quiver has twenty individual shafts that hold the arrows in place. Developed by the Moross Crusade, it will be used almost exclusively in the military ranks.
Classification: Bow and arrows
Size: Handheld
Status: Limited, military
Ammunition Capacity: A normal quiver can hold any combination of twenty arrows.
Ammunition Types:
- Basic arrow: A standard arrow forged from agrinium folded over and over again to compress the metal for stronger hits.
- Explosive impact arrow: An arrow that is tipped with detonite putty, and will explode directly after impact.
-Timed explosive arrow: An arrow that has a similar technology to that of a wrist-mounted rocket launcher. Fitted just behind the arrow tip, it detonates five seconds after impact.
- Shock arrow: An arrow that on impact, will stun the target, and sometimes knock them unconscious. The arrow has three settings, each with a different level of electricity.
- Flare arrow: An arrow that can be fired upwards, releasing two flares, used to blind others.
- Grapple arrow: An arrow that ejects monofilament cable, and is tipped with three barbed hooks. The tip is weighted down more than others, and will attach itself to almost any surface. This allows the shooter to either swing across the rope, climb up it, or use it to cross large gaps.
Effective Range: 120 meters.
@[member="Diana Cross"]

I see no particular issues with this submission technically and it's well written. My big question is…why?

A bow and arrow, even a mechanically winched and drawn bow, is useless against armour unless you get it into the one or two cracks in weak places. But bows and arrows were out of date by the 18th century on Earth, let alone in such a futuristic setting. Arrows simply lack the penetration of slugs, let alone blasters.
The effective range of 35 metres is also horribly short. An English longbowmen could put an arrow into a playing card at 100 metres, and that was before modern compound bows, scopes, etc.

The other arrow types you have here are all nifty and fun, but they seem rather pointless when other devices do the same thing much easier and more effectively.

The only thing I can see this weapon being useful for is silent sniping, but there are far more effective ways out there in the galaxy.

Diana Cross

Aim steady, fire true
I terribly misjudged the effective range, my bad.

However, this is one submission that will undergo a lot of changes in the future. First of all, my character's main skill is with bow and arrow. This is to serve as an upgrade for when she officially joins Moross Crusade IC, as well as provide this to any others who want to use it. For the main part, it isn't built to maim. The standard arrows can be used for lots of other things than killing, like distractions and such. Shock arrows, while maybe not as effective as shock darts, still work the same way. The explosives are self explanatory. I've also stated that there will be other more updated arrow types in future modifications.

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
@[member="Diana Cross"]

Well, I see no reason to deny this on intent as it’s definitely under powered compared with practically any other weapon out there.

However, there are a couple of last points (as it were) concerning the special ammo.
  • Thermal detonators are big and heavy. Perhaps a lesser explosive would be better as an arrow with a detonator tied to it would be as aerodynamic as a brick.
  • How does the flare arrow release 20 flares? How does it release any? Arrows are small, so one or two at a max is reasonable.
  • How does the shock arrow work? Does it have a capacitor in it? How does it arm?
Let me know your thoughts.

Diana Cross

Aim steady, fire true
Alright, I have a few ideas to remedy this.

  • Instead of thermal detonators, how feasible would it be to use technology similar to the wrist-mounted rocket launchers that bounty hunters use?
  • It releases flares when the tip splits into two pieces. The flares detach and light up when they are in close proximity with their targets.
  • As for the shock arrows, I don't quite know enough about tasers, shock darts and similar technology to explain how it would work or arm itself.
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
@[member="Diana Cross"]

  • Possible, but extremely dangerous. Arrows don’t have the velocity to penetrate reliably enough to do what you suggest. Mostly they bounce off stone and metal rather than sticking in. And an explosive charge bouncing off and rolling around isn’t the best thing ever.
  • I’m not sure how this would work. The arrows aren’t computer guided so they wouldn’t know when the target is close. A better idea would be to have a flare arrow which can fire directly into the air and light up an area.
  • Again, like the explosive, I’ll handwave this a bit, but it’s still not a very effective means of doing things. It’d mean she’d have to be very careful with the arrows.

Hunger Games and The Avengers has much to answer for when it comes to people running around with super bows and arrows.
OK, with all stipulations listed here, this is approved.

I do NOT want to see this being used as an excuse to Robin Hood/Hawkeye slay people though. This weapon has its uses, but it is not a super weapon.
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