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Cold Truth. Tested Mettle.

Codex Judge
Mygeeto, the birthplace of Darth Plagueis. The planet was cold, the terrain frozen. The perpetual ice age of the planet forced much of the happenings of this world to take place within the structures found within the city. This banking world was more than just a financial institution to the Jedi Shadow. It was also the place of more rumors. The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, was a story which Judah was familiar with. The Sith Master had discovered to the ability to create and preserve live, but in the end could not save himself from death. Granted the Muun’s apprentice had murdered him in his sleep, but that was what made the tragedy. The story would not have been near what it was had death been from natural causes.

Judah was on Mygeeto because of that tragedy. The story was now being told with rumors that the knowledge still existed somewhere. No one knew for sure, but many assumed a holocron of some sorts. Of course as the story was originally relayed, no external source of the knowledge existed, but that did not keep people from hunting for it. Where the rumor pointed Sith were sure to be found. The knight walked along the durasteel platforms toward his destination hoping to find the rumors false.

A remote warehouse of sorts existed just outside the main part of the city. The smokey, white vapor of Judah’s breath could be seen as he exhaled slowly. A gloved hand pressed against the door as he produced a bump key. The Sentinel was truly a master of shadow. Why use the force to break the door down when a mechanical tool was quiet and left no sign of forced entry? This was a covert investigation after all. A heavy sigh escaped the Knight as his eyes fell on piles of identical crates. If a holocron was in this warehouse Judah had quite the search ahead of him. He had to be thorough though, so Judah began to scan each crate sensing for any anomaly in the force which might prove the rumors true.

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