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Coincidence or Fortune?

Pillars of smoke clouded the sky, on Duniya. A planet on the edges of the unknown regions, black market excavations were common on Duniya for their precious gemstones. A small group of frigates, connected by small mining platforms were gathered on the left coastal region of the main mining location, Dahu Fitad. This station, known as Antilles; was a common spot for the trading of slaves. Most importantly, the trading of Dravalan, excellent labour. There were a total of ten mining platforms, orbiting the green planet. Each housing a total of four ships, usually owned by slavers and pirates.

​Just beyond the sensor range of the Antilles Station, sat six Cathedral class ships; once owned by the now defunct Ancient Eye. Now, under the advisement of Tathra Khaeus; once known as the Matador.
​Aboard the bridge of the foremost Cathedral ship, was the Titan himself, standing broad and strong. His mutated form, a mass of cooled magma like rock armour and grey and blood red skin. Strangely enough, even as magma flowed through his veins, the titan was picturesquely calm; but it was clear in how unsteady his words were, that the Titan was ready to erupt like any volcano.

​"Open a hailing frequency."

​A single bridge officer nodded, opening the hailing frequency as Tathra took a single step forward, placing his hands behind his back, pressing the fist of his left hand into the ball of his right; squeezing tight and his jaw took a moment to relax, allowing further words to be spoken.

​"Attention Antilles Station. My name, is Khaeus. And I am here, for my people. Your Dravalan slaves will be yours no longer. Prepare for boarding parties, if you resist. We will destroy your station."

​There was static, silence. No response from any of the ships docked. ​"Lord Khaeus, there is a hail from a private frequency. It's coming from one of the smaller ships in docking bay three." ​Khaeus merely nodded, allowing the hail. ​"Speak." ​Came his thundering command, his voice like ancient bark giving expression.

​"This is a commercial civilian vessel of Commenor, we are on a mission of peace; to liberate the slaves aboard this station. Please do not open fire on us. Our captian, [member="Bradshaw Ku"] is on-board the station as we speak. Please, do not open fire upon our vessels."

​A few moments passed as the Cathedrals bridge officers identified which ships bore the Commenor IFF codes. ​"We read you Commenor vessels. Stay out of our way. Commander, prepare the Valkyrie for boarding." ​Tathra pulled out a holo-screen, reviewing the stations shipping manifests. ​"Computer, where did the ships carrying the Dravalan prisoners land?" ​The manifest located a total of three ships, all under the liaison of one Weallda Sorto. All three were located at docking bay six.

"Order all ships to fire on docking bay six. Destroy their shuttles, show them we intend to keep our word. Next, open fix on the bridges between Docking Bay Seven and Five, isolate the Sixth. The rest of our ships may keep their weapons trained on the other docking bays, deploy fighters. If anything tries to leave, destroy it."

​The titan felt his jaw slowly readjust, returning to its closed position, his dagger like teeth gliding over each-other and closing. His Impetus armour, or what little he still kept of it collected around his chest and legs, the rest of his body too changed and warped to accept the grafted armour. Soon, accompanied by Seimar; a member of his Promethean Guard; Tathra would arrive on the now destabilised Docking bay Six.