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Approved Tech Cogmind's SMB-01

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The Admiralty
  • Intent: To submit a do-it-yourself tool for any self-respecting spacer on-the-go. You got stone mite infestations? You probably want this thing.
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  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /
  • Manufacturer: Cogmind.
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: Stone-Mite-Begone
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Minor (Spacers, outlaws, crew of the Gossamer.)
  • Material: Durasteel, spacer's tape, sonic shower emitter, hopes and dreams, little bit of agrinium.
  • Projects focused vibrational blasts that weakens the links that keep stone mites together. A must-have spacer's tool, if you ask Daro.
  • Is known to cause conduit worms headaches that makes them slither away in fear.
  • At the highest voltage setting it managed to make a Starweird flee. They usually come back though. In packs.
  • Stone-Mite-Begone: It absolutely shreds stone mites. Funny enough it causes a number of issues for conduit worms and Starweirds as well- the latter two aren't actually per design and Daro ain't offering refunds, if you use it on them and aren't satisfied.
  • Dirt: It is actually pretty good at keeping your boots clean too. The vibrations will vibrate the dirt away.
  • Overheating: Prolonged engagement can cause overheating- it will melt the emitters, the tape, no fun to be had there. Pace yourself while you are on your extermination trip.
  • Recharge: The power pack needs recharging after about an hour or two of continuous work. This might sound like a lot, but if you are on a bulk freighter circa a thousand meters long? You will want one than more of these beauties, otherwise you will get done sweeping a few decks and once you have recharged it.... the stone mites have already replicated to replace those you exterminated.
  • Inertial dampeners: You will want your ship to have solid dampeners. The vibrational pulses projected by this thing could cause structural damage otherwise.
  • Non-combat: Blast a human with it and they might get a headache after minutes of constant exposure. You don't want this in combat against a conventional target, you are gonna have a bad time.
One late night Daro Tarsi was called out of his cot by an insistent terminal notification.

After cursing it for every name in the book he opened the call. Turned out Captain Jorus Q. Merrill needed something and Daro was just the man-in-bathrobe that could give him what he wanted. It took a couple of days of fiddling, finding half a dozen of stone mites to experiment it on and breaking out several sonic shower emitters, but eventually Tarsi managed to finish a prototype design.

It worked like a charm... as expected.

Cogmind's SMB-1 ain't the most beautiful piece of equipment on the spacer market, but it is reliable (if you aren't a complete tool) and can be build from scratch with your basic starship equipment and parts.

It also cleans your boots, if you are careful enough.

Any trouble with stone mites chewing through important junctions of your ship? This is the tool for you. Oh, it also is known to function decently against conduit warms and has been known to chase off an odd Starweird or two, but don't come sobbing to ol' Tarsi when those Starweirds return with friends an' some vengeance, eh? Either way, the SMB-01 was first designed for the crew of the Gossamer per request and has slowly been added to the trusty toolshed of most self-respecting spacer in the Galaxy.

Not bad for three days of work.
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