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Weird question.

Finishing up an RP in the Pacanth Reach. I've got a rough idea to submit six mines for my company.

Should I submit each one on each canon planet separately or would there be an easier way to do this? Perhaps the system template, but it is not a new system, just new resource mines.
Judah Dashiell Judah Dashiell

Hi there!

If it were me and the mines were essentially the same in different locations I would use the "Mining" template and just add all the locations one of these mines can be found at. There's not a lot of sense in subbing it six times if the only real differences are "Mining Site A, B, C, D."

If the Mines are extremely different though with different information you might need to submit them separately...But you'd still need to use the mining template not the system one.
A Shikkar is only Sith Glass, but it mentioned that it is force-crafted, so I was wondering where you'd place it in terms of unit size or production.
Limited? I was thinking of a flavor use for it in roleplay.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Darth Centax Darth Centax

Hey there <3

If you're using the Canon Shikkar that you linked I wouldn't worry about production values, merely, how valuable the character finds it. It can be created through a variety of means. Hence, it's reasonable to assume that they're able to be found by your character or created fairly easily IC by any Sith Glass manufacturer (NPC or Otherwise). They are worth a lot artistically speaking so your character may consider them rare.

Now on the flip if you wanted to Submit it to the Factory:

1.) Melee Template
2.) Depending on what you intend to allow the blade to do - You would also have to adhere to the Restricted Materials regulations for Alchemized Artifacts.

I hope that helps!
Darth Centax Darth Centax

That's perfectly fine <3 - Anytime. There aren't any real hold-outs on that when it's a canon item unless it's a Superweapon/Restricted Material.

You can even use canon "Artifacts" as we treat them OOC as copies. (This way we don't have any arguments about who owns what when writers start and stop roleplaying...)

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