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Weight of Legacy

Prakith. Kampe. Kalist. Ebaq. Hakassi. Zamael. Lialic. Stassia. Salliche. Odik. Just a few of the dozens of systems surrounding the Core and Deep Core. And all across the heart of the galaxy, the same scene was playing itself over and over.

Swarms of ships emerging from hyperspace. The familiar triangles of Star Destroyers, in markings unfamiliar and barely known to most of the galactic residents. A hand, grabbing for something with gnarled, pale fingers. Warships spewing out fighters and support craft that descend down onto the unexpecting worlds below.

All eyes had turned to Kuat and Alderaan to see what would come of the fledgling Republic and Greyson Imperium’s attempts at diplomacy, and in that moment, something far worse took advantage and struck. Stormtroopers seen on worlds where they hadn’t been for years. Slavers and cartels in the Core itself. Fire and blasters. Screams and red lightsaber blades. Terror not seen in the Core since the coming of the One Sith.

Distress signals from towns, cities, starships clog the comm channels all across the Core. Civilians, soldiers, children, adults. It makes no difference. The hordes come for them all. The Frozen Hand had reached out and nothing would escape its dark clutches.

Alana had to admit, Fresia was a nice world. Quiet. Not too busy. Despite being the original home of the legendary X-Wing fighters, the world still remained much as it had been long ago. Single island city with scattered smaller towns and villages around it. She had come for a bit of exploration for other potential locations for hidden Jedi enclaves.

She was about to pick up a piece of fruit when the Force convulsed. It tore through her with a sense of agony and horror. Flashes of images tore through her mind and the sounds of screams. It took heartbeats before she realized the screams were real. Partially hers, but others as well.
Reaching into the Force, Alana managed to look up and her breath caught in her throat. Clearly visible against the dusk, the familiar silhouettes of Star Destroyers descended into the atmosphere, accompanied by the familiar scream of TIE fighters. They weren’t shooting, except at the scattered ships attempting to flee, or defense ships trying to hold them back.
Even more ominous was the endless stream of small craft hurtling towards the city, splitting to land in different quadrants. Already, multiple were headed towards her area, accompanying massive bulk transports for some reason.
Everyone around her began to run, tripping over themselves and small objects scattered around the street. Alana unclipped her lightsabers from her belt, but there were too many to fight. They needed help.
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Captain Ash
Hydian Way

"Captain Tillian!" Her first mate called out from the comms panel. "We're picking up distress signals from all over the Core."

Aeshi frowned in confusion and turned away from the view of hyperspace. No matter how long she spent aboard starships, she always found it more and more beautiful. Calming. Mesmerizing. Not unlike the Force, even if she didn't put quite as much stock in it as her relatives.

"What do you mean, all over the Core?" She turned and strode over, hand resting on the holsters at her hips. The Force convulsed around her and she staggered. One hand barely caught the seat and the view of hyperspace vanished. Momentum across the freighter hurtled everything forward, throwing the woman into the command console.

"Interdictor field!" The first mate called from the chair where he was safely buckled in. "Some sort of imperial fleet. Don't recognize the markings."

Aeshi picked herself up and stared out the viewport. Proximity alarms blared from the ship computer and she threw herself into the seat, grabbing the controls. "Shields up! We're not the only ones stuck in this net."

She could see many other ships being yanked out of hyperspace, hurtling towards the waiting fleet in chaos as they struggled to regain control of their vessels. "Get me Veino and Roth! They need to know what's happening! Looks like we got another Imperial trade route blockade."

Just like Lujo. She remembered that battle, sure enough. It had been a disaster.
The Screw Up
Corellian Sector - Govia System
Naval Station Govia
Corellian Confederation Task Force - CDF Hero
The Hero wasn't a glorious ship by any means. It wasn't a Corellian Star Destroyer or Star Defender, it wasn't a Battlecruiser either. But, she thought as she walked the bridge of her vessel, it also wasn't a measly little gunship or tiny patrol corvette. And it was hers. While her time serving aboard the CDF Razor had been fun and she'd learned a lot, her experiences there as well as her performance had landed her a promotion and a new assignment. Now she was Senior Lieutenant despite her age. She expected though, that her quick promotion up the ladder would end there, and she was happy with that. She didn't live to excel like her parents on Humbarine wanted her to, she didn't wish for dozens or hundreds of lives to be left to her. She preffered to relay orders and take them just fine.

"Captain Scully," she said as she approached her captain. He was a tall, tan Twi'lek of Corellian descent. Like most Twi'lek he was exceptionally good looking despite his sharpened teeth. His lekku were wrapped around his neck like a scarf and draped elegantly over his uniform. He turned his deep brown eyes on the younger woman and smiled. He too, was young and a rising star in the Corellian Navy. He was only thirty and already a Captain of his own cruiser. He, Talia thought bitterly, was someone his parents would want as a child. That smile of his wiped the bitterness away though.

"We've been getting reports of ship movements on the edge of the sector. They haven't figured out who or what is moving but we've recieved word from Corellia to up our security level." She handed him the datapad she'd been holding. He took it in one hand while another stroked his chin in thought.

"And how goes Kuat?"

"Unknown. But-" She was cut off as alarms blared on the bridge, bringing both of their attention to the monitors.

"We've got a hyperspace anomaly! Its-"

"A Star Destroyer," finished Captain Scully. The vessel's turbolasers opened fire without warning. Naval Station Govia, one of Corellia's main resupply points in the sector, was under attack.

Tik Tik

Echo 1

The rebuilt E-wing dropped into formation with its squadron. The gold and blue markings flashed on the sun side of the fighter as the other lettered fighters all moved in unison toward the gravity well of Fresia.

Light glistened like moon light on ocean waves. A thousand diamonds strewn across a black blanket as the light caught the various reflective surfaces of the star ships as they descended towardthe world below. They were under contract and flying republic colors. And an enemy of origins were attacking a friendly world. The A-wing, B-wing, E-wing, X-wing and Y-wing flew in a spiral toward the world. Engines flaring as they moved toward the ground.

"Echo one reading five by five." Tiktik said calmly as they all called in thier readiness. "Attack pattern delta."

They began breaking through the stratosphere.

"Weapons active. Check fire avoid civilian damage." Alpha one said.

"Roger." They all acknowledged.

"Echo one standing by." Tik tik said as his R9-X1 brought all weapons online. "Let's bring these guys down."
Knight Errant
Another week. Another disaster.

It was times like this Aaran found himself conflicted about his wandering lifestyle. He knew that if he was to set himself down in a single section of the Galaxy and remained there. He knew that trouble would only find him occasionally. It would rear its ugly head only now and then. But that would bore him to tears. The idea that there were so many worlds out there to see. So many people he could have met. Despite the fact that the path he walked had him running headlong into danger. He would have it no other way.

So when the ships descended. When the soldiers emerged to once again enforce their will on those that could not fight back. What else was Aaran to do but leap into the fray in an attempt to save as many people as he could. His saber humming at a fever pitch as it swung through the air. Deflecting bolts to and fro. Not aggressing as much as he could. Instead making himself a bigger target through showy displays of lightsaber prowess and Force usage.

A upturned table here. A burst of kinetic force slamming into a squad of troopers there. He was making himself a priority target so that the civillians could escape.

Of course, the issue was that he was finding himself currently in a pitched battle. Blade of silver fire clashing with one of scarlet. He allowed the Sith he was dueling to push him backwards, further and further away from the cowering civillians. The flowing movements of Soresu along with own prowess along him to keep up the defense against the unnending assault of his grinning opponent.

Just a few more steps. That was all he needed. Just draw more attention to himself so the civillians could escape. That was all he was planning to do here. Hold the line so others could survive.

Dorian Sevanar

Location : Byss/Enroute to Corellia
Objective : Cripple the Centerpoint Shipyards
Tags : Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider | Aeshi Tillian Aeshi Tillian | Thalia Cruz Thalia Cruz | Tik Tik Tik Tik | Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo

Things were going bad in the Core as in the midst of the Kuat-Alderaan Crisis , the Frozen Hand , a Sith-Imperial Remnant established upon the collapse of Sith Rule in the Core launched an attack on the Republic while it’s main fleets were occupied on Kuat. The Directorate had been secretly monitoring it’s actions and through Adam Versili they were the only ones who anticipated their attacks. Adam Versili had joined the Frozen Hand when Shran the self-proclaimed Acting Chancellor of the CIC merged his Imperial Remnant with the Grayson Imperium. However this was only part of a larger plot by the Directorate to expand their own strength and influence throughout the Core through groups such as the Frozen Hand in which served as an Indirect Proxy of the Directorate,

As the Directorate participated at the Skirmish of Kuat , news of the Frozen Hand attacks reached Maracel Yorkell II who immediately ordered the withdrawal of the Directorate Forces following Adam Versili’s failed attack on 2 Bulwark MkIII Battlecruisers an attack in which devastated his own forces but still did not concern really the Directorate other then the fact that many slaves were lost but in Versili’s eyes they weren't going to be freed instead rather they would have been conscripted in the Directorate. As the Directorate Fleet withdrew to it’s secret headquarters at Jakku , Adam Versili headed for Byss where the leader of the Frozen Hand Geradius Nox awaited him.

Adam Versili had managed to quickly rise through the ranks of the Frozen Hand as he used his experience as a Ex-CIC and First Order Officer to quickly outmaneuver rivals and reach the ranks of Vice-Admiral of the Frozen Hand a rank high enough to be given the command over a mighty Fleet of 1 Praetor-V Battlecruiser and 15 Pellaeon-III Star Destroyers and to be tasked in launching a Direct strike on Corellia itself , the seat of power of this Republic. If the Frozen Hand could Cripple Corellia’s Centerpoint Shipyards then the Republic would lose one of it’s main Shipyards allowing the Frozen Hand to gain a huge Advantage over them.

Soon Adam Versili would set out from Byss with his Fleet jumping into hyperspace with Corellia as their destination ready to rain fire on the Capital of the Republic. With the Republic Leadership busy elsewhere Adam Versili expected a quick and decisive victory over the Republic one that would cripple them and one that would benefit both the Directorate as by the time the Frozen Hand would be dealt with the Republic would long forget the Directorate’s role on Kuat giving it more time to expand it’s fleet.

Then Adam Versili’s Frozen Hand Fleet jumped out of hyperspace arriving at Corellia and with the Centerpoint Shipyards in view it was time for the First Act of Adam Versili’s performance.
Weight of Legacy
She could feel the ebb and flow of the Force not far from her and made out the distinctive sound of clashing lightsabers. Someone was rash and reckless, but she couldn't let them handle it on her own. Above, she could make out the familiar sound of starfighter engines as they scrambled to meet the encroaching dropships. It didn't look like there were many, and she wasn't even sure it counted as a full squadron. Most of what she made out was a bunch of different types of fighters. Was there some sort of air show or demonstration planned? Alana didn't know any.

But to worry about that, she first needed to get to a ship. And that was going to be the hard part. Repulsors ruffled her hair as another dropship surged past her. Find this other Jedi or Sith. Get to a ship. Broadcast a message to Republic FLEETCOM. Hold out until help could arrive. That was the best plan she could manage when she wasn't here on official Republic business. It wasn't a Republic world. All she could really do was try and contain the damage.

She pulled the lightsabers from beneath her jacket and thumbed the switches. Twin white blades stretched out and crackled. Instantly, shouts and blaster fire came her direction. Alana ran, following the sounds of the other duel, until they came into view. A young Jedi against a Sith. She assessed the situation and moved in on the Jedi's right, at a right angle to the Sith. Three blades to his one should keep him busy and take him out soon enough.

"Jedi on your right!" She called to the other Jedi. It would cost her the element of surprise, but that was preferable to having to duel another Jedi unintentionally. "I got your flank! Push in on him."

Tik Tik Tik Tik Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo
Diktat. General.
Aboard Golan Star Fortress CDF Corsair's Bulwark
Enemies: Adam Versili


The Frozen Hand...It was a name he'd never thought he'd hear again after the liberation of Corellia. Sure, after they'd joined the then New Republic Corellia had put a hit out on the entire fleet and its admiral...Instead they'd found decrepit First Order vessels waiting in the trap set for that bionic admiral and his Sith fleet. After months of essentially nothing he had returned and in force. Analysts were still unsure of how he amassed such a fleet so quickly but they were sure of one thing. Not even the Sith Empire would be stupid enough to launch a full frontal assault on Corellia.

"Sir!" A young bridge officer's voice snapped him out of one of his thoughtful strolls across the main bridge of the Corsair's Bulwark. It was a massive space station and served as a secondary FLEETCOM for what was slowly becoming the Republic Navy. He was here to help smooth that process over as new officers and crew took up their stations. The progress was slow, but as long as the Corellians held command over it until it finished its refits and crew swap things would be good. These thoughts and more were rolling through his mind when his antennae began to twitch. Which could only mean one thing...As if on cue a Republic Ensign came to him sheepishly.

"What is it Ensign?" The young woman hesitated for a moment, looking at her datapad and then back up to the Fleet Admiral.

"Cassandra has detected several large hyperspace anomalies in the system and Govia has fallen under attack." His eyes widened in realization.

"Everyone! Battle stations! Contact the fleet, looks like someone was fool enough to assault the system." As if on cue several ships dropped out of hyperspace on distant monitors.

"Cassandra, tell me you've got eyes on what's going on." The digital Virtual Intelligence materialized from the command table, a purple holographic representation of a pleasant looking human female. A Republic Admiral walked up to him as well as the Halcyon Commander and they looked on at the display in wonder. A sizeable fleet had dropped out of hyperspace, all star destroyers.

"As you can tell a fleet has dropped out of hyperspace. Near as my eyes can tell they aren't any markings or transponder codes in our databanks."

"Frozen Hand," growled the large Quarth. "Move battle groups one and two on an intercept vector and a wing of fighters to fly escort. Get an open line to their flag, we need to do this right if we're going to do it at all."

"Link established."

"Unknown vessel and accompanying fleet, this is Fleet Admiral of the Corellian Defense Force and Interim commanding officer of the Republic Home Fleet. You are flying through Republic space very well armed and very dangerous. State your business or vacate the system.." Cassandra looked at him suspiciously.

"What happened to the 'ol 'Shoot First, Ask Questions Later' hotshot Corellian I fell for?" Yularen chuckled.

"Have to change with the times Cassandra. The Military isn't in charge anymore." He sighed and crossed his arms, turning to the Admiral. "I'll wait for their response. They're far enough away that by the time this starts for real I'll have plenty of time to return to my ship. Once I'm aboard I'll be transferring the Flag of the Twin Worlds Task Force to the Ascendant Justice. I'll leave Cassandra here with you to help coordinate. This looks like its going to be rough." With the Corellian military taking on the bulk of responsibility until a Republic Fleet was constructed and staff were transferred it meant that both the Home Fleet and the Corellian First Fleet were stretched thin, even more so with these simultaneous attacks and this Kuat thing. On its own the Twin Worlds Task Force would have easily outnumbered the invading force...But right now it was a fraction of its normal size. They were not only slightly outnumbered, but he'd seen the specs on those new Kuat Pellaeon III's. They packed a huge punch and in groups were even more deadly than a single battlecruiser. His eyes fell on the digital woman and nodded.

"Play nice, I know." She scoffed and dropped back into the databanks. Now they waited.
Fresia - surface
Enemies: Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider

Marauding through population centers didn't appeal to Gryylarc in the slightest, but the Elder had effectively loaned him to the Frozen Hand. Apparently they had few enough Dark Side adepts that they'd made an expensive deal with the Elder. Gryylarc knew how much he and his associates were worth.

And their value was about to go up another notch. One of the Frozen Hand Forcers, a tattooed blowhard who called himself Darth Aporeon, appeared stuck between a couple of Jedi. To Gryylarc's expert eye, Aporeon had no more than thirty seconds to live unless someone played white knight.

Mid-charge, Gryylarc reared back and threw his alchemical spear at the Jedi woman with the two silver sabers. He pulled out his lightstaff and both red blades snapped to life. He meant to come in on Aporeon's left flank, finish off the woman, and turn to help Aporeon with the boy.
Knight Errant
Allies: Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider
Enemies: Darth Aporeon, Gryylarc Gryylarc

Parry, thrust, feint to the right followed by an upwards slash. Aaran had to admit. This Sith knew what they were doing. His opponent's skilled use of Juyo was wild and erratic. An unnending staccato of blows that even the Padawan's prodigious bladework was hard pressed to match. But winning or losing was never on his mind. Buying time for reinforcements was the objective here. And in the end, patience paid off. The Darth's furious flurry was interupted by the auspicious arrival of the Sunrider Scion.

Not that Aaran was overly surprised at this development. He knew there would be other Jedi operating in the Core worlds. It was no great shock that he was not the only one to respond to the crisis.

Allowing a grin to spread across his face. Aaran began to abandon his defense. The precise offensive thrusts and piercing strikes of Makashi meshing in with Alana's own aggressive slashes of Jar'Kai. Slowly but surely, the pair would begin pressing the Darth backwards. Gryylarc's predicition was correct. Now that the apparent advantage had faded, Aporeon's composure was beginning to fall. And his bladework failing because of it.

It was only the timely intervention of the Wookiee warrior that saved the Darth. The incoming spear disrupting Aaran's own offensive front. His saber arcing out to intercept the thrown weapon and bat it away from Alana. "I dont need your help you Karking Fleabag!" Aporeon roared, attempting to focus his aggressive assault on Alana, ignoring the Padawan for now as he attempted to deny the Wookie his prize.

For this was Aporeon's moment! It was here he would show all those worms who mocked him just how terrifying he was! Nothing would stand in his way! Certainly not these two Jedi.

And in one fluid motion, allowing the senior Jedi to handle the Darth. Aaran pivoted around Alana, his own expertise in Makashi footwork allowing him to move to intercept Gryylarc's advance. A series of rapid thrusts aimed at the larger target in an attempt to unbalance him and prevent him from gaining the momentum needed to turn the saberstaff from an unwieldy weapon into the fierce instrument of death it was known for.
Weight of Legacy
Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo Gryylarc Gryylarc

Lightsaber duels were a form of dance. As the two lightsabers hummed in her hand as she moved in to corner the Sith, defending with her left, slashing with the right. It was enough to put their opponent on the backstep, until the Force urged a warning from behind. She started to move, and barely stopped herself from moving into Aaran's blade. Behind her, she heard something clatter against the ground. No time to look at it now. She paused as Aaran pivoted behind her to intercept the newcomer. A Wookiee Sith. Didn't see many of them around.

That put the two of them back to back, essentially. Aaran was skilled, that she could tell, but wasn't sure how long the padawan could hold out against a Sith knight alone. Especially one with longer reach, more strength, and a saberstaff. She needed to finish this first enemy before swinging around to help.

Conveniently, the first Sith was throwing himself at her with reckless abandon. Juyo, aggressive, and vulnerable to the Force. Alana let her mind relax and reacted with instincts. Juyo was impossible to predict, anticipate. But every individual had their own patterns, especially when they were no longer deliberately trying to be erratic.

High parry. Counter-lunge. Low angle deflect. Up and down. Alana began to find the rhythm of the duel, as steady as a heartbeat, despite the apparently random attacks. Seconds ticked by until she found the opening that she needed. The Sith's lightsaber was above his head and Alana punched her fist forward, letting it carry the Force with it. A shockwave hurled itself from her hand and slammed into the Sith. He hurtled backward into a wall. Duracrete cracked and splintered from the impact and blocks fell atop the still form.

Alana took a few moments to catch her breath, watching to see if he was planning to get up or not.
Gryylarc snarled deep in his throat as Darth Aporeon intercepted the thrown spear. The old Wookiee had no time to compensate: Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo clearly knew his business. His deft Makashi prevented Gryylarc from building up any momentum with the lightstaff. He resorted to pulling in the left side and extending the right, which gave him a range of motion fairly well-suited to intercepting a fencer's slashes and stabs. Not much flexibility, though. Irritation bubbled up in him. He found himself forced to sacrifice ground to unlimber his stance and get the momentum he needed.

Two frustrated steps back let him regain control of the range, lightstaff spinning. But in that moment, that's when Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider knocked Darth Aporeon more or less out of the fight. Gryylarc caught a blurred impression of rubble crashing down on the tattooed nimrod.

That left Gryylarc up against two Jedi, which came with plenty of risk and, you know, opportunity.

Right when the female Jedi might be discounting Darth Aporeon, his deactivated lightsaber levitated and spun toward her midsection. The blade snapped on in flight. Ideally, it would catch her as she turned away.

Meanwhile, Gryylarc moved in on the male Jedi with a pattern designed to chop an enemy into several largeish pieces.
Sin's Child
Cynthia Alucard

Corellian Sector - Govia System​
Naval Station Govia​
Reach her Battle Station​

Cyn tugged on her uniform once again but for some frustrating reason the crease she had been attempting to remove seemed permanently stuck in place. I knew this was too large for me. . . The former Imperial bitterly mused but at least she had been given a chance to join the Republic Military, and most importantly into the Naval Branch to once again sail across the stars. With a weary sigh she continued her slow march to her new quarters on the station. Obviously they had little need for a TIE fighter instructor, but perhaps even less so a once Imperial to command large numbers of Republic vessels.

Vessels with as few of my old comrades as possible. . . Though she understood their caution, Cyn sorely missed her old adjunct as well as her trustworthy Second Lieutenant. The poor soul had been her confidant for the past few months when the entire Core seemed ready to implode in on itself. Well, glad I dodged that disruptor shot.

Her boots echoed evenly across the empty hallways, her reminiscing allowed Cyn to maintain a sense of calm and tranquility that would no doubt stun many of her old Officer friends but when the alarms rang throughout the station her demeanor changed rapidly. The iconic scowl returned and her eyes burned with annoyance at the sudden intrusion of her peaceful walk down the hallway.

Cyn pulled out her data-pad and grimaced at the sight of an enemy fleet approaching the Station. I once again ask the galaxy to give me an answer as to why this always happens to me. With an utter growl as she thanked whatever benevolent god existed that reminded her to keep up the cardio training as she ran back to her battle station.

Oh and whose bright idea was it to remove my side-arm until my probation period has ended? Cyn embittered emotions boiled over until her mouth guttered a singular growl as she fought back the urge to cascade an endless stream of curses.

Yularen Nova Yularen Nova | Thalia Cruz Thalia Cruz | Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider
Knight Errant
Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider Gryylarc Gryylarc

"This. Is. My. Moment!" The Darth roared, punctuating each frenzied slash with his cry. Attempting to land just one solid hit on his graceful Jedi opponent. His indignation driving him faster and faster. Hoping to land that one blow that would end the fight.

But was not to be. Alana was simply too quick. And the Sith's overconfidence was his downfall. The expertly timed blast from Alana's fist was enough to knock him backwards. Crashing into the damaged wall. A spray of blood erupting from his chest. The Darth only had a moment to look downwards in confusion. Finding a broken pipe emerging from his torso. His last thoughts before being buried by the ensuing rubble was that of a defiant curse. Cursing the Galaxy for leading him to this place. Cursing Alana for laying him low. But most of all, cursing himself for being so weak.

And with that. Darth Aporeon died alone. Buried and forgotten in an alley.


As for the Padawan. He had vastly misjudged his opponent. For how well he was doing against Aporeon. Aaran was of the mind that he could fight the newcomer on even ground.

He was quite mistaken. The Darth was skilled, no doubt. But in that fight, Aporeon underestimated his opponent. Preferring to attempt to break Aaran first with taunts and jabs as opposed to ending the fight quickly. Gryylarc had no such intention. Not only was Aaran fighting a skilled Sith warrior. But he was also fighting a Wookie. And while in terms of pure physical strength, the Padawan was certainly impressive for a human. It was not enough to break the barrier between a physically superior species. Much less one that could augment their strength with the Force.

And so his Makashi switched back to Soresu. Saber flurrying around his body in a desperate attempt to parry and block each one of the albino Wookiee's punishing blow. Every misstep was capitalised on. Every weakness in his form was exploited. If not for the fact that the robes he wore were specifically designed to withstand strikes from a lightsaber. Aaran knew he would already be dead. What should have been crippling strikes to his leg and shoulder were muted to simply painful welts.

But still he persevered. Determined to hold the line for one more minute, for one more second. So that others could escape.
Weight of Legacy
Gryylarc Gryylarc Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo

Alana waited, watching the dying Sith. She'd seen what pipes did to people before. It was part of the job hazard when salvaging shipwrecks. Hull could shift. Someone more desperate could loosen some fasteners. All kinds of possibilities to be accounted for. But it was the first time she'd been responsible for the piping. But there was no time to think about that. Once she was sure he was down, she turned back.

Behind her, the unmistakable sound of a lightsaber crackled to life just as the Force surged through her in warning. Instinctively, she twisted to one side, gasping a salvager's oath as the plasma blade seared along her ribcage. Her mind went to first aid to stop bleeding, but that quickly went out the window. One hand was already pressed against the wound while the snipped through the flying saber hilt with its lightsaber.

Lightsaber wounds didn't bleed, despite what some holovid portrayals portrayed. They were more surgical than that. And, if she were being honest, wouldn't surprise if some Jedi or another had used them for emergency surgery at some point. She pulled her hand away and took a deep breath.

The pain still seared through her, but it was just that. Pain. A message from the body saying that something was wrong. Well, she'd gotten the message, and that was the end of it. A deep breath let the pain subside away into the Force. She was watching the padawan now. He was in trouble. Significant trouble. Clearly outclassed and outmatched.

Saberstaffs were tricky things. It lacked the flexibility of her two blades, but its strength was in the continuous flow of activity. Every slash led to another one and it never ended. She reactivated the second lightsaber and strode towards where the two were locked in a duel. She felt the flow of the battle get into her and she darted in, aiming not for the Wookiee but for the lightsaber hilt in a figure-eight around the movement of the blades.
Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo Alana Sunrider Alana Sunrider

Driving the boy back felt all too easy, but the old Wookiee knew it couldn't last. Darth Aporeon was down for the count. His flying saber had done only grazing damage to the Jedi with two blades, and now she was back in the fight. One of her silver sabers took an emitter off Gryylarc's lightstaff, dropping him to a single blade. He threw the half-ruined weapon in a low pinwheel, aiming to take the boy off at the knees, and called for the alchemical spear that he'd thrown earlier.

Eight feet of alchemical alloy snugged into his hands and spun through the same patterns that the lightstaff had described - but with far more momentum. He lashed out against both Jedi equally, hoping that the weight of his weapon and the force of his attacks would, well...

...sprain their wrists.

So glorious.

Dorian Sevanar

Location : Corellia
Objective : Cripple the Centerpoint Shipyards
Tags : Yularen Nova Yularen Nova

As Adam Versili’s Fleet entered the Corellian system they quickly encountered a Corellian Fleet , one larger than they originally expected given that the Corellian Warships were currently engaged over Kuat with the Imperium Fleet and according to the Lord Admiral , there would only be a skeleton Fleet guarding Corellia but now Adam Versili was facing a way much larger fleet then expected. Perhaps an indication that the Lord Admiral was aware of the Directorate’s involvement with the Frozen Hand something that would be dealt with later but for now. Versili had a Fleet to take care off.

From what he knew given that the Corellians had 3 Battlecruisers at their disposal they would have more fighters at their disposal something that posed a concern to Adam Versili given that Fighter Superiority was an important element of Naval Warfare. If Adam Versili was even to be able to approach the enemy Fleet without taking fire from their bombers and Warships then he would need to use his fighters wisely. As Adam Versili thought on how to approach the enemy , he received a message from the Corellians

"Unknown vessel and accompanying fleet, this is Fleet Admiral of the Corellian Defense Force and Interim commanding officer of the Republic Home Fleet. You are flying through Republic space very well armed and very dangerous. State your business or vacate the system.."
“Sir what are your orders?” an officer asked. Adam Versili took no time to give an answer. He was given orders by the Lord Admiral and he would execute them properly. “Move the Fleet into range of their forces. We will advance in a Diamond Formation and slowly charge towards the enemy fleet. Once we split their forces in 2 our Rear will move forth to flank them and we will crush them completely. Ignoring the Corellian Ultimatum doing so will give us time to approach their forces and enter in range of their Fleet. Defeating this Fleet will be a milestone for the Frozen Hand and soon we’ll show these Corellian Rebels that we mean business.”

Soon the Fleet would begin to advance in a Diamond Formation moving forth to approach the enemy Fleet and soon ready to rain fire on the Inferior Corellian Fleet. This battle would determine on whether Adam Versili was still worthy of remaining within the Frozen Hand.

Tik Tik

Echo 1

The forms of the starfighters lit up like stars as the reentry friction heated up their hulls. They shown like a formation of meteors as they blazed toward the world below. The ships shook. Turbulence jostled them like a flying earthquake but still the pilots held fast to their resolve and maintained their speed. They promised to defend citizens of the republic, present and future, against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Alphabet Squadron kept their promises.

As the shaking stopped they entered attack formations. The TIEs that were assaulting the planet sent several to welcome them.

"Looks like they sent a welcome party," Echo one said in his high rodent like voice.

"Awe, I think they like us." X-ray One replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Fly through them, boys and girls. Those cans aren't worth the metal they're made of. Remember to lead a little." Alpha One cut in, all business as usual.

Tik Tik started firing first. The triple fire-linked laser cannons had the best range of the bunch, followed closely by X-ray's X-wing.

The first two TIEs burst into flames as the squadrons began the dog fighting in earnest. Their first kills after years of training. Alphabet Squadron hadn't drawn first blood, but they intended to finish what the frozen hand started.
Weight of Legacy
Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo Gryylarc Gryylarc

That cursed spear again. Alana let herself slide backwards, moving her lightsabers to evade the swinging weapon. It was big and it was heavy. She caught it in a dual-blade bind for a moment, but the force rippled so far up her arm and jolted against her collar bones that her guard dropped and she stumbled backward. Even if she used the Force to enhance her strength, it wouldn't be enough to counteract the sheer brute force hammering around them.

They needed to outthink the enemy. Take away the advantage, or at best, negate the weapon. Over the sound of the chaos above, she could make out the sound of the blade vibrating. Mechanical. That she could work with. Her mechu-deru had been focused primarily on droids and ships, certainly never a weapon, but there was a chance it could work. But she needed room to focus and channel the Force. Alana let herself stumble back several more steps, arm clutched against her side, as if the wound was acting up.

Keep him busy. I have a plan.

She sent a brief message to Aaran. But that was all that she could really afford to spare.
The Jedi Iroh
Edge of the Galaxy

Tiland's staff echoed softly on the stone walkway through the village. Or, perhaps a monastery. He wasn't sure which it was, or even if there was such a distinction. It was calm and the entire planet was strong with the Force. He could sense the very biosphere around him, pulsing contently all along the central mountain range, and more interestingly, the rest of the galaxy felt crisper, sharper almost. He bent down to touch a long-abandoned clay jug when it hit him. A sharp, piercing pain that sang through the Force and hit every fiber of his being. His breath caught in his throat and Tiland sank to his knees, clutching at his heart. His vision blurred, shifted, and became something else.

Vast crowds of people herded into a long chamber, by stromtroopers with blasters and electrostaffs. Women, children, soldiers, civilians. More than he could count. Thousands of them and he sensed tens of thousands more of them not far away. An endless stream of fear and terror. The vision shifted and blurred. Gas canisters. Sith runes. Bloody daggers. Cowled individuals with great power in the Dark Side.

A planet, buried as far from his location as possible. Deep Core, it had to be. Then a chamber, windowless, and draped with heavy tapestries, lit by dark candles. A heavy robed figure with a bloody dagger in one hand and a growing pile of corpses next to it. It wasn't just murder. Tiland could sense their spirits being caught, trapped, and tormented. Energy drawn from their life force to feed this monstrosity of a Sith Lord. This... well, no longer a person, but an entity consumed entirely by the Dark, reeked of power, and worse to come. Images flipped through his eyes of darkness spreading clear across the Deep Core and Core, consuming the heart of the galaxy. All of those beings, those places, and planets, devoured by the Dark Side.

The image ended with a flash, leaving Tiland lying on the floor. His breath caught in his throat at the depths of the horror that was building. And was so far away. There was nothing he could do, except spread the message.

He pushed himself up to a sitting position and dragged his legs back under him. Wearily, he let his eyes drift close as he reached into the Force with whatever energy was left to him. He took the vision and pushed it out across the galaxy. Normally, he would pick certain people, but that required more finesse than he could manage. Everyone sensitive, attuned, or faintly connected to the Force, had the possibility of picking up the vision and the urgent message he included with it.

The galaxy needs you. Do what you can. Please.