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Approved Tech CLR Missile

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Intent: To improve a missile type
Image Source: None
Canon Link: None
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source: CSR Missiles

Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn, Inc.
Model: CLR "Collapsium Long Range" Missile
Affiliation: Merr-Sonn, Inc || Closed Market
Modularity: None
Production: Mass
Material: Alluminum || Collapsium || Generic Explosive Components

Classification: Missile
Size: Mounted
Length: 4 m
Weight: 80 kg
Ammunition Type: Collapsium || Vanilla Explosives
Ammunition Capacity: Single
Effective Range:
  • Firing ~ 3.22 km
    Implosive Pull ~ 30 m
Rate of Fire: Single

  • Temporary Singularity Creator
  • Remote Detonation
  • Temporary Singularity Creator ~ Thanks to the Collapsium, these explosives create temporary singularities that vacuum anything within its effective zone into a space roughly the size of a small ball
  • Remote Detonation ~ Should the missile be in perfect position, or far from it, the bombs may be detonated from a safe distance
  • [ Implosive ] ~ Unlike the usual explosive, this is a dual layered Missile that boasts a generic inner shell that when detonated would render the next step active - as the explosion goes outward, it will rupture the next casing thusly activating the Collapsium with the sparking of metal torn asunder. The next instant a small, hardly larger than a childs ball in diameter, point of implosive energies begins. It lasts only a few seconds before dissipating
  • [ Size ] ~ This missile unit is simply to large to be effectively carried by a soldier, nor is it safe to reload during battle
  • [ Effectiveness ] ~ As a bunker destroyer, the CLR is a good choice for attack, but against much else it is simply not a good choice. It is a good means to move, say, soldiers but not much bigger (no crushing tanks to the size of a small ball)
Valashu Elahad, previous owner of Merr-Sonn had set about finding new and improved missile types, or even other variants that could be used collaboratively with generic missiles. He stumbled upon a golden type, the CSR Missile manufactured by MSI. However, when it pertained to mass battle, it was small, unimportant to most. Hence Damien setting about to imporve upon it.

The result is the CLR. Just as with its predecessor, should it be shot alongside a generic counterpart, it would be massively useful. When the first was allowed to detonate, sending shockwaves out, combined with destructive pyrotechnics, shrapnel and the like, the CLR would then add to it briefly before the implosion went off. The result would be a super powered return of energy, pressure, and debris at an incredible rate. Even those not directly in contact with the singularity, could be killed thanks to the return pummeling them.
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