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Staff Cloudbreaking - Stun Lock - New Invasion Buff

The following additions have been made to the Invasion rules. Major Factions have long been able to "dominion dodge" cloudbreaks, and the explanation for how "Dom-dodging" works and in what order is convoluted at best, unintentional at worst.

Below is my answer to fix the majority of situations in which "Dom-dodging" happens, and is yet another large buffer to Invasions to make them - as the community requested - "more impactful."

Here are the "rules" and another set of "quotation marks", changes highlighted in green.

  • Label your faction's name, the hex, and the opposing faction in the topic title.
  • A Major Faction may only start one Invasion at a time.
  • A Major Faction must give one week's notice of their intention to Invade a hex in a Declaration thread in the Roleplay Discussion forum. When this thread is created please tag an Admin so they are aware of the Invasion.
  • Hexes invaded further than three hexes away from a Major Faction's border will not increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud.
  • Starting on the day of the Invasion Declaration OOC thread, Major Factions may not claim nor Dominion a hex bordering any hexes of an Invasion until a Victory Declaration is provided and the Invasion has been added to the Map Update Request thread. This period of time may not be longer than one week prior to the Invasion roleplay.
  • Hexes gained in this manner will be given in accordance to the shortest path available, but Major Factions may annotate a hex from which the Invasion starts it's path.
  • Hexes rewarded in this manner must be empty or belonging to the target hex's Major Faction Influence Cloud.

The updated ruleset only applies to new Invasions as of the date of this update, per usual.