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Clearly intriguing title to draw your attention

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
I'm reaaaally bad at advertising.

So Hello! My name is Aya Clarke, or the character is anyway, and I'm finally fully armed and armored and ready to handle the full brunt of whatever threads come up. Well probably any thread. Most threads for certain.

And I'm reaaally bored. So here's the deal! I would love to write with new people and plenty of them, so I'm up to discuss with just about anyone. Want someone to have tea with and discuss the finer points of culture and swordplay? I'm game. Sparing partner? Totally cool. Random adventure for the sake of adventure? Why not?

My point being I just want to write for Aya more. A short synopsis of her history to this point...

Aya is a knight from the planet Aelozath, a very feudalistic society wherein she was the child of a Liege, or very rich and powerful nobility. She herself is a warrior elite, noble by birth and powerful in her support and actual combat ability, relative of course to her planet's deep abstinence from firearms.

After failure to uphold her duty to protect her parents, rather than inherit what belongings have remained and accept the oaths of other knights, ascending to 'Liege' status, she decided to leave her homeworld to wander the galaxy until she could come to terms with everything, including her failure. She is questioning her worth and what it is she wishes to do in the galaxy proper.

She has a deep distrust of Jedi and Sith alike, finding both to be dogmatic forces inevitably forcing the galaxy into pointless war. However she is enough of a noble to keep herself from being aggressive, though mistrustful of course.

Anyways, I'd love to get a mention or a PM to discuss any ideas you might have. Hope to write with some of you soon!

Travis Caalgen

[member="Aya Clarke"]

I'd love to have a spot of tea; the Remnant has a hatred of both Jedi and Sith alike, instead opting for a 'grey' alignment.

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
You've no idea how long I've been trying to type this entire reply out only to get another reply.


Have I already earned the ire of a sith already? That's gotta be some sort of record. I'll be sure to wear that medal proudly~

[member="Judas Foster"]

Hey look no blasters. Sweet. Honor is so hard to find these days isn't it? Well, I don't know much 'bout your character so I'll have to figure out what they'd do.

Besides probably try to kill one another, of course.

[member="Travis Caalgen"]

Tea is always an option. You don't mind if I come in uniform do you? I have so few dresses packed, though I would love to learn more about *clears throat to get in character* "This strange thing you call the 'remnant'". *chuckle* Oh she's fun to write.

[member="Rae Jarrus"]

*hums and checks* Oh hey a Queen. And a jedi. Lovely that puts her in just the right level of awkward.


Jesus writing all this just to end up sending PM's out anyways is going to be tireing. But if you're advocating against, I don't suppose you'd have a counter argument would you?

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
[member="Ardgal Raxis"]

Lets see

I'll guesstimate roughly 5 years more total experience

Cybernetic enhancements, that would hurt

Oo i have the length advantage for swords, that could be intriguing. Not to mention yours is a nifty one and a half while mine is a truly two handed..

Mmm... I do love old fashioned duels.

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