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Lore Review Clan Krayt

Alor of Clan Krayt

  • Intent: To flesh out the structure and workings of a Mandalorian clan.
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  • Organization Name: Clan Krayt
  • Classification: Mandalorian Clan/Family
  • Affiliation: Itself and the Mandalorian Union
  • Organization Symbol: Golden or orange Krayt Dragon
  • Description: A traditional Mandalorian clan, family and safe haven for those with nowhere to go. Provides education and training in the Mandalorian way of life for all those who desire to join the ranks.
  • Headquarters: Formerly Mandalore, formerly Teth, now nomadic and Concord Dawn.
  • Domain: Krayt owns no territory but has some influence in several systems, including Tatooine due to the clan's origins.
  • Notable Assets: N/A
  • Hierarchy: The Alor ( Raya Krayt Raya Krayt ) is the head of the clan but the hierarchy is largely based on age with the most elder and experienced Mandalorians claiming the most respect. Foundlings are treated no differently to clan-born members. Currently the role of Alor is filled by Raya after recently inheriting it from her mother who perished in the battle on Mandalore.
  • Membership: The clan is relatively small and consists of around 40 warriors, some having smaller family units and the wider community includes teachers and medical personnel. It is easy to join the clan as potential members can be of any age and only need to show a commitment and interest in following the Mandalorian lifestyle and then they will be guided onto the right path. Past lives are forgotten and members are given the chance to start anew.
  • Climate: A somewhat dysfunctional-at-times family unit who are loyal to themselves and Mandalorians. They are not very receptive of Force-using Mandalorians due to the perceived increase in likelihood that they will be betrayed by such Mandalorians should they fall to the Dark Side but are not hostile to Force Users.
  • Reputation: Known for its high intake of foundlings, the clan is known for its acceptance and passion for the Mandalorian way of life. Similarly, as represented by their colours, they are known for their vengeance which they seek against those who persecute Mandalore and her people. They are also known for their civil relationship with Tusken Raiders and many of the clan can speak at least some of the lanuage.
  • Curios: Members have the sigil placed on either their shoulder or chest plate.
  • Doctrines: Following the doctrine of traditional Mandalorians, the clan settles disputes in 1v1 combat which is also how they determine a new Alor. For an Alor to be replaced, they must be challenged by a member of the clan and the winner claims the title but it is risky as the loser will lose respect from other clan members.
  • Rules: Follow the Resol'nare and the code of honour. There is no requirement for clan members to take the Krayt name but unless they have a good reason not to then it is generally an unspoken rule to take the name in place of any previous name in the case of foundlings.
  • Goals: Protecting Mandalore from the tyrannical Sith and restoring the honour of the Mandalorians.

Clan Krayt was founded by Jaron Ozel, a former foundling and ex-member of Clan Ozel, who started his journey after being taken in by a Mandalorian who found the young man in a fighting ring in Mos Eisley after escaping an attack from a Canyon Krayt Dragon which decimated his remote mining village. The Mandalorian observed the man over a number of days, noting his passion and potential. After striking up a conversation, the Mandalorian introduced Jaron to a world beyond his small village on Tatooine and offered him a place in their clan.

Jaron thrived in the clan and adopted the ways of the Mandalorians as his own, soon becoming accepted by his peers. However, the open policy of the clan also proved to be its downfall. Not being selective with who joined the clan aside from having members show loyalty and commitment to the clan and lifestyle meant they freely allowed Force Users to join with no limitations but this proved to be a fatal error as many of the Force Using members succumbed to the Dark Side without proper guidance and put their own interests above that of the clan, even going as far as betraying members for their own sake, resulting in a civil war which left the clan scattered.

While escaping the conflict, Jaron returned to his home planet of Tatooine three decades later to challenge the Krayt Dragon which had taken his former life from him and upon successful completion of his mission he felt he no longer had a place in the galaxy after both former lives had resulted in failure so he sought to create his own clan, Clan Krayt, and base it off the similar acceptance that had allowed him his place among the Mandalorians, though with a healthy distrust of Force Users, and so he returned to Mos Eisley to continue the cycle.

In modern days, the clan is expansive and spans across many systems with not all members known to each other as any member has the power to recruit who they see fit. The wariness of Force Users is still evident in the clan as despite the vast number of members, the number of Force Sensitives dwindle. Though they are not forbidden nor discouraged from joining, they are warned that they need to give up their right to actively use the Force in order to be a member of the clan in the hope that it'll decrease the likelihood of falling to the Dark Side, though different Alors have different views on the severity of having Force Sensitives among their ranks so the rules fluctuate through the years.
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