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Approved NPC Civolan Democratic Front

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  • Intent: To flesh out the political front the Helix Syndicate uses to control the city of Civola.
  • Image Source: Icon edited from here, background from here.
  • Role: Political Party / Puppet Organization
  • Links: N/A
  • Group Name: Civolan Democratic Front
  • Classification: Political Party
  • Headquarters: Civola, Hawik District, Cantras Gola
  • Loyalties: Electorate of Civola (purported), The Helix Syndicate (actual)
  • Group Sigil: Three hexagons interlocked. Two on the top, one on the bottom.
  • Description: The Civolan Democratic Front is a local, but surprisingly influential, political party in the city of Civola on the planet Cantras Gola. Its primary platforms include social welfare, infrastructure, and law and order.
  • Hierarchy: The Civolan Democratic Front is governed by an elected committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The committee is headed by the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman assists the Chairman with his duties. The Treasurer attends to financial matters. The Secretary handles internal and external communication for the CDF. Each position serves a term of two years before another election is held. Any registered member of the CDF can run for these positions. Obviously, only members of the CDF can vote in these elections. The Director of Security is appointed by the Chairman.
  • Membership: To join the Civolan Democratic Front, you must be a citizen of Cantras Gola, live within the city limits of Civola, and be at least 16 years of age. If you meet these requirements, visit the local office of the city’s Supervisor of Elections to set your party affiliation. If you are unable to do so, please contact your local CDF office for assistance and mail-in forms.
  • Doctrines: (Or political agenda, rather)
    Expansion of welfare programs (social security, healthcare, etc.)
  • Revitalization of infrastructure
  • Public education overhaul
  • Strengthening of police/national guard forces

[*]Curios: A membership card, sometimes a decorative lapel pin.
[*]Goals: Control all aspects of government in Civola, improve standard of living in Civola.
  • [Chairman] Archibald Skimpole, Human Male aged 50
  • [Director] Rosstar Gradgrind, Human Male aged 44
  • [Vice-Chairman] Sylvestor Rotwillinger, Human Male aged 56
  • [Secretary] Dennika Stebemard, Human Female aged 53
  • [Treasurer] Zaqe'teaw'suozzou (often called Jim), Chiss Male aged 48

The Civolan Democratic Front was founded quite recently following a city-wide scandal within the ranks of the Cantran Environmentalist Party. Planetary response to the ordeal was rather muted, but in the city of Civola CEP became vilified over the span of mere weeks. The CEP planetary committee swore to launch an internal investigation, but by then the damage had already been down. Widespread distrust and loathing in the city towards CEP prompted Archibald Skimpole, then a simple regional director, to lead a split from the party.

Skimpole was originally written off by CEP leadership as little more than an upstart local. His voice somehow managed to reach a large audience in the city. While CEP was struggling to respond to a sudden drop in party membership in Civola, Skimpole started attracting other high-profile members of CEP who were based out of Civola. Rosstar Gradgrind resigned from his position in the CEP committee to join Skimpole. Dennika Stebmard and Rotwillinger abandoned their administrative posts shortly after to align with Skimpole.

The reason the CDF grew so rapidly can be attributed to their message. According to them, the CEP was focused too much on broad strokes to fix the problems specifically affecting the city of Civola. Their rapid growth didn’t extend beyond Civola, nor did any of its leadership seem interested in doing so. They became dedicated solely to the people of the city and intended to do whatever they could to remedy the problems of poverty, disease, and crime.

In the early stages of the CDF’s formation, a peaceful demonstration broke out into a massive riot. Thirty-three civilians and ten law enforcement officers were killed. Rumors abounded that the CEP had teamed up with corrupt law enforcement to stage the riot. It was either an attempt to discredit the CDF or assassinate its leadership, no one could quite be sure. The end result was the same, the CDF formed its own paramilitary wing.

The riot, if it was indeed staged, had the opposite effect. The CDF’s nascent rise continued unabated, chipping away at the remaining CEP membership and that of other political parties. Within a year, many of the city’s elected offices were held by CDF members or affiliates. There have been complaints of extortion, bullying, harassment, and other claims of foul play leveled at the CDF… But now that they control most of the city, the naysayers tend to either recant or change their opinions.

Certainly this has nothing to do with their secret affiliation with the Helix Syndicate. But then again, who wants to argue with social progress anyway?
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