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Approved Tech Chrysalis, The Illicit Combat Enhancement

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  • [SIZE=9pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] To introduce not only the first production for The Hierophant’s Entity, but to bring to fruition an experiment done by The Slave. The first of many, likely.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Image Source: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Here.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Restricted Missions:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] N/A[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Primary Source:[/SIZE]
    Muscle Contraction
  • Megavirus


  • [SIZE=9pt]Name: [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Chrysalis[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Manufacturer: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]The Hierophant’s Entity[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Homeworld (optional):[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] N/A[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Production: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Minor[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Affiliation:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Open-Market[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Modularity:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] No[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Legal Status: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Illegal[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Ingredients:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=9pt]Ryll Savorium HerbGreshollpolyforimGylocalVornskr DNADeath SticksAdrenals[/SIZE]


  • [SIZE=9pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Genetic Alteration Drug[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Method of Consumption:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Injection, with each vial containing a single dose.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Average Life:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Up to five hours, but heavily dependent on metabolism, immune system response, and activity during its use. Average dosage time lasts up to an hour for most combatants.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Giving its user uninhibited strength and agility, it is not without its side effects. Instantly after the drug is administered, the body will begin to perform automatic immune responses to repair the ‘damage’ it causes to cells and their DNA helix.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Genetic Augmentation[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Combat Enhancement[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Pain Inhibition[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Reflex Enhancement[/SIZE]


  • [SIZE=9pt]Way of the Vornskr: [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]Utilizing the legendary Vornskr of Myrkr’s DNA, the injection is capable of enhancing one’s nervous system reaction times, buffing all types of muscle contractions torque, and allow a higher sense of the force. A synthetic solution to becoming ten times the warrior in a moments notice.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Just a Flesh Wound:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]To counteract the painful effects of the injection, pain inhibition drugs such as Savorium have been inserted to slow pain receptors down and dull any sensation one might feel.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Night Vision:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]Due to the Vornskr’s nocturnal behavior, night vision is increased substantially while under the drugs effects. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Weaknesses [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]:[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Another Hit:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]With drugs such as Savorium in its makeup, and the sensational effects of the temporary genetic augmentation, it is highly addictive to its users. Even one or two uses could force someone into the costly recovery process of rehabilitation.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]The Comedown:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]As soon as the drug begins to take effect, it begins to fall in potency. With it, a very painful recovery process as the body desperately tries to correct its genome and repair the damage caused by its use.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Didn’t Need That:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]Due to its forceful augmentation, many users can often find that their muscles will separate from the tendon and in extreme cases, joints snapping due to overexertion. Caused by a mixture of the pain inhibition and the muscular enhancements.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Immune Deficiency:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]Due to the attention the body’s immune system requires to reset most of the genetic structure that was altered, users will be more susceptible to other illnesses and disease.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Never Like The First:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]The more a user utilizes the effects of the injection, the more they will notice its effects have less and less of an effect. As the body catches onto the megavirus utilized in the drug, it’s immune response becomes faster with each concurrent use, and cells begin to build a natural resistance to the genetic alteration over time through natural selection. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]P53? Please:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]Due to the genetic alterations, users of this drug will find an extremely high increase of cancer probability throughout their lifetime, increased substantially by each concurrent injection.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]With the beginning of The Slave’s teachings under the Dread Lord Bestia’s holocron, and his subsequent meddling in Sith Alchemy, the crude artisan has begun to see himself more of a bioengineer with paint than anything else. In this, he had begun one of the first works under his newly founded black market centered company hidden in the depths of the Holonet, this being the newly classed drug known as Chrysalis. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Chrysalis is a drug meant to temporarily create a super soldier out of almost nothing, utilizing a alchemically altered Megavirus that forces body cells to produce Vornskr DNA strands within themselves, and attach them to already existing sections of DNA. When one cell is done altering its genetic code, it moves on to the next by producing further megavirus cells to spread its capacity far beyond the initial injection. With it, nervous system receptors responded faster, muscles grew taught in half the time and twice the strength, while physical sensation became augmented far past the usual.[/SIZE]

However, with great strength comes great consequences. To cheat the body into believing it is something it is not puts a grave toll on one's systems, as not all cells can be affected in the same manner, and portions of the body begin to almost instantly be attacked by its own immune response. It becomes a foreign object within itself, and only through an extremely painful recovery time that lasts up to a week will one begin to feel themselves again. As of yet, there is no way the drug is capable of staying in someone's system for a prolonged period of time without first weakening the body's immune response capabilities, but that comes with its own list of dangers, one such being the drug’s unknown long term effects.

[SIZE=9pt]In addition, utilizing a number of often illegal pain inhibitors, stimulants, and a mild hallucinogen, users will quickly become addicted to the drug concoction, even becoming a serious problem in larger slums like Nar Shaddaa and more. Considered a plague to the lower class, and any reputable government, it is highly illegal and hunted by a number of justice departments. Information on its creator is offered with a 100k Credit Bounty, and a number of Bounty Hunters push to find him for their own chance at a small fortune.[/SIZE]
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