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Choose your own adventure series

Alexia Preston

Hello Chaos writers.

I find myself in need of a challenge and I would like you to all hold me accountable.

I would like to begin a thread done in the style of a choose your own adventure story. I will post once per weekday. Each post will end with a one sentence choice between anywhere from 2 to 10 options to begin the next post and will have a link to this thread. You will have till I begin the next post to vote. I will post when voting closes and the winning action in the voting thread.

I want this to go for at least 8 weeks, at 5 posts per week.

Think you guys are up to the challenge?

Now accepting thread situation ideas. I have one in mind, but it's more fun when I have audience participation. I did this on a board a few years ago and the result was always hilarious.


Eater of the Dead
I like this idea and it would be fun to be in it.

Situation the Coruscant undercity with some investigating or exploring a planet in the deep core.

Alexia Preston

Oh, goody! I liked this one best.

With a vote of 3/2, the winner is Option B: Alexia takes the job, and someone becomes a hostage.

I will get a new post up shortly.