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Chiss Naval Academy/Dark Jedi Praxeum [Interest Check]

Just putting out the feelers, so to speak. I'm still fine tuning the details, and my character has only just begun his training, but, the effort is there.

I have a dream of a fleet headed by powerful Force users to expand the borders of the Atrisian Empire/Chiss Ascendancy. We observe no limits on the Force, and no limits on ourselves. Our goal is, simply put, glory. The glory of power, success, and conquest. We seek only the reclamation of our scattered people and the expansion of our territories; not galactic conquest, at least not as it pertains to the subjugation of established territories, bearing an assault or advance on our own territories. Interest in naval warfare is a must -- otherwise, this will be no fun for you. There will also be magnificent parties in celebration of victories, and a whole hoard of beautiful, blue, red, purple, and green Twi'leks; in short, we've got the whole rainbow.

I have ideas for a series of naval engagements and faction roleplays in the Unknown Regions, but I need people -- Admirals, Commanders, Lieutenants, and the like, to help lead the Navy, as well as dedicated individuals to form its infrastructure - ensigns, to bring me beverages and ready my starfighter, amongst other such tasks. The Naval Academy is open to Non-Force users as well, and such beings can rise to the rank of Admiral, given that they are skilled enough.

Is anyone interested?

This isn't going to be Knights running about waving blades, saving damsels and mediating deals (not that we won't know how to wield lightsabers); this is going to be Admirals at the helm of command ships wielding the Force as a weapon to enhance their Naval prowess; collective Battle Meditation, and if possible, Force meld, to straight own any opposition we face. Outside Garec's circle of NPC's, the existence of the Praxeum is on a need-to-know basis.
I appreciate you, @[member="Dranok Lussk"], for training me as well as your interest in my ambitious ideas. I suppose I'll have to draw more people in with my awesome RP skills and a sick fleet of Chiss ships.

To the drawing board!

Qae Shena

Super Shaper Puppy!
Dranok Lussk said:
It's a pity there aren't many true fleeters here on the board.
That are playing fleeting characters, anyway. We have some very strong fleeters - some of us are just sick of the PvP after oh so very long.

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