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Aspiring Jedi Doctor
* I'm using this alt's previous bio that got merged for now until I make v2.0. *



NAME: Chiassa [Chee-ah-sah]
NICKNAME: Chia as in "chia pet" though prefers just Chee
RANK: Jedi Padawan; Junior
MASTER: Influx
Tholothian; Near-Human
AGE: Youngling ~ Teenager
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 101 lb
EYES: Blue
HAIR: None
SKIN: Dark
PLAYBY: Katooni


Well for starters, Chiassa seems to be rather determined when she wants to be. Okay, Chiassa runs a stubborn streak and has a bit of a snark factor brewing - well so far only in her head. She's pretty respectful to her elders and the like. The young Tholothian tries to be studious but gets distracted easily. She has a sweet tooth for pastries especially the kind that have cinnamon and a lot of creamy, sweet glaze atop them. The orphan has always slept with a group and gets anxious when sleeping alone. She likes being around others, but not necessarily with others. (I already know I need to work on being more open and friendly so don't go there, please. I got it, really I do.) Also, PTSD seems to be an evil that Chiassa has been dealing with ever since the sacking of the NJO temple on Coruscant by the Sith Empire. (#courscantsuvivor, #jedistrong)
More TBA...

Chiassa wears traditional-styled Jedi robes befitting her rank in the Jedi Order in tan and grayish-brown hues. As part of her heritage, Chiassa also adorns a Tholoth headdress, which is a decorative skull cap that covers her scaled cranium and allows her long, fleshy tendrils to hang down from the back and flair outward. The young Tholothian has bright blue eyes that sparkle like a rare gem, and a dark brown-hued youthful complexion that is free of any scars. From Chiassa's eyelids on up to her dark brow line, the skin has a purplish tint that almost looks like she's wearing eye shadow. (But all-natural of course, I promise! I'm much too young to be wearing makeup, though do I need to already? Rite of passage or something... ) After being taken as a padawan learner (There has been a revolving door of masters... Am I that hard to work with?), Chiassa began wearing a Padawan braid made of a strand of silka beads as she had no hair to braid. It is attached to the Tholothian's skull cap and hangs down just behind her right ear.


Chiassa doesn't know who her parents are or where she was exactly born. The young Tholothian was left on the doorsteps of an intercity orphanage on a major trade route as a baby. Because of being Near Human and/or considered an alien by some, most likely Chiassa was passed over time and time again for adoption by decent folk and slavers alike as her species didn't appear exotic enough. (Thank the Force for small favors, huh?!) But, just maybe the Force did have a part in that as her destiny seemingly lay with the Jedi as she was found to be Force-sensitive.

At the age of five, Chiassa began her journey as a Jedi Initiate on Sullust with the New Jedi Order, then later she resided in the new Jedi temple built on
Coruscant after the Galactic Alliance moved their capital from the Outer Rim to that Core World. By that time, the young Tholothian had picked up the nickname of Chia. This came from the other younglings in her clan teasing Chiassa about the headdress she wore. They said it made her look like a chia pet. (It does, doesn't it from a certain point of view with the floppy things coming out of the headcover?!)

Instead of withdrawing and becoming self-conscious, "Chia" choose to embrace her heritage and wore the Tholoth headdress with pride as the nickname stuck. After all, there had been a few great Tholothian female Jedi Knights in the past... Maybe Chiassa would be the next? She would definitely try! (Okay, don't say it - 'Do or do not, there is no try'. I get it. I really do... I think.)

When the New Jedi Order's temple on Coruscant was attacked by the Sith Empire, Chiassa and her youngling clan were studying in the archives. A few moments after she had excused herself and gone to the fresher, the fighting began with the archives becoming a center arena. The Force seemingly was with her that day when the tower came crashing down upon the lower levels. Despite the fierce fighting and destruction, the Tholothian teen was able to make it up to the main hall, then followed a blue-hued Twi'lek Jedi to the transports. Chiassa was unceremoniously thrown onto the still lowered boarding ramp of one of the last ships to depart the hangars as it lifted in haste. Sadly, no one from her clan survived, leaving her alone from a certain point of view on the way to a hidden Jedi Praxeum at a secret location in the Unknown Regions. The loner now wished she was accompanied by those she had shied away from before. A hard lesson to learn.

Now a brave new world was ahead for the orphaned youngling with many adventures to go on and struggles to endure as darkness and chaos would seemingly envelop the galaxy as the pendulum swung from the Light to the Dark. The New Galactic War of Good versus Evil had begun, and Chiassa had been at ground zero. But, one cannot give in to despair as there is always hope even in the darkest of times the light will shine anew and even brighter than before... or at least that is what Chiassa believes, well mostly.

More TBA as role-play unfolds....
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Aspiring Jedi Doctor

Padawan Level

Shii-Cho (Form 1) - Proficient
Soresu (Form 3) - Novice

Training Lightsaber - standard blue blade

Padawan Level

Force Speed
Telekinesis w/Force Jump, Leap, Pull, Push
Force Barrier
Force Sense
Force Healing (self)

More TBA...
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Gray Raxis

Blind and Broken

People shouldn't care but just in case they do you might want to throw a couple of place holder strengths and weaknesses into the bio. Site rules for character creation says you have to have those before you start to RP, even though it doesn't care what. It is more about covering your backside just in case someone decides to be a jerk.

Outside of that suggestion, it looks good! I look forward to seeing how she develops through RP from here!

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