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Work In Progress Chagras Legion

  • Intent: [ State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP. ]
  • Image Credit: Sith trooper on Wookiepedia, Sith Centurion by KaRolding on DeviantArt
  • Role: The Chagras Legion is the military backbone of Anthysius' growing power base, providing security of his holdings and conducting limited military operations
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  • Unit Name: Chagras Legion
  • Affiliation: Sith Order, Anthysius Soraysom-Calimondra Anthysius Soraysom-Calimondra
  • Classification: Sith Lordly Legion: combined arms legion
  • Description: The Chagras Legion is a professional, regimented and disciplined military force that adheres mostly to standard Sith Empire doctrine, though modified for the circumstances the modern Sith Order finds itself in. While merged from different formations, their original forms generally resembled the model of the more disciplined troopers of the Sith Order after the fall of the Empire. Most of the Legion is unflinchingly loyal to Anthysius Soraysom-Calimondra Anthysius Soraysom-Calimondra and his retainers, and those that came from the personal armies of other Sith Lords now pledge their allegiance to his cause. The Chagras Legion's armour also takes on a similar appearance to the soldiers of the old Calimondra realms of the New Sith Wars.
  • Army Symbol: N/A


Chagras Legion armour

  • Headquarters: Syned
  • Goals: The Chagras Legion's primary purpose is to serve Anthysius and to protect, defend and expand his holdings.
  • Reputation: By most accounts it is an unexceptional, professional unit of the Lordly Legion type of the last Sith Empire. It has yet to undertake any great campaigns in the present day and so its combat reputation is still unknown.
  • Army Size: Medium
  • Composition:
    • Arkadia Cohort. These are the Legionnaires who have served Anthysius and his house for years, loyally sticking with their master despite the tribulations of the years before Odavessa. Once the Arkadia Cohort and allegedly commanded for centuries by Anthysius' ancestors, they now form the core of the Chagras Legion, making up half of its numbers.
    • Ragni Cohort. This cohort come from the Ragni Legion of a rival Sith family, its holdings recently seized by Anthysius in a 'fair' manner. While they hold no direct loyalty to Anthysius they, having also stayed with the Order in its years of exile, are loyal to the Sith ideal and will serve faithfully as long as Anthysius serves the Sith Order as a whole.
    • Erythrae Auxiliae. These are the corporate auxiliaries that come from Anthysius' PMC Red Shroud Security. They are well-trained and professional, though their mission profile and training as a PMC somewhat differs from the expected use and behaviour of Sith Troopers in more ways than one.
    • Sarrasian crusaders?

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  • Unit Size: Large
  • Unit Availability: Uncommon
  • Unit Experience: Trained
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  • lack of heavy equipment
The Chagras Legion is a modern re-organisation of the scattered military forces under Anthysius' control. The two primary cohorts of the legion originate from two different personal legions from the time of the Sith Order's exile; the first being the cohort taking its name from the Arkadia Legion, a military unit raised by and maintained from the pockets of the Soraysom-Calimondra family and Anthysius' family for decades. The other is the Ragni Legion, recently won by right of combat just before the fall of Odavessa from another Sith family that aimed to claim Anthysius' holdings. The remaining major component of the Legion are a detachment of the most professional and war-ready mercenaries of Red Shroud Security, a PMC owned by Anthysius' corporate identity.

After the duel with the Kyja, Anthysius gained control of the Sith Knight Quich Rana's personal Legion (though it was closer to a reinforced battalion), merging it with the remnants of his own Legion (also close to a reinforced battalion) he had been given command of years ago. In the time since, Anthysius has implemented standardised training and integration of the two units. Rounding out the legion are Red Shroud PMC detachments. All of this has resulted in a Legion in flux between major reforms. It will be some time before the Legion reaches full strength at approximately 5-6 thousand as well as operating as a whole.
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