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Cerberus Enterprise, Offering Contracts, Weapons, & Armor

Second Brother
Contract Offered By: Cerberus Enterprise - Link
Type Of Contract Offered: Custom weapons, armor, artifacts, textile creation
Type of Contract Desired: Connections, Contracts, Solo/unique items can be bartered.
Contract Description Offering my company up to create items for others anywhere from unique to minor production. I am wanting to grow my company from a tier 1, and some of the threads I have done in the past I feel are no longer viable as the faction I created stuff for has since dropped from the map.

If any faction wishes to use my services, or take my company under their use, they may do so through a thread or two.

Otherwise, I am opening my company up to create unique items for those who wish to have weapons, armor or other.


King of Pumpkins
I am always happy to help a fellow Je'daii out.
I can offer you a contract with my company.
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