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Approved Ranged Weapon CC-B73 Blaster Rifle

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Manufacturer: Captain's Choice
Market Status: Open Market
Production: Mass-Produced
Weight: Very Heavy
Size: Large
Make the right choice, make it Captain's Choice!

art by Pierre-Alexandre Lafrance
CC-B73 Blaster Rifle
  • Superb Shooting: The B73 packs a strong punch at a long range and with less recoil than you might expect, making it excellent for reliably taking out heavy targets from a safe distance.
  • Built Tough: The B73 is built to the same rugged standards as most Captain's Choice equipment and can easily survive all manner of rough conditions and damage without breaking down.
  • Highly Customizable: The simple construction of the B36 makes it easy to tinker with, and Captain's Choice even offers custom factory orders for individual buyers.
  • Limited Firing Capacity: The B73 holds a limited number of shots for a rifle, and since the cartridge cylinder needs to manually rotate between shots, putting those limited rounds down range can take time.
  • Massive Door-Stopper: The B73 is a big, heavy beast of a blaster rifle, not well suited to close engagements, tight spaces, or those with weak upper-bodies.
The CC-B73 is a heavy-duty blaster rifle that runs on the iconic Captain's Choice SC6 blaster cartridge system. The B73 packs considerable punch into each shot and can hit targets at ranges beyond what a weapon of its length should be able to, making it ideal for long-distance engagements. The B73 is also a remarkably sturdy weapon, able to stand up to both harsh conditions and harsh handling with no problems. At the same time the B73 is slow to fire and reload while having a heavy frame that can be hard to handle, especially in tight quarters. But, out on the Rim, a Captain's Choice B73 will serve you well, just like all of the company's fine products!

Out Of Character Info

Intent: A baseline rifle-type weapon for Captain's Choice and its customers. Good for customization too.
Permissions: N/A
Primary Source(s):


Technical Information

Affiliation: Discerning Captain's Choice customers!
Model: CC-B73
Modular: Yes
Effective Range: Long Range
Rate of Fire: Revolver
Material: Durasteel, Dallorian Alloy, Manganese-Plastoid Composite, Brylark Wood, Prismatic Crystal, Blaster Electronics
Ammunition Capacity: Very Small
Damage Output: Very High
Recoil: Average
Ranged Class: Other
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