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CC-777 Jackpot Tal'Verda

Jackpot Tal'Verda


CC-777 Jackpot Tal'Verda
Faction: Omega Protectorate / Liberty Concord
Rank: Clone Commando
Species: Vong-shaped Fett Clone
Age: Biologically: 26
Sex: Male
Height: With armor 6’2’’, without 6’
Weight: 210 with armor
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Just like Jango’s skin.

Jackpot is a rather tall clone commando. He is muscular and built to handle any situation. The centuries of being frozen in carbonite luckily didn't leave any white marks on his skin. His face is a little different from Jango's due to an explosion which almost killed him. The explosion was quite powerful and left him scarred all over his body and face.

+ Tough guy
+ Explosives specialist
+ Heavy Weapons specialist

- Not very good at slicing or flying ships
- Fear of A.I.s and Droids

777’s early life was spent like that of any other Clone. He was trained on Kamino, in the RC program. After noticing that he preferred heavy weapons, the Kaminoans specialized his training on heavy weapons and explosives.

During Life fire exercise his team got wiped out and he got put into Fox squad. There he found new Clone brothers, whom he grew to like pretty quickly and after a while they were his new brothers. The squad was captured during one mission and frozen in carbonite by spider like droids, who kept them as test subjects.

After waking up, Jackpot and one of his brothers from the pilot-sort crashed on Coruscant and into the home of a wealthy family. There they encountered a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, a Sith Cyborg, another Sith and a couple wealthy Faleen. They soon got extracted and brought to the rest of their brothers, where he reunited with Galaar and Calico.

After a couple battles for the Confederacy of Independent Systems that involved fights against Sith, Fanatics, terrorists and many other things. Jackpot joined his brothers, Calico and Galaar, and many others of his clan on their Exodus away from the Confederacy to form a nomadic fleet called the "Liberty Concord". He then disappeared for a while to do things of his own for a bit, until the Liberty Concord decided to join a faction called The Omega Protectorate, a faction of like-minded people.

- DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems
- DC-15s Sidearm blaster
- Z-6 Rotatory Blaster Cannon
- Thermal Detonators
- Katarn-Class Commando Armor

Texam Halion

Okay, this has got to be the coolest thing I've ever seen. All of you are connected. You've got the same stories, but you're all so different! It's kind of like reading the Commando series all over again! :D

Gravsen Conclave

This Wolf Still Has Teeth
That's what we're based off of. The Dread Legion is a recreation of the Clone Army serving the CIS. We're all huge Commando fans, and all our stories are intertwined. :)

And thank you so much for the compliment!

Texam Halion

Hey, I call 'em as I see 'em.... :)

Seriously, though, Tex needs to meet these guys! It's not everyday that one gets to RP with a character similar to someone from a beloved book! ^_^

Jackpot Tal'Verda

I bet you would change your opinion once you meet my trusty Z-6. ;P