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CC-308 "Maverick"


CC-308 Maverick
"I feel a need...A need for Hyperspeed!"

Basic Information
  • Name: CC-308 Maverick
  • Nickname(s): Mav, "Hey you"
  • Faction: The First Order
  • Rank: ---
  • Species: Vong-shaped Fett Clone
  • Races: Human, Yuuzhan Vong
  • Age: Unspecified
  • Appears: Mid Twenties
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 174 lbs
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Pigmentation: Deep Tan
  • Voice Sample: Dee Bradley Baker
Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Force Dead: As per the methods of his creation, Maverick, along with the entirety of the Dread Guard, is dead to the Force. Therefore, abilities born of the Force have a diminished effect when unleashed upon him.

+ Versatility Training: Whilst grown at a natural pace alongside his brethren, Maverick received flash training in the areas of vessel piloting and weapon utilization. As such, Maverick is an excellent pilot and knows his way around a wide variety of weapons.

- Orders Over Morals: As is the standard of the 117th Clone Legion, Maverick was grown specifically to be loyal to the orders of @[member="Darth Metus"] above any other individual in the Confederacy. At the behest of his Commander, he would gun down any man, woman, or child; with the exception of his own brethren.

- A Growing Madness: Due to the unique method of his creation, Maverick is one of the few members with the Dread Guard who demonstrates slight symptoms of "clone madness". These symptoms manifest in terrible fits of rage, triggered by the smallest, most seemingly-insignificant things.

Notable PossessionsBiography

In light of his promotion to Archon's Second by Feena Mason, the Mandalorian known as Isley Verd began to amass funding and support for an ambitious and highly covert project dubbed simply as "the Dread Initiative". This project called for the top Kaminoan Clone Masters to collaborate with the greatest Yuuzhan Vong Shapers, residing on the Rodian colony, in order to create a new breed of soldier. The end result was successful beyond the Mandalorian's wildest dreams, for together the Vong and the Kaminoans created a legion of clones grown from Yuuzhan Vong cells and one of two genetic templates: Jango Fett and a Mirialian identified as "Nova". After a full term of growth within cloning tubes, the ten thousand clones were "born" on the same day, at the same hour, and began their lives as apart of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Maverick emerged from the tank labeled 308 and began his life by that designation. In time, he would take the name Maverick; and would only be addressed by his designation when undergoing routine medical checks by the Kaminoans. When exposed to the Mandalorian culture of his commander, @[member="Darth Metus"], Maverick felt as though he had been lost; but then found and claimed by this way of life. He took to the Mandalorian ways heavily and regards the entirety of the Dread Guard as his brothers and sisters; and even looks to his commander as a "father figure" of sorts. To this day, he embarks upon daring missions alongside his brothers and sisters of the 117th, remaining faithful to the Resol'nare and the commands of his "Father".

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
I feel like the CIS are preparing for something big. Against some Force-users organisation perhaps???
Anyway welcome, and the bio is still pretty cool even if the clone army is putting me a bit on edge.

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Oh goodness! Too much information sir. Well enjoy role playing and I look forward to watching the Dread Guards progression.

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