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Approved NPC Captain Terrac

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Captain Terrac



Intent: He'll be used in faction threads, dominions, wherever travelling is needed.

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Role: Kay and Veiere's personal pilot



Age: 67

Force Sensitivity: No.

Species: Human

Appearance: Terrac is a bit rough around the edges, tending to look as though he's in a grumpy mood. He's seen a lot at his age and it shows. His hair is a mix of white and grey, his eyes are a dark grey themselves. His clothing is always casual. Coming out of retirement, he doesn't care about being formal to anyone. This is just a job to pass the time until he dies.

Name: Terrac (Captain)

Loyalties: Lady Kay and [member="Veiere Arenais"]

Wealth: Enough to live comfortably. He didn't come out from retirement for the money (although that's a bonus), he did it for a more exciting way to die than just sitting in his chair watching holovideos.

Notable Possessions: A flask, usually containing whiskey, in either one of his pockets.


¤Ace Pilot. Terrac had done a lot of flying in his days, from hauling freight, to smuggling, to fighting for the Republic in off-the-books rescue operations, he loves the thrill of flying.

¤Great Aim: Despite being older in his years, Terrac still has good eyesight. So his aim when it comes to shooting with either a blaster or ship's cannon is still quite good.

Personality: Grumpy. That's the best way to describe him. And if he allowed you to give him a nickname, Grumpy would be it. But there's an underlying endearing quality about him if you can get on his good side. There's a slight twinkle in his eyes as he makes his witty comments. He's not afraid to call it as he sees it, his mouth not having a filter. Flying comes second nature to him and the thrill of dangerous situations is what he lives for. It's what brought him out of retirement. His dream is to go out in a blaze of glory in the heat of battle, giving the ultimate sacrifice to his employer. Far more exciting than sitting in a chair all day long.


Weapon of Choice: His wit and whatever craft he's flying.

Combat Function:

+ Ace Pilot. His primary role. Terrac mostly flies Kay around to other worlds for diplomatic meetings and the occasional mission.

+ Fearless. Terrac is avoiding retirement for the adventure. Going out in a blaze of glory is his dream.

- No Filter. He calls it as he sees it and isn't afraid to make some witty or snarky remark.

- Drinker. Yes, he loves his whiskey much as Kay loves her tea. It's his crutch.


Terrac spent his younger days going from one job to the next. He hauled frieght, did some light smuggling and worked for the Republic. When he figured that he had enough, he retired on Bakura. Although sitting around drinking and watching the world go by got really boring really quickly. His golden opportunity to give him a better death came in the form of Lady Kay, a woman with a knack for getting into trouble.

He got hired and as time went on, the old Captain began to see her as a daughter-like figure. She didn't challenge him over his witty remarks, nor the fact that he always addressed her as 'doll'. She gained his respect on many occasions with how she handled both him, and herself.

When she was captured by the Sith and disappeared, so too did Terrac. Only he disappeared back into retirement after all efforts to finding her had failed. When Kay returned as a seemingly different person, Terrac found himself put under house arrest. It was Veiere that negotiated his release, along with some other prisoners. He fled Commenor disappointed and heartbroken. But he held the hope that maybe one day, everything would be back to normal and that he'd be flying for them again.
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