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Cab Khan

Cab Khan

NAME: Cab Khan
FACTION: None currently
RANK: Spacer
AGE: 27
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5 ft 7 in
WEIGHT: 130 pounds
EYES: Light green
HAIR: brown
SKIN: A light brown pallor


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
She has good reflexes and math skills, so she's good at piloting and charting trajectories. +
She gets easily riled up over injustices and abuses, which gets her into trouble at times. -
Sticks to her ideals. +
Judges people compared to the standard she believes all should meet. Can be harsh. -
Insensitive to other's emotions at time. -
She stands at 5 feet and 7 inches, and weighs 130 pounds. Her hair is a medium brown, and she keeps it either trimmed short or tied up to stay out of the way Her eyes are a light green. Her clothes are nearly always gray, and consist of a tunic, cargo pants, kama with split along the back, and braces to more fully secure herself to the pilot's seat. Also typically has a holstered pistol beneath the kama.

Born to a Corellian mother and Kuati father, starships run through Cab's blood. Both parents were spacers, so she spent a lot of time aboard ship, or waiting for her parents to return home and being raised by family members, close family friends, or droids in the meantime. Not having much chance for close parental relationships, she lost herself in stories and math, tracking patterns in everything she found. On their final run, her parent's had a malfunction and were lost in space. They left a tidy amount of credits to her, and she sold their meager possessions, collected the insurance payments, and bought her own ship. She started out carrying legitimate cargo but shifted into smuggling. Smaller stuff originally, but then more humanitarian and idealist. She's hoping to set up a loose network of humanitarian free traders to smuggle in needed supplies or smuggle oppressed peoples out of dark places.

The Gray Lady- YZ-1200 Light Freighter

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Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
Excuse me for intruding but I may have a offer you will want to hear. Would you at all be interested in joining a faction under the leadership of Darth Onyx?