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Approved Tech C-PES (Confederate Personal Energy Shield)

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  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the droids, military, and law enforcement personnel of the Confederacy of Independent Systems with a handheld means of personal defense against physical and energy-based attacks.
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Geonosian Industries
  • Model: C-PES
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Durasteel
  • Classification: Personal Energy Shield
  • Size: One-Handed or Mounted
  • Length: 1.5 meters
  • Weight: 6.35 kilograms
  • Other Features: Opaque exterior, Transparent interior

The Confederate Personal Energy Shield, abbreviated C-PES, is a defensive tool capable of providing a great deal of protection to members of the CIS military, in addition to law enforcement personnel. The C-PES consists of a durasteel frame, within which is generated an energy shield of gray hue. To the naked eye, this gray energy appears opaque, and thereby greatly obscures an opponent's view of the user; much akin to a riot shield. However, the interior side of the shield appears completely transparent, and therefore has no effect on the user's ability to effectively compete on the field of battle.

Being of moderate weight, the C-PES can be either carried in one hand or mounted upon the wrist; depending upon the personal preference of the user. The density of the shield does not come from the energy field it projects, nor entirely from the durasteel frame, but from the power cells mounted into the heart of the shield. These power cells, being of great output, generate a potent shield with the capacity to reflect blaster bolts and deflect physical weapons, such as slugs or bolts. Furthermore, it offers slight protection against the concussive forces caused by explosions; but to a minor degree. The drawbacks of this rather capable piece of defensive technology lie in its size. For combatants whom rely upon lightsabers, or two hands to effectively wield a firearm, the shield can be considered cumbersome and can easily get in the way.

Furthermore, the defensive capability of the shield is not perpetual, for the more damage it endures, the more power is demanded from its cells; until the cells are eventually drained of all power and the shield deactivates.

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
I like this. A Gungan energy shield, rather than the personal shielding we're used to seeing. I would like to note that no mention was given to the accuracy of "reflected" blaster bolts, however.

This is a decent addition and I don't think we have one like it. Approved.
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