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Faction Burying the Past (Resol'nare and All Mandalorians)

Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii
Mig was somewhat surprised that he wasn't the only one who backed Kaine before who had had second thoughts, but his attention was soon caught by Kragr. He pretty bluntly said he wouldn't recognize the Force welders as equal, merely for the fact that the Sith used the Force. The Alor's fist tightened, but he remained calm, and was about to speak before Adenn of all vod spoke up. Thank Manda, cause Mig was surprised no one was on this guy yet. He then sighed, speaking up.

"Adenn is right vod. Also... would you call every Miraluka a dar'jetii? The Force is much more complicated than merely saying 'This makes you my enemy.' We can't afford to already start dividing ourselves like this." After this Mig eyed Kaine, listening to Strider and Adenn speak up to him. They noted many of the same things that Allya did, at least in spirit. He smiled under his helmet, nodding before speaking up as well.

"They're right. Now is the time to rebuild not only our strength, but honestly rebuilding our people once again. Put those old wounds where there belong, and return to what we should be. The clans should be helping each other right now, not fighting one another. It's time to rest and get back on our feet. Get ready to remind the galaxy that we're not gone yet."

While this happened, Leddie had walked a little ways off, clearly not enjoying some of the yelling. She was messing with a stick, using it like a sword before seeing she wasn't the only one who had taken a back seat. She looked over at Isabuau, walking over to the rock before waving at the older Mandalorian. Leddie looked at them, smiling before she spoke up.

"Do you not like loud noise either?"

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Kragr Loc

Kragr was quiet listening to the other clans speak up, while he might be seen as brisk, direct. That didn't bother him and he wasn't affected when the other Mano'ad spoke up against his statements, would have been boring otherwise. Though they never took into consideration what potential danger they were to everyone else and unlike other tools, the force could be unpredictable, wild and uncontrollable.

"You keep talking about the force as some kind of tool to just be used as if it hadn't any repercussion. Have you all not seen what the force does to the Sith? Are you all really so blindly just seeing the force as another weapon? Have you not seen the type of corruption that the force place upon the Sith's souls? I have" asked Kragr, speaking up. It actually pissed him off quite a bit, that they looked at the force with such casualness.

Looking first to Adenn and then Mig with his eyes behind the faceless helmet of red and white. "The force is uncontrollable and those with the force can fall and turn on their brothers and sisters in a fit of rage. I myself know not much about the force and I'm sure it can be used as a tool, but one wrong move and it can be turned on us 10 times worse" added Kragr.

Looking to Mig again, tilting his head a bit, folding his arms, "you said it yourself vod, the force is much more complicated, we can't possibly be sure it would be a reliable weapon to use" agreed the red and white armoured Mandalorian, though not exactly on the same things as Mig insinuated. "I trust what I know and from my standpoint, has the force brought nothing but damage and suffering to our people," said Kragr, defending his views.

Thinking things over and took a step forward, looking first at Adenn, then Mig and lastly, an intent look at Allya. "You all speak so highly of the force, yet the force has brought nothing but suffering and pain upon our people. If you can prove the force as just a tool and not a fall of corruption just waiting to explode, then Clan Loc will proudly follow whoever leads the charge. But I trust those of action more than those of words." finished Kragr with a loud clear voice, before walking back to his clan.

Allya Vi'Dreya Allya Vi'Dreya Kaine Australis Kaine Australis Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae Zephyr Kumaara Zephyr Kumaara Valdus Bral Valdus Bral Ambrose Cadera Ambrose Cadera Strider Garon Strider Garon Shukalar Shukalar Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Sanya Val Lerium Sanya Val Lerium Isabeau Isabeau Senar Ahn-Dross Senar Ahn-Dross Mig Gred Mig Gred

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon/The Judge
She listened as each spoke, something in the back of her head bothered her, she hated Australis she knew she did yet she felt anger from hearing sanya speak terrible about him. Other things were said especially about force users, images flashed before her eyes of the old war when they were given but two choices, leave or face being "cured" or killed

Her eyes shut tight as she shook her head, every time bits and pieces of memory popped up she got a massive but thankfully breath headache. Stepping forward she looked to mig and then spoke to the rest

their right, theres no need to have this division, what defines a mandalorian isnt species, weapons, nor the ability to use the force.

She shuffled a bit trying to recall details for the next part

i...wasnt born into the mandalorian culture. I started off a normal life, normal family. They were stripped away from me within a second, killed before my eyes and I nearly suffered the same fate

She took a breath, it was all coming back a bit...all bright and painful

I joined the mandalorian when I was around 28, I felt at home, i felt i had a family again after all i had suffered...and through all this! All this infighting and division I've seen, I was there when mandalore the undying gave every force using mando a choice.

She let a pause hang then continued

but even after that I've still called myself a mandalorian and I will till I join our brothers and sisters in the manda...I will fight by all your sides with pride...but we must lay the past down and focus on what's ahead...
I listened to the other Alors bicker, this was not how mandos should be acting in the wake of our defeat.

"You are all bickering like a bunch of aruetiise. We must do what is right for our people and fighting over who is or is not mandalore is point less we ca survive with out a mandalore for a while. For now a council of cheiftains would suffice. We must help our people rebuild. I for one dont care if we have a mandalore or a council, i will help the Mando'ade. That what they deserve. You are all dishonoring our fallen vod with this infighting."

Standing tall i wait for the others to respond to my words.

Valdus Bral

️ Clan Bral Alor ️

The shouting, the declarations, the questions, the growling. It was all very nostalgic to the old Alor. Though at the same time it was deeply disappointing to him. He knew that on their own the Mandalorians were an effective fighting force with capable minds. However, every mass gathering seemed to go down this road of bickering.

His hologram flickered, waving slightly in the air. The debate on who should be Mand'alor or if there should be one at all, along with the use of the Force, were topics they had all debated for years now without consensus it seemed. "Regardless that Alor Australis has rescinded his claim as Mand'alor, none here have the backing of the Bral clan either. Certainly none that claim the force, as the force inevitably corrupts. A more pressing matter has brought me here than the worn-out posturing that comes with these gatherings: near my system rages a fierce war between those who call themselves the New Imperial Order and the traitorous Sith Empire."

He paused briefly, waiting for those who may not be paying attention to start doing so, "A civil war, verda. One that will likely extend into the Braxant Run hyperlane, drawing the New Imperial Order deeper into the heart of our enemies. Should this new order locate the Bral dwellings, we will have no choice but to join them for the safety of my aliit. Blood above credits and safety, I will stand with my vode if they choose to stand against the Order. However, despite their disgusting concentration of darjetii within their ranks, they could prove to be a valuable asset in reclaiming what was stolen by the Empire."

Valdus' hologram fell silent then. His voice was worn and static ridden though firm. With a war of epic scale roaring near his refuge, Valdus' priorities were different from those who stood here. To him this war was a chance at weakening the Sith Empire, securing his system - wherever that maybe, and potentially leading to reclamation of Mandalore.
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Allya Vi'Dreya

Clan Verd
Her entire life, Allya had to fight just to survive. Like Kragr so many of her own people had wanted her dead just because of what she could do. She sighed a bit as the male spoke, but held her tongue for the moment. The wise knew when to speak, and when to not. She listened to Mig, Adenn, Strider, even the damnation of Kaine by another. As the legend nodded to her, as Kaine lowered his claim without bloodshed, she finally let out a breath. Eyes fluttered closed for a moment, and she found her center once more, before she opened them and spoke aloud. She addressed the questions aimed at her one at a time.

“I am not attempting to become Mand’alor. I do not believe it is something that should be politicked, and swung around. It is something that should be given when one earns it. When a person leads, and the others instinctively follow. It is a protector, battle leader, a servant of the people, not a king. I do not need a title to lead in battle, to find new blood to fill our ranks, to gather resources to help us rebuild, or to get revenge. I spoke, because we all thought it. But none of us could say it. I spoke because there was no other way to begin to heal, and rebuild.”

She walked up to Mig and placed a hand on his shoulder, if he allowed it. If he did, she would give it a pat, and then proceed to try and do the same to Adenn. The young one turned her gaze to Kaine. “Strider is right. You are strong, capable, and needed. We need ships, medicine, weapons….we lost billions of vode. We are a shadow of our former selves. Few are your equal in this task. Do not mope around, do not grovel or beg for forgiveness, it is unbecoming of a mando’ade. Stand proudly, and take your place as an Alor, it is more than enough. But your condamers are also right. Much of the death could have been avoided, and much of it happened because of actions of your own. Work to rebuild trust. Work to correct the mistakes of the past.”

Finally, she turned to Kragr and moved up to the taller male. “One buir was Mand’alor the Reclaimer. The other a good woman, who followed the Manda and taught us all well even if she slept with sketchy people. What my buir turned into after his death is not my issue. The Force is not sorcery. It isn’t magic, any more than your blaster is. Just because you don’t grasp it, doesn’t make it scary. It’s a tool, and when used for Mandalore and her ade? It becomes a weapon in service to our Way. But, I admire your conviction, and I will not tarnish it. If our arguments are not enough, if you still cannot see me as an equal, there is only one option. Tomorrow.” Her gloved hand pointed out to a distant grove of trees. “In the ysalamiri forests, where the force cannot enter, we duel. If I win, you will never utter such nonsense again. But I will not sell your conviction short. The only proper price I can pay is my life. If you win, end me, for your claim is just. If I cannot overcome you without what I claim is just one tool of many, then I am clearly not worthy to be a Mando’ade, am I?”

The girl lowered her hand and turned to the rest of the group. “I believe, we do not need a Mand’alor yet. Let one find their own way. For now, I invite you all. An absolutely giant creature has been spotted nearby. I feel a hunt, in the old ways, Swords, axes, spears, and bows is called for. Just us, and our abilities against a massive and ferocious beast. Well, and lots of drink.”

Allya crossed her arms, and moved to stand close to Adenn, and Mig, her mind deep in thought. She didn’t even NOTICE the scantily clad teen swimming at all! A shame. Her mind went to what Valdus said, she took it deep to heart. The Imperial Orders….there were many. Joining them wouldn’t be a good idea. But...letting them FUND attacks? Gaining resources while getting revenge? Hmmm.

“You raise a good point, Alor Bral. You truly do. This is something we need to think about. How we plan to get revenge. Perhaps...long ago, the Super Commando Codex, told us to be honorable mercenaries. Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, we could hire our forces to any group who is going against our hated enemy. We could allow them to fund much of our new expansions and rebuilding in this way. But to dive head first into reclaiming Mandalore….it would be the same folly as Kaine committed. We need a plan. A way to grow. We need to talk about this much more in depth later, Alor Bral.”

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The Verdant Immortal
The Return
The Emerald Admiral had not seen his people in a very long time. He had fought and once Mandalore fell he and his fleet had gone into hiding. Losing ships and family through the journey. He looked older than he was. More and more injured from the life that he had lived than he expected. His once mighty armada was reduced to a singular freighter that he used to get around. He would not risk flying it in combat. His armor was long gone replaced with a tattered duster jacket and a very well worn suit. He came to against his better judgment least there be one fell swoop wiping out the rest of the Alor's and other leaders of his people.

He wandered into the camp pushing past the honor guards of the various clans. He had heard the bickering and when he could stomach it no longer he began to walk forward. He walked to the center of those who wished to discuss the current state of affairs. He gestured to the others and began to speak,
"My wonderful bloodthirsty family. It seems we are in this horrid state again. I was by Yasha's side when she upheld her claim to the throne and now I am here so that we do not become divided again. I remember the blood spilled on the palace floor by those who wished to grab power for themselves. We must not repeat this mistake. We must remember what we had. I remember a day not too far ago when our people could muster warships that could stand toe to toe with the might of the Sith empire. I remember when our influence was vast and our might was measured against the most powerful." As he talked he began to walk around the group talking to each and every member. He paused and then continued.

"I saw my world crumble around me and I saw my fleet burn. Can anyone here say that they did not lose someone or something that the loved. We are not defined by our home but by our tradition. We may not be on Mandalore but we are certainly Mandalorians. Now, on to the business of what to do in our rebuilding and what to do with regards to Kaine. He may be bloodthirsty and impulsive but he is one of our ferocious warriors and best engineers. Let his task be that he wholly committed to the growth of our new people. With regards to those who are able to harness the powers of the force. If they are loyal to our ideals and traditions we should welcome them. At the very least because we need the warriors. Should they betray us then we will deal with them but who are we to say who can and cannot be a part of our civilization. I will do my part to muster ships to help in the growth of our new civilization and I would implore each and every one of you do do all you can to hasten our rebirth into might."

With that he stepped back into the crowed and readied himself for the barrage that was sure to come from those who wished to be stubborn. He looked into the sky and sighed remembering all the fallen who had died in his years of service. But this was a new day for the sons and daughters of Mandalore and these days and months would spell its rebirth or final death.

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Kaine stood quiet, and was surprised when Strider came across to him and returned his saber and helmet. They hadn't always seen eye to eye. Two old warriors, strong minded and set in their ways. But there was a grudging respect between them.

Kaine stepped forward and took the helm. He nodded his thanks.

There wasn't more that he needed to say here. This was for others to decide and to build. He could help with his silence.

He looked around once more, and then turned away, and went to the pyre to pay his respects. To his surprise, he saw his son standing there already, facing the flames. Kaine approached silently, and rested a hand on Reyn's shoulder, joining him in his vigil.

She's not gone, son. Merely marching far away.

Kaine's heart was heavy, and he felt the deep pain and grief and loss. He held strong for his son, barely older than a boy, who had just lost his mother. Kaine felt the loss most keenly, but as the adult, the parent, the father, he tried to stay strong. His grip squeezed his son's shoulder in reassurance.

She lives on in you, lad. She'll always be with us.

Father and son, joined in grief and loss and shared pain, stood silent vigil over the pyre. To the people she was the Hell Wolf, the Infernal, the leader, the champion of her people. To the Clan Australis, she was wife, lover, mother, family, friend, confidant. Yasha would always be with them.

Allya Vi'Dreya Allya Vi'Dreya Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Mig Gred Mig Gred Ambrose Cadera Ambrose Cadera Strider Garon Strider Garon Cynthia Solus Cynthia Solus Elafuh Thaal Veino Garn Veino Garn Noah Corek Noah Corek Valdus Bral Valdus Bral Shuklaar Kyrdol Shuklaar Kyrdol Kragr Loc Kragr Loc Isabeau Isabeau Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae Siv Dragr Siv Dragr Taozi Fuyuan Taozi Fuyuan Zephyr Kumaara Zephyr Kumaara Taru Cadera Taru Cadera
Aselia Vizsla Aselia Vizsla Thror Cal Vorn Thror Cal Vorn Senar Ahn-Dross Senar Ahn-Dross
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Aito Vautah

Aito looked around, there seemed to be loss, talking, fighting, and debating on their next move, next leader and the Force. While Aito had no understanding in the Force and was not capable of using it himself, he saw Sith and he saw Jedi, and he seen those that claimed to be neither. Then he looked to the fires, thinking on his clan, his family. There had been no word of them, it seemed clan Vautah ended with him, a weight that he was not sure he could bear in his heart. The last of his clan. Shaking his head, he was no leader, this was first time even entering a meeting like this. Mostly because he was no alor, could only be considered an alor now since he was the only one of his clan. However, he knew that something needed to be said. That his people could not run around like headless chickens.

"Where would be regroup? Right now, the whole galaxy looks at us like bloodthirsty murderers. After Eshan, there are few who think that Mandalorians are good people, that we are honourable people. I have heard the comments when I hunt from others, there is disrespect towards us, not for one man's actions, for our own actions. We are all Mandalorians, as a people, we have decided how everyone sees us." Aito commented, he dealt with too many sneers and behind the back comments due to his armour, his way of life. It ended now. "My family, my clan, they are all gone due to the Sith. I have not seen them since the Sith rained fire on our home, those that sided with the Sith and remained there, they are no members of my clan. But how do we fight this Sith Empire, as soon as we attempt to rise as a people, there will be the CIS, the SJO and others who would aim to stop us. We are seen as monsters, as Sith spawn by those people."

Removing his helmet, Aito spat on the floor, "I care not for them, Jedi always seem to fight us even when we have tried their peace. But we need to find a way to survive, to grow and not be squashed by these Force Users. Because right now, the super powers in this galaxy are the Sith and the Jedi. Neither of them are our friends." Placing his helmet back on, Aito sighed, perhaps he shouldn't have spoken. What he said, it might have been said, it might not need being said but he wanted to voice his thoughts.

Allya Vi'Dreya Allya Vi'Dreya Kaine Australis Kaine Australis Mig Gred Mig Gred Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Ambrose Cadera Ambrose Cadera Strider Garon Strider Garon Cynthia Solus Cynthia Solus Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae Veino Garn Veino Garn Noah Corek Noah Corek Valdus Bral Valdus Bral Shuklaar Kyrdol Shuklaar Kyrdol Kragr Loc Kragr Loc Isabeau Isabeau Siv Dragr Siv Dragr Taozi Fuyuan Taozi Fuyuan Zephyr Kumaara Zephyr Kumaara Taru Cadera Taru Cadera Aselia Vizsla Aselia Vizsla Thror Cal Vorn Thror Cal Vorn Senar Ahn-Dross Senar Ahn-Dross


In some ways, it was peaceful, seeing the pyre encapsulated in fire. The flames were wild, uncontrollable and dynamic, in many ways similar to her people. But then, they were confined to the pyre, fruitlessly trying to spread to where it couldn't go. Isabeau's eyes dimmed up for a moment as she was lost in thought. This time, however, she didn't wander down a dark and unpleasant path. Instead, there was a greater sense of tranquility and focus.

She could hear her vode down below, still arguing passionately. It was hard not to notice Kaine Australis Kaine Australis stepping down, ridding himself of the helmet and sabre. It almost seemed like a solemn end of an era, despite for the brief period under which it had lasted. But then, he didn't seem like the person who would just surrender and give up, and that brought her hope. Her lips formed a soft smile underneath the helmet as Strider Garon Strider Garon whom she had encountered in connection to the station raid picked the Australis Alor's belongings up and handed them back, urging him to keep going. In the end, despite all the politicking, they still knew how to take care of each other.

Of course, her friend Kragr Loc Kragr Loc was getting into trouble. Open, loud and at times opinionated. It brought her both a smile and chuckle, seeing him standing there, fearlessly defending his belief. "How typical" she chuckled, wondering if he wouldn't manage to bring an end to all the politicking and introduce some real fighting to it all. Allya Vi'Dreya Allya Vi'Dreya did not disappoint and promptly started setting something up - it would be an interesting battle, seeing as both of them were warriors of considerable skill.

Soon, the daughter of Mig Gred Mig Gred caught her eye. While Isabeau didn't know that the girl was his daughter for sure, it was easy to assume after having seen her leave his side moments earlier. The little Mandalorian was swinging a stick about as if it was a sword before finally starting to approach the Morellian. Gesturing for the youngster to come join her on the rock, Isabeau took off her helmet. Naturally, she was ready to give the girl a helping hand to get up if needed, but hopefully, she would make it up on her own.

"Well" she replied, dragging the word out until one of the others made another loud statement by the bonfire below "I don't like that kind of noise" she replied, very much preferring the thunderous sound of artillery shells in the distance or blasters going off en masse. Sitting in silence for a few moments, she pointed a lazy finger at the girl's 'sword' "Like using the blade, do you?" Her voice was curious, lighthearted and accompanied by an interested smile. "Quite the natural, it seems!" Isabeau soon leaned to the opposite side to pick up a stick of her own - it was thinner and more crooked, but a stick nonetheless. "Here, let me show you something" she continued before assuming a proper grip of the new weapon. With the girl's attention, Isabeau made commenced a feint swing which soon transitioned into a full one. She would do it a few more times for the girl to repeat after before finally stopping with a smile "I'm Isabeau by the way" she said, introducing herself to her newfound friend.

Kair Wren

Kair was knocked out. He regain consciousness sometime after he got jumped by some mandalorians that he never saw coming.
Looking around he saw nothing but darkness as he felt his body being dragged through the mud. Slowly he remembered why he was here, to fight against the Empire as he did his whole life. He deserted from the Gallactic alliances forces in order to look for a better way to fight his eternal enemy, as he heard that the mandalorians had a deep hatred against that powerful enemy.
He was here to join the mandos. He wanted to learn everything this powerful warriors had to teach him. If they would take him as one of theirs.
Suddenly they stop dragging him and removed the hood from his head.
What would happen next Kair could only guess.
Kaine Australis Kaine Australis Zephyr Kumaara Zephyr Kumaara other members of the clan feel free to jump in

Meshla Detta

Don't even think about calling me beautiful.
A lost little sheep had found her way back to the flock... or so it seemed; not alongside her family though as it should be, but alone as estrangements had taken care of that.

Meshla had arrived late to the somber gathering. She had grieved so many in her short life span starting with her father to the Netherworld event, then her dear grandparents to the cataclysmic event that struck Manda'yaim, then her beloved young son - a namesake for her mother's eldest brother who had died before she was born. The youthful Mando was one marriage down as well and vowed not to take that path again. But despite all that, Meshla would still honor those that had marched on that were not of her own. It is what true sons and daughters of Mandalore did.

And like usual, sentimental ponderings towards the dead soon pivoted to more important business for those Mandalorians gathered when the chiefs of the different clans present began to debate issues that she had no worthwhile comments to make for being on the outside looking in for too long. The Detta tuned out most of the opinionated banter, though her ears did perk up when Strider Garon Strider Garon spoke in his gravelly voice that came off as a harsh bark. She would after the meeting was over need to speak to her former father-in-law. Even though his bastard son had not treated her with respect, Stri'buir, as the Alor of Clan Garon was known to her by, had always tried to do so. It was well known the Hound of Keldabe had always had a soft spot for her mother, Briika Munin Briika Munin so maybe that was why, hmm? Well, that was until she had married Vilaz Munin Vilaz Munin , and Clan Munin supported Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex and his Sith Empire... The main reason mother and daughter were estranged at the moment.

A commotion behind where the female mercenary stood at the edge of the pyre shadows drew her attention; a hand instinctively dropped to the butt of the slugthrower holstered low on her shapely hip, then relaxed as Kair Wren Kair Wren was unceremoniously unhooded before the Mandalorians. The Duros better have a good reason for spying on them or he'd likely be a pack of vornskr's next meal. That thought for some reason brought a smirk to her face; well-hidden of course behind the darken T-visor of her red helmet with black accents.

She needed a drink.
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Father and son stood by the flames of the pyre in silence for a long while. Kaine couldn't read Reyn's thoughts, and he could only guess as to the lad's emotions. To Mando'ade at thirteen and a bit, he was considered an adult, but Kad damn it, he was too young to lose his mother. He's the same age you were, he reminded himself. Yeah, he retorted silently, and look how that turned out.

Kaine grunted and reached for the flask at his belt. Expertly, he unfastened it with one hand and took a long pull of the tihaar. It burned, as it should. Kaine held the metal flask up, firelight glinting off it. Reyn Australis Reyn Australis took it from his hands, and took a sip. The lad coughed, but the glare he gave his father moved the old boar to silence.

The older Australis watched as his son Reyn held the flask out.

To Yasha Cadera. Mand'alor.

Kaine smiled. Good lad. He took back the flask and spoke himself.

To Vevut Australis, a good man.

Father and son's eyes met, and something passed between them. Shared grief and loss and pain were there, but they knew now something of one another that they had not before. They were joined in their shared loss, but they were joined in understanding, as well. It came easier for himself, Kaine thought, he'd been through this hell before. He wished to protect his son from it, but that was far, far too late.

The future, come what may, they would face together. Reyn looked a long time at his father's weathered face. There was anger there still, but it wasn't burning hot.

I miss her.

Kaine used every erg he had left of his will, every scrap of experience he had not to cry just then. A father's guts were meant to be twisted, his heart an unknowing plaything for his wife and children. Kaine held out his arms to his son, and embraced the young man.

Me too, son.

The galaxy had taken a hard price from their little family, and their loss would take time to heal. Kaine would need to be there for his children like he had not been before, and he felt the weight of that duty most heavily. Were it not for his Aliit, and the fact they needed him, he might have simply laid down his burdens. But that was not in him to do by choice.

They would go on.

Nicair Claden

The Iron Heart

Nicair had been gone for a long time. Too long, but it wasn't something he could do much about these days. Kheir was growing older, now standing around Claden's chest. Vong children.. grow like weeds. The Antisoch sun turned the man's once pale skin darker. Qer'aks don't often make it a habit of going without protection, not on Antisoch, not among the Sociph. But Nicair hadn't bothered to worry about his life for very long lately. He hadn't died on Mandalore, he had missed much just simply maintaining his planet and keeping his people from killing each other.

Things were getting easier. But they'd never be easy.

He hadn't seen Yasha die. The woman that accepted him back into the fold time and again when he set himself on the path of exile and death. The family of vod he could rely on had been left in the past, left in the ashes.

He was tired, so very tired. But when he knew there would be a memorial such as this, when old warriors would return.

Not even a Sociph could refuse, and like so many other Mandalorians and warriors..

The drum beat called, and they answered.

Like many other Mando'a, Nicair wasn't aware that Kaine Australis Kaine Australis had taken up the mantle of Mand'alor. To be blunt, Claden had been so far removed from politics both while he was involved with the old empire and now. He'd missed to much to have much of a voice now, and the Claden clan was becoming more and more removed from the central clans and Mandalorian society. Sociph blood was running strong in the Claden line. More of them were joining the ranks. It had to adapt on the desert world, or there would be no end to the revolutions and civil wars. Once they served diligently, at times covertly. There weren't many assignments a Claden wouldn't do. For a Sociph-born Claden, nothing was off limits.

But that was in the past. It was a hard discussion to have with those who had been adopted into the clan that he would be able to do little for the central planets. His eyes drifted to the edges of space, to what lay beyond the charted galaxy and to Antisoch's position on the verge of known territory. Those that wished to return to the core planets were allowed to do so, and the Cadera refugees he had housed in the capital city of Haran he had named after Yasha soon enough left with them.

More and more genuine Mandalorian was leaving the clan. In some ways, Nicair was making the same mistakes his adoptive father, Kiler, had. He'd grown contemplative and felt the strain of responsibility in ways most Sociph are incapable of.

But the galaxy marched on, and he wasn't needed as a Mandalorian anymore. This was, of course, simply what he told himself. Antisoch needed to be shown the correct way. The Sociph could be changed, but he couldn't work for that and continue his adventures in the galaxy. In more ways than one, it was as if he were babysitting an entire planet of sociopathic children. But when he really looked at himself, his life, what Kiler would have wanted, and the woman he had married when he was barely into his teens. For him, the honor was not in trying to devote half or even less of himself to multiple things. Kiler wouldn't have wanted that, Tya wouldn't have wanted that, and Kheir doesn't deserve that.

The galaxy thinks what it does about the Mandalorians and it always would. Organized Mandalorians more so. For good or ill many had been marked by the wider galaxy. Some had been hunted. But he'd been there for some of the invasions. The constant strain. Even Mandalorians can be fatigued. Can be worn down. They could be hurt, even with the iron skin.

He'd missed much, missed a good portion of this outing as he'd found out about it late. But he'd found himself just in time to see Kaine and who he could only imagine to be Reyn Australis Reyn Australis passing a flask to each other.

He sighed to himself.

Some things never change.

"I hope you saved some for me, vod."

Welcome or not, he'd have one last drink with an old war buddy before he inevitably retreated back to the scorching sun of Antisoch, and the long watch that awaited him.
Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii
Mig eyed Thror Cal Vorn Thror Cal Vorn , chuckling a little as he patted his shoulder. "Like aruetiise (outsiders) or like aliit, tat (family, brother)? Aliit argue quit similarly. You should see me and my sister together sometime. We're polar opposites, we argue, but in the end we would do anything to help each other. That's what Mando'ade (Mandalorians) are. We fight, we pick, and we get mad; but in the end we put that aside. Bickering is just natural, and it's better to just let it out instead of letting it build up and fester. That's how wars start, and why many jetii became dar'jetii. (Jedi, Sith)" He notably eyed Kragr Loc Kragr Loc as he said this, hoping he would see the point, but soon made him and Valdus Bral Valdus Bral part of it. "I disagree with Kragr and Valdus here on the front of the Force, but I would come should they call for help. I'm sure they would do the same if I called. Aliit can disagree, tat, but they help each other in the end. I do like your fire though."

He then smiled at Allya Vi'Dreya Allya Vi'Dreya , smiling under his helmet as she spoke. Mig would remove it though, listening to the idea of a hunt. Just melee weapons. A smile would cross his scarred face. No Mand'alor was probably best for now, and Mig simply nodded at this, but a hunt. It had been way too long since the Mando had really tested himself with such an endeavor. His left eye gave off a faint, cybernetic glow as he spoke up.

"Ha! Give me an patch for this eye too. Make it more fair for whatever your have in mind. A hunt sounds like something we can all get behind, no matter where we stand on any issue." He then noticed Quoron Cadera Quoron Cadera , and smiled. "If you need help finding them, I have some slaver ships my clan has... collected over the years. The former slaves are fine, the slavers though... let's just say I can only speak for those with no bounties." He then heard Aito Vautah Aito Vautah , and sighed a little.

"Trust me, painting with such a broad brush can get you in as much trouble as being too optimistic. Why do you think we're viewed the way we are? Don't think like those that blame us all, and remember there are many under dar'jetii rule who have no choice in the matter. My own riduur (spouse) was one such person. Regrouping though.... While this is a start I can agree that's a tricky one. My clan has been mostly starborn since Hammerfall. A few stayed on Taanab with clan Tal. Ironically, scattered may be better when the dar'jetii are hunting us."

Mig then heard a commotion and turned to see some Mandalorians messing with Duros ( Kair Wren Kair Wren ). He sighed, eyeing each and every one of them still without his helmet. With a T-visor, no one knew what you were thinking. Now though, it was clear he was annoyed. He glared at his Vod, hitting one in the back of the helmet. "And what are y'all doing?"

Meanwhile, Leddie climbed up next to Isabeau Isabeau , smiling a little as she spoke. "Oh. Loud noise makes it hard for me to sleep later. Gives me nightmares." Leddie looked down a little, but then the woman pointed to her stick sword, and the little Zabrak happily nodded.

"Yeah! My Jagyc'buir's (dad) been showing me some." Her new friend then asked if she could show Leddie something. The Zabrak smiled and nodded before starting to mimic Isabeau's movements, smiling and giggling as she finally introduced herself. "Oooo! Your name's cool. I'm Leddie!"

Kaine Australis Kaine Australis Ambrose Cadera Ambrose Cadera Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Nicair Claden Nicair Claden Meshla Detta Meshla Detta Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae
I looked at Mig Gred Mig Gred " I know most mandos are like this. With my clan being so small and doing what we do bickering can lead to failures in the jobs we take on."

I continue to listen to what Mig was saying and had to agree, with the sith hunting us being spread out was probably the best. Looking back at the pyre reminded me of my fathers funeral. It was just me there my sisters haven been off on contracts. With a sigh i turn back to the group. "I agree with Mig being scattered right now is probably the best thing for us right now."

With that being said i walked over to the pyre and watched the flames rise up in to the sky. wondering what would happen to our people, hoping we would come back from this dark time in our history.
Son of Pax
Even now, it was more of the same story, told century after century. A leaderless people, scattered. Decimated. Efforts to reclaim what was lost, rebuild. Unite. All before it fell apart again. Cero stood by himself, off to the side. He watched the flames of the bonfire flicker, their inhabitants turning to ash and cinder. More of the same. And nothing would change. Here they were, a broken people, numbers reduced, civilization crumbling and home in pieces, and yet they still argued on the validity of who was able to call themselves Mandolorian, on who could truly be apart of their culture

It was an old argument, and a pointless one. The Force was a tool. Not evil, nor was it moral. It's purpose only went so far as that of it's wielder. The Sith, used it in their paths of ambition, and greed, to obtain dominance in the Galaxy. The Jedi used it in order to put action behind their ideals, to impose their philosophy on others. Both doctrines were that of conquerors, and left trillions dead in their wake. But that was how they chose to wield it. The fear of innate corruption, of darkness, was just that. Fear.

Everyone had darkness in them. It was just a matter if you were weak enough to submit to it. A man given in to his fear and infused his emotions into the Force, was no less corrupt than one driven to killing for the sake of revenge, or love. Both let their darkness take control of them, and guide them. Like with anything, discipline and control were key. If you were to kill, it was because that's what the situation called for. Whether it be shooting a man, or throwing him off a cliff with the power of thought, you did it because you deemed it necessary to your goal, and that was it. Of course, it was a slippery slope, between guiding and being guided. But that went for anything.

He had to give credit, though. Some Mandolorians under stood that. Others, closed their minds. They didn't want to understand. They gave into their fear. And as long as they remained anything but a minority within the culture, they would never be one people. Ever.

"Same old, same old."

Senar Ahn-Dross

This was refreshing; a dip in clean water, and possibly the last she would have before continuing on her journey. The last dregs of the system star were bleeding over the horizon when she turned over and floated on her back, her eyes adjusting to what stars she could see despite the nearer glow of the fire. Senar had taken to using the stars as a guide during times she had travelled at the darkest hours, basing her location on them, rather than the movement of the local star, as she would during the day. Here, she examined the deepening night sky, giving more thought to how she would group the stars and make constellations differently from the locals as more of their light reached her eyes.

Given the gathering drowned out the sounds of dusk, she focused her listening on that, and her senses on the general vicinity, wondering what her own buir, Naimes Ahn-Dross Naimes Ahn-Dross , might say at such a gathering. She had met few of their ilk outside her own, those that had departed with Naimes and Cennika, and the offspring they bore, some of which were her own cohort, close to her in age; the eldest of those born away from the clans of Mandalore and Dathomir... but in these, here and now, she heard differing opinions, and in some cases, fear. Fear of the magics, of the Force as the jetiise would call it. She knew they were not altogether wrong to feel that way. Abuses of and/or over-dependence on such far reaching powers left devastation in their wake.

She sighed, a long, slow breath, and flipped back over to swim to shore, dry off, and re-dress.

Kair Wren

Kaine Australis Kaine Australis Ambrose Cadera Ambrose Cadera Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Nicair Claden Nicair Claden Meshla Detta Meshla Detta Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae Mig Gred Mig Gred

The two mandos hold him on his knees until some other mando (Mig) came towards them and slapped one on his helmet

"And what are y'all doing?"

The slapped one looked confused under his helmet.

"well we found this one wandering around and he is clearly no mando so we thought je could be a spy or something,. What should we do with him?"

Kairn looked at the third mando

"please understand I did not meant to spy or something, Im just looking for a way to join you, I heard you guys don't like the empire, well me neither and I want to help you fight him, please train me"

He struggled against the grip of the capturers, and looked to all the other mandos.

"I fight any one if you want, I'll show you all what I got, let me fight"

He would keep pushing and move to try tp break free, waiting for the decision of the mandos on what to do with him.
Sighing to my self i decided to go get something to drink. Walking over to where the drinks are i came across a female mando in red and black armor.

"Su cuy'gar, Im Thror Cal Vorn pleasure to meet you."

I extend my hand. I look the mando over, and notice all the ordinance she had strapped to her. She was defiantly ready for just about anything. she might be able to help me. i begin to formulate a plan to get her help, the mission would be tough but with two mandos it should be able to get done.

Meshla Detta Meshla Detta