Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Buried beneath Korriban...


The Sith returned to Korriban to discover a new tomb.

It calls for you. Explore its depths. Defeat its challenges. Take its treasure.

Know that this is merely the beginning of a journey that will take you across the stars.

Begin Here

Monsters lurk in this tomb's depths and will need to be defeated. Puzzles and challenges will block those looking for valuable treasure (that will get a Factory Sub when the Factory comes back). Compete against your peers or work with them - it's your choice.

But this is just the beginning: at the end of the tomb, the grand prize will come into play and the location of the next thread will be revealed. A series of threads will lead to more challenges, treasure, and a millennia-old story on who built the tomb and why.

Those that participate will be rewarded with loot and an experience tailored for their characters. And while it's meant more for Acolytes and new Knights, anyone that joins will face appropriate challenges.

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