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Built for the Echani

Second Brother
Tem - Vur Tepe
Temple Forge

Having received a request by one Rex, and Tom Taff, I was to aid in the creation of a weapon for Tom. Both being new to the Je'daii, I supposed the only thing I could do is provide them with the tools they needed to continue their trials, and to further themselves within our order. After receiving Ranger status within the Order, there was much more responsibility placed upon my shoulders. Even more so with my own family calling me back to seek and aid them, there was much on my plate. Yet, I still made time for those who needed help and aid with their own trials.

It was difficult to do this, but I somehow made it work. Heating up the forges with a snap of my fingers, they were ignited through my skills of pyromancy. I started to throw some various metals into the forges after a bit to start the process while Tom was on his way to meet with me.

I was unsure of this man's past, other than the naysayings of how a Chiss had an Echani son. I could only assume the young man was adopted. However, I did not judge the young man any differently simply because of that. It was the man's actions who determined who he would become. I knew that all too well.

With that in mind, I sat down on my anvil, and waited for my new student.

[member="Tom Taff"],


King of Pumpkins
Tom walked along the halls of the forge looking for the room he was supposed to be in. He finally entered the right room. "Greetings, is it Ignis. Sorry I am fairly new to the whole being with people thing." He would then look at the forge and then looked up "So this is the forge, no plants or animals here, it is very cold."

He would look at [member="Ignis Imura"] "How do you stay somewhere without life all around you?" He would then say "Even the library has life, lots of people, lots of books wanting to spill knowledge but there is no life here beyond us. How do you cut yourself off from life, why do you?" He cocked his head slightly "Even my dad works with life making droids. It is a form of life but here there is none."