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Broken Wings

-​Nar Shaddaa-
​Lower Districts/////
​Warehouse 08 - Jekk Jekk Salvo

​The broker had promised much and delivered little, the small Zabrak gripped at his throat; running his thin fingers along the grazed and bruised skin. He had wasted the time of the Titan, a mistake he'd regret. Tathra Khaeus stood idle, just beyond the information Broker. Tathra was in the corner of the room, furthest away from the dual doors that acted as the sole entrance to this small office space.

​The information brokers desk was surrounded by holo-terminals, busy with information from as many sources as you could imagine. The rest of the large room was dimly lit, with a morose rust that spoke of the lack of care. The office was a retrofitted fuelling station, pipes and dripping exhausts were dotted around the room.

This was a small time operation, perhaps it was intended to look that way. ​"You, have no idea who you're dealing with.." ​The Broker managed fighting words between his breaths, attempting to push himself up as Neviere pressed the blunt of her tail against his neck, pinning him down. ​"It's a strange collection you have."

​Tathra turned, his weighted voice holding a calm interest as his eyes ran over the holo-terminals to his left and right. ​"All this information, ready to lend a hand to the highest or most desperate bidder. And then, you try to clean out their pockets. But, what happens when they bite back?"

​Every step he took closer to the pinned Zabrak was like a slow tumbling thunder, approaching the helpless man. "Well.." ​A faint snort of amusement came from the monstrous face of Tathra as he observed the man at his feet. ​"I...I'm telling you, the truth. She destroyed my copy of the data."

​Tathra crouched down, his arms falling to his thighs as his hands sat apart and idle. ​"Not a very good information broker, if you only have one copy." ​Tathra's eyes shifted to Neviere as the Broker struggled further, squirming as she effortlessly held him down, the edge of his mouth gathering upward as he became utterly amused. "Remind me again, who is... she?"

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