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Broken Chains and Lightwhips Excite Them

Ravana paced through the empty Ship bay, her mind throughly with worry. Today, they would leave for The Terminus Talyon, the decrepit floating flagship, of what once was Darth Trahison's small fleet, only to be decimated during the destruction of The One Sith. It was here, that Her Body, Her Mask and her Weapon lay. Ravana was determined to make the weapon that had caused her so much pleasure and pain hers, and Ra had promised to help her do it, for which she was rather grateful.
A little amount of time had passed since Ra had met and gone out with Ravana, but that night she had given her word that she would assist her in her quest to acquire her mother's lightwhip. The day had come when her friend was ready to depart. They had arranged over the course of the past few weeks a time when both of them could be gone for a while.

Since they last met, Ra had changed considerably. She was more secure within the Force, if not her exact calling though. Ra felt more grey than either Sith or Jedi as she had taken lessons from both aspects. She had also made her two new lightsabers, arms guards for herself and holders up her sleeves for those sabers.

The ship bay was empty as Ra brought her YT-1300 in for a landing. Lowering the ramp, but keeping the engines running, she waved to Ravana.

"Come on, let's get moving."

Once the sith was on, Ra closed the ramp and went to give her a hug.

"Welcome aboard. This baby will get us anywhere. Where are we headed and do you need anything before we go?"

She had no idea what her friend ate, but hoped her galley would cover her needs.

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Ravana accepted the hug with gusto, and enthusiasm. She had missed the Older woman since the last time she had seen her. "It is good to see you too, my dear."

Ravana looked around the Ship, just walking around, as Ra lead her through the Ship. "We are headed to a Ship Graveyard, just outside Zoist's system. That's where she died. I think they called it "Seductress Folly". That's where she died, of Void Exposure. Once we are there, we go in in Void Suits, and recover whatever we wish. But the primary goal is the Lightwhip. As soon as we get that, we can decide whether or not to explore more."
"There's pleanty of room here. Your room is down there, but there's one refresher. The galley is over here."

Ra lead Ravana there, and pointed it out.

"That area is for me. Just stay out. So far anybody else that's gotten in there and messed around has only caused issues, burned food and fires. You see, I actually cook and don't use reconstituded food. People just don't know how to do that anymore."

She shook her head as she spoke, thinking it such a shame that skill was fading from the galaxy.

"Hey if you want to learn, I can teach you!"

Her face lit up slightly as she moved on through the ship, leading to the cockpit. She motioned to the seat next to hers.

"Co pilot seat. You know how to fly?"

Picking the ship up and taking it out of the landing bay, she pulled up the galaxy map to find where Ziost was located.

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"I was forced to cook my own meals from the time I was old enough to reach over the stove. Fun Fact. Force Heal, does wonders for burns." Ravana said with a smirk, as she watched what Ra was doing. "But, you can never learn enough about cooking, no matter your age."

She sat down in the seat. "Somewhat. I know somewhat how to fly. I had my own ship at one point, but I had droids pilot it, while I trained. Zoist is there by the way," Ravan said, pointing to an Ice Ball of a Planet near Korriban, that looked quite like Korriban, just all frozen over, "There is a Ship Graveyard just outside there that we must go to, between Ziost and Korriban... about there." She pointed to a point on the map.
Ra listened as Ravana answered her about cooking and gave her a little smile.

"Ah I'll have you cook me something sometime. I just hope you don't put the rat poison in it."

She said that with a smile and plotted in the course for Ziost after it was pointed out to her. Setting the alarm to let them know when they were close, Ra turned to her friend.

"We should be there in about a day and a few hours.
"Do you need like a meditation area or anything while we're on the way? I mean besides your quarters while you're on board."

Shaking her head, Ra though on what Ravana had said about droids piloting the ship. She would never got one, especially after her experience with droids on Helska. She didn't say anything though.

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"I may cook for you at one time, who knows? Depends on whether or not you behave." She said with a cheeky teasing smile. "As to whether or not I want anything else... I don't believe so. I think we are right to make our trip."
Taking the ship up and away from the planet easily as soon as they were in the clear, Ra punched the hyperdrive and watched at the starry sky elongated and morphed into the swirling blue of hyperspace.

Ra turned to look at her friend and chuckled at the behaving comment.

"I guess that also depends on what you consider to be behaving."

She let the ship do its thing and stood up.

"We got a day and half or so, anything you want to do?"

Ra didn't offer too much by way of entertainment, but there was likely something they could find to do together while they traveled. Maybe even just sit and talk for a while. It had been a very enlightening at the bar and in her few other interactions with the Sith. Ravana was one of the few Ra really got along well with though.

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