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Brav'Dar Sekairo: Last of the True Line

Brav'Dar Sekairo

Land of the Prophets
NAME: Brav'Dar Sekairo
Pronounced: Brave-Dar (rhymes with car) Suh-kai-row
OFFICIAL TITLE: Brave the Teller of Ristal
FACTION: Not aligned with a faction.
AGE: 19 GSY old
SPECIES: Human and Null mix
HEIGHT: 6 feet and 2 inches
WEIGHT: 175 pounds
HAIR: Brave has short blonde hair, some streaks being far darker then others. At the longest point it reaches an inch past the bottom of his ear, and at the shortest it barely hits the two inch mark. Usually it is quite messy, even if it's brushed (which it sometimes is, always to the right). It's easy to tell that Brave does not give a (how to put it?...) rat's ass about his hair.
EYES: Much like those of his mother and mother, Brave's eyes are a dark sea blue. Both of his pupils seem a tad small, making a few accuse him of... *shudders* drugs. Not many people see his eyes however, as Brave tends to wear sunglasses, even indoors. A very odd habit... but one that stays consistent nonetheless.
SKIN: Unlike most of the Null Sekairo line, Brave has light, pale, white skin. The majority of his family had tanned skin, some even being a light brown. This is probably due to his 'tainted' blood, being part human and all. Currently he has no tattoos, but he does have a piercing on his lower lip.
BODY STRUCTURE: Unsurprisingly (he is a Null after all) Brave stands over six feet tall, and is still growing. His frame is average size, not so stocky, but not necassarily thin either. Besides for his height he could pass off as a normal 19 year old human. Of course, he almost is a 19 year old human...
PERSONALITY: Sekairos are very well known for being aggressive, violent, and protective. That was not always true. Originally the Null family was kind, enjoyed long discussions on various topics, and loved to paint. Wishing to uphold his heritage, Brave is very similar to his ancestors. However he does not paint much, and instead dabbles in writing and poetry. Of course the galaxy is in a bad spot at the moment, making staying peaceful a tad... difficult. Brave will not refuse to defend himself, though he will usually try to resolve things without conflict first.
Calling him your average kid would be, well, correct. It wasn't until he was twelve that anyone really bothered to see if he could control the force, and so he spent those dozen years farming with his family on Ristal. Eventually a Jedi passed through their town, looking for somewhere to stay the night. When he met Brave, he realized the boy had potential, and asked to take him to Coruscant. Believing his life would be better there his parents agreed.
But soon the order realized his powers were not terribly great, nothing special compared to the other students. That did not stop them from training him, trying to make him the best he could be. At age fifteen he excelled with blades, and could manage a weak force push. This was also around the time he started having his first few visions. At first they were small things, like predicting what would be served at lunch, or who would spar with who the next morning.
Later they got more serious, and he was able to warn a Master about a padawan's mental breakdown. Sadly all things come with a price. Migraines started hitting him several times a month, and his training slowed to a near halt. To make matters worse, the poor lad had a vision of his parents' farm burning to the ground. Requesting to leave the order, as he had learned almost all he could, Brave left, rushing home to Ristal.
It was amongst his home's ruins, sitting next to the charred corpses of his family that he learned of his upcoming death.
And with a sigh he accepted it, for it was unstoppable.

FORCE STATUS: Brav'Dar is force sensitive, though his powers are limited to visions and the occasional burst of energy. Through his abilities he was able to see his death. Whether or not that was a good thing is yet to be seen.
MENTAL STATE: Despite knowing exactly how he is going to die (but not when) Brave remains a sane and rational being. As does everyone, he does have a few quirks and odd ends, but nothing that would make one label him 'crazy'.
The Future is Mine: Seeing the future can be totally chill. Or it can totally suck. When it comes to the little glimpses Brave gets, it's both. Sometimes it prevents him from getting mugged or attacked, and other times it allows him to be at the right place at the right time. Of course, it also comes with him knowing exactly how he's going to die. Unfortunately, his demise involves a lot of blood. And him losing sight in both eyes. Yikes.
Slash and Dash: Swords are epic. Lightsabers? Even better. Before Brave left the Jedi Order (around the time of his parents deaths) he was trained in combat, and has become pretty skilled will bladed weapons. Blasters? Eh. But boy, he can swing a sword around. With strength or speed, though he prefers the latter.
Animal Friends: Something that has always seemed to puzzle the young man is the fact that all sorts of creatures love him. Birds? Yup. Reptiles? Even more. Sea creatures? Er, not as much, but still. His natural affinity with them has come in handy, and will do so again, especially if he has to stay out in the wild for awhile.
Death Approaches: Death comes. Creeping towards his victim, always keeping just out of sight... But he will not stay away for long. He is a patient man, but this soul... this soul is nearing it's time. Brav'Dar will die in a bloody battle, his last breath wasted on pointless words. Two years remain.
Alone in the World: The one true line of the Sekairo family is the Null one, that stretches back centuries. Over the years other species have tainted the line, and now only one Null remains. And that is Brave. No family left he can trust, and endless desire to continue his family before his death, and a sinking feeling locked in his chest.
Everything has a Price: Using the force takes a toll on Brave, especially if it is anything other then fortune telling or gazing into the future. Most of the time it results in mind-splitting headaches, but other times the lad loses his vision for a short time period. Sometimes the headaches last days, and leave him immobilized.
HABITS/QUIRKS: For one, Brave wears sunglasses a lot. Indoors. All the time. And like all Sekairos, no matter the line, he bites his lower lip when nervous or bored, sometimes tugging at the piercing there. Also he tends to purposely mispronounce certain words. For example: Condition becomes Condi-ci-on. It is unknown why he does this. Perhaps for amusement?
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bisexual, but prefers ladies.
SHIP: None
KILLS: No one of any importance.
PLAYBY: Dirk Strider and Dave Strider Cosplay, Various People
RPS: To be added.
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Our thread
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PS dis is obvi also Brave's writer
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Antoir Setrrin

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Except this one is from the original line. Later in the family history several more lines were started, including Ven's Hapan line and War's Epicanthix line.
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