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Approved Planet Brakkus

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  • Intent: to create a new planet for backstory for a species sub and a future character.
  • Image Credit: N/A
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links:
  • Planet Name: Brakkus
  • Demonym: Brakkin
  • Region: Outer Rim
  • System Name: Primus System
  • System Features: Class A star, two molten worlds close to the center, one brown dwarf star extremely far out (aka, a massive superheated gas giant) and one planet and two 'moons' orbiting the brown dwarf.
  • Coordinates: U-52
  • Major Imports: None.
  • Major Exports: None
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Wet, Radioactive
  • Primary Terrain: Radioactive Marshes, Swamps, Wet Savannahs, and Oceans
  • Major Locations: hundreds of ruined cities scatter the planet, showing the destruction of a global nucleur war.


  • Native Species: Grakki
  • Immigrated Species: N/A
  • Population: Uninhabited
  • Demographics: N/A
  • Primary Languages: N/A
  • Culture: N/A
  • Government: N/A
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Wealth: None.
  • Stability: There's nothing to stabilize.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Well, seeing as everyone's dead. Super free.
  • Military: Nonexistant
  • Technology: Remnants of early space age technology littering the destroyed cities.

Brakkus was once a world of rolling green plains and hilly savannahs. It was settled by crashed humans who decided to set up a permanent presence on the planet. A few centuries of industrial waste slowly destroyed this beautiful environment but what ultimately turned Brakkus into the hellscape it is now was far worst. The Grakki who evolved from the crashed humans had formed several alliances of nation-states who were in a constant cold war.

Cold wars do not last indefinitely. Eventually, the world burned with atomic fire. However, life has not completely ceased to exist. Some extremely durable species have persisted and evolved in this new climate, becoming immune to radiation. Small oases of life exist all over the planet, in areas away from the cities bathed in radiation from bombs and failed power plants. Each one of these oases is a bastion of unique life forms, although no intelligent life forms exist anymore.

Those parts of the world still covered in radiation, specifically destroyed cities, have an even more unique life although these radioactive beings are much less prosperous. Instead, the cities are covered in evolved lichen and plant life feeding off of the radiation and solar energy, as well as the decaying buildings and the rare animal that stumbles too far into the intense radioactive zones.

Neri Rashal


I'm going to stamp these both pending- but I need to remind you that if you intend to submit these for inclusion on the map, you may only submit *one*, not both. Being in the same system pick which one (I would recommend Kassus since it's the inhabited one) to submit there.

Pending secondary.
Not open for further replies.

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