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SUBJECT NAME: Braith Ma'at Achlys (Pronunciation: Br-ā-th Mă-ät Äkh-lĕs)
ALIASES: Braith; Ma'at; Achlys
SPECIES: Alunrovaan
SEX: Female
SEXUALITY: Demisexual
EYES: Heterochromatic Blue & Violet
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 1.7 m (5'7")
WEIGHT: 150 kg (330 lbs)
BODY TYPE: Voluptuous
The Alua'an are a species of relatively short people, in comparison to humanity, but with significantly more dense muscle mass. Born to become the exception of the species, Braith possesses one and seven tenths of a meter in height with soulless blue eyes. While she is much taller than the remaining few of her species, the Alua'an retains the picturesque feminine body type, more specifically one which is voluptuous in nature. Long, flowing, silken black hair easily reaches below her ghostly-pale shoulders. As with the others of her species, she almost seems to lack pigmentation in her skin with a skin tone so pale that any blushing would be the only sign of color on her face.
A shell broken by a Jedi, Braith was brought out of the abyss and shown the light - her blind anger and resentment pulled away from her covered eyes so that she might see. And see she did. A single kiss melted her frozen heart, and a held hand warmed her right up. She is rather antisocial when large groups are present and she is on her own, though to see her not by Corvus's side is a rarity, but she is far more open to conversation than she had been at any point prior. Because of the nature of her return to the galaxy at large and her relationship with the woman who put her there, Braith tends to have a rather close relationship with the Jedi Grandmaster of the Order. To say she is protective of the woman is likely an understatement, but because of her lack of social understanding and general naivete in relation with the current viewpoint of Jedi she tries to keep that in check - a slight fear in her head of messing up trying to do the right thing. The Alua'an's temper is still quite noticeable, but as with her instinct to protect she tries to keep it under control.

RANK: Elder
  • Who Runs the World? - Braith Ma'at Achlys. The name itself once struck fear into the hearts of the people that once shared a planet with her, not because she was some unspeakable horror - not in the aesthetic sense - but because of her renown both as a formidable wielder of a the force - one which inspired a cult that had worshiped the ground on which she walked even as an infant - and her physical prowess as an Alua'an. More specifically, her incredible muscle density that caused her weight to be significantly disproportionate to her size and build, and the strength that it caused was remarkable. Much like the average female Alua'an, Braith's physical might is greater than that of most humans, and she was known at one time to have tamed a Terentatek with sheer might and will to attest to her supremacy that would one day incite fear in her followers, leading to her indefinite incarceration within a tomb sealed with alchemy. Needless to say, she breaks human stereotypes of the female sex.
  • Mitosis Imposes - Perhaps the most horrifying part of dealing with this monster of a woman, Braith possesses a regenerative healing factor that allows the regeneration of most non-lethal wounds in a relatively short period of time.
  • Am I Fat? - While the vain Alua'an is a physical beauty, she also weighs in at around 150 kilograms. This is due to the muscle density that grants her the physical prowess that reinforces her strength. Due to the density of her muscles, however, it makes any form of strenuous activity in liquid, specifically water, extremely taxing. While she may not pass out simply by wading in water, any form of swimming for extended periods of time would physically exhaust Braith in moments. Anyone capable of submerging her in water, whether by pushing her into a body of water or using the force to alter the environment around them, would stand a much greater chance than on solid ground. This also has sparked a slight phobia of boats or beach shores, or large cliffs that might overlook these waters. To make matters worse, just imagine trying to have her sit on top of you. Illicit affairs in certain, eh, poses, are not advisable.
  • IT BURNS US! - The light, from a sun or star, is much more dangerous to Alua'an than it is to humanity. Unlike humans, whom might tan and eventually begin to 'burn', Alua'an lack much pigmentation and skip right to the painful red blotchy burning part. While they may be able to regenerate through this after escaping sunlight, this generally forces both Braith and her species to seclude either beneath heavy protective clothing or under the cloak of night. To that end she had, in her own era, earned the rumor of being a deity of the night almost exclusively because of this when her feats of strength and the force were observed. Similarly, she was observed as a monstrous entity of evil because of this - perhaps what fueled her in her youth to strive for power.
  • Cancer! - A lethal, genetic, disease which all Alunrovaan are guaranteed to develop at some stage in their early life - cancer. All Alua'an will become ill with the ailment, and it is by the workings of that accelerated regeneration which fuels it. The disease starts off rather slow, sluggish, at first, but the regeneration of cells, and the lack of a "death" in those infected with the cancer, results in an accelerated growth of the disease and a rapid spread. Braith is already at a stage where the disease is terminal, there is no way to resolve it by medical means. In the next year, if no method of removing this via the force is found - as she is desperately searching for now - she will die.
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Force Powers
Just as she had been repeatedly tested by those who lacked the faith in their patron goddess of the night - her flesh facing severe harm from the planet of Pax Insul's sun during daylight - Braith had been forced, time and again, to demonstrate not only the ability to move large objects through telekinesis, which most of the planet's inhabitants had scarcely seen, but also her gift for altering the very environment around her. The first thought that came to mind would likely be the shaman shapers of Kro Var, the people who generated exhaustive elements with the force and learned to control them. However, as with most raw powers of the force, Braith had a gift for willing thunderstorms into being, spawning torrential rains or droughts, quite unlike the very limited and very strenuous application known as shaping. While far from being her only set of powers, it was certainly the primary reason cults had erected idols in her image, and why people both feared and revered her. The true testament to her status as a local deity was her mastery of the manipulation and creation of both beings and tools with the mere gesture of her hand and some time of focus and meditation. Known as a healer and as a destroyer, Braith Ma'at Achlys - worshiped as Braith or Ma'at - could breathe in life or take it away, having once demonstrated the draining of a living sacrifice's life force, unknowingly bolstering her once-abbreviated one, as well as healing an ailed child.

Lightsaber Combat
Possessing incredible physical strength and stamina afforded to her by the genetics of being an Alua'an, Braith wields lightsabers and melee weapons with unrivaled strength. Though she was believed to be a deity, and worshiped as one, the goddess was not without her trials and tribulations. While her strength made any physical blows incredibly deadly, she had to rely, too, on her stamina and agility - neither of which could be attributed to her species, though she and others have believed her simply to be gifted with divine power. To make the best use of her strength and stamina Braith has taken advantage of the lightsaber forms known as Juyo and Djem-So - both of which were fueled by the strength that each of her strikes carried. It went without saying that the woman developed her own style of combat that mixed together a blend of Djem So and Juyo, but there were also portions of the other saber forms sprinkled in for use to capitalize on depending on an opponent's movements, openings, and assaults.
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Life as a Goddess
In a year forgotten to the annals of time, in an era of history prior to the Great Hyperspace War, the child that was to be bestowed the titular name of a goddess was born. The circumstances of her birth, as well as her appearance on the planet of Pax Insul, were clouded in mystery, as a member of a species so rare that, especially in such a remote world in the wilds of space, it was completely unheard of. An Alua'an, the babe that was dubbed "Braith" due to the piercing color of her eyes - the light - and the pale color of her skin that seemed to burn almost immediately when exposed to sunlight - the dark, the word meaning "Light and Dark", a polarity that would effect her for the duration of her life. Due to her unnatural appearance, remarkable strength into her early childhood, and the strange reaction to sunlight - and especially the immediate regeneration from the burns suffered due to the exposure - Braith was raised as a living goddess, clothed from head to toe in a silken robe with a cowl to cover her face in daylight hours, the inside of the robes a pitch-black dye and the exterior as bright and white as the color of her skin - though not nearly as translucent with her lack of pigmentation in her skin.

For much of her early youth, from the moment the child was able to walk and begin to learn to speak, Braith was taught and coached by the various religious prophets in their culture, and their fictional centering of her as their sovereign deity. Due to the limited knowledge of the force present on the world, the child was taught almost exclusively by the elder of the tribe she was housed in, learning the ways of subtle influences of the mind, to outright telekinetic domination of her future subjects - always using living peasants and slaves that were let loose with freedom to injure their deity in order to instill a sense of urgency and ethic within the child. Through the years she branched out from her learning, eventually reaching adulthood - and the coming of age for the tribe's patron goddess. It was during this time that she demonstrated her ability to alter the very weather, the environment itself, and her intense physical prowess in subjugating a lone Terentatek by her lonesome with no weapon but a steel rod.

But life for one so pampered - and drilled - as her was not without its risks and challenges. Throughout the planet the various tribes, numbering so small that they could be count on the fingers of one human hand, each had their own champions - though not necessarily those they worshiped as Braith had been by hers - and where there were conflicting beliefs there was opposition. With a cult-led tribe such as her own, where her own nature as a destroyer and healer was considered sacred and religiously worshiped, there was no room for being open-minded, and her own tribe often pitted her against other tribe's champion in a vie for territory and control. While she had not made it through all of her conflicts unscathed, Braith succeeded in bringing her tribe to the forefront of control of the largest portion of landmass known to her people. But it was her success that brought fear into the hearts of the tribe's own elders. Fearing for a loss of authority to a woman that was inadvertently given too much importance in a cult that was meant to use her as a means of control, the three wisest, most capable, elders - whom also had been the ones to teach her all she knew - tricked the goddess Braith into entering a slumber within the confines of an oubliette.

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