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Character Braith Achlys

  • NAME: Braith Ma'at Achlys (Pronunciation: Br-ā-th Mă-ät Äkh-lĕs)
  • ALIASES: Braith
  • DATE OF BIRTH: c. 19,470 B.B.Y
  • HOME WORLD: Pax Insul
  • SEX: Female
  • SPECIES: Firrerreo
  • EYES: Hetero-chromatic
    • Blue
    • Violet
  • HAIR: Two-Toned
    • Light Brown
    • Violet
  • HEIGHT: 150 cm
  • WEIGHT: 51 kg
  • BUILD: Athletic
  • SPOUSE: Braxus Zambrano / Darth Prazutis
    • The Sith Empire
    • The Primeval
    • Disciple (Formerly)
    • Unidentified Aing-Tii (Formerly)
    • None
  • ALIGNMENT: Dark Side
    • Alter Environment
    • Material Alchemy
    • Arcane expressions of the Force
    • Pole-arms
    • Sabers / Swords
    • Firrerreo Regenerative Factor
    • Ultraviolet-Capable Eyesight
To most, the violet-eyed Firrerreo is a woman of stoic determination. Reserved, she keeps to herself until demanded a favor of, but the moment a goal is set her focus is razor-sharp. Those that know her more intimately may be more privy to a more open Braith, a woman with an absolutely astronomical ego and an inability to let go of her grudges. In either case, she remains respectful until that respect is forfeited - honoring her lover's wishes by sparing his nephew, Kaine Zambrano, from her icy wrath.
Raised from infancy to act as the warrior-champion of her people's tribe, Braith has lived a life of battle. A spear was put into her hand from the moment she could run, and a sword whenever not engrossed in the lessons of the spear. Though her skill with a lightsaber is somewhat lesser than her ability to make use of the reach of a spear, she is nonetheless on the par with many other masters of the modern weapon, a skill learned through experience in the modern era by taking part in wars that forced her to adapt.
Aside from her expertise with various weapons, Braith is a master of the force in every sense of the word. Nearly unrivaled in the application of alchemy to create and alter the material world, she leans towards the abstract by applying the force in more creative and imaginative ways than a simple push and pull. Though alchemy was her introduction to the force in adolescence, she was trained to use her abilities to affect the world around her in a more macroscopic way, whether it be the creation of natural disasters or the less grandiose, albeit more direct, domination of the natural world through manifestations of the dark side of the force. Her repertoire is slightly mismatched to her expertise with weapons suiting close quarters, but her mastery of the force and general cunning does lend to her infrequent intertwining of such skills as telekinesis and environmental manipulation with her footwork and blade-work.
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