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Bounty on TRE

Target: Any TRE member or ally found on Malachor V.

Condition: Dead (if possible), Alive if pushed of the world.

Payment: 20000 Credits and two force imbued items.

Bounty now live here

Also using this to tag potential Allies [member="Miss Blonde"] [member="Serenity Loveheart"] [member="Myles Vylumnar"] [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] [member="Thraxis"]
Hop in the thread I linked. Targets are any TRE PC (I guess a few will join with time lol) members (or NPCs if you want to do that, it is just about making some noise by now lol). Only [member="Antherion"] is off limits, because Abyss will take care of him personally.

[member="Myles Vylumnar"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"]

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