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Bounty - Ignus Industries

You come across a bounty posted to the board. Unlike the others, this is not a hologram. Words are scrawled on parchment in what looks like... blood?

Hello children,

I asked the spirits, but they no longer talk to me. They are frightened, I think.

A green-skinned no-hair named Ignus causes trouble for us. We no longer want him meddling.
Destroy him, or destroy his work, or both. Bring me the pieces. I need no other poof. I will know if you lie.

Bring me the pieces on Ziost and I will grant the wishes of your heart:
A magic doll to summon spirit companion.
Alchemize your body.
Even the Force, if you want it. But it is dangerous.

Bring me the pieces on Ziost.


Lethia Morow

*Pokes [member="Ignus"] with a stick.*
So how do you feel about a dinner date with a girl with no lips?

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
[member="Ignus"] shhh, don't worry baby I'll protect you from killer teddy bears and bounty hunters. You should come have dinner with [member="Darth Abyss"] and I. We'll be the best of friends.

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy

We'll even throw in a lemon wedge. Actually [member="Darth Abyss"] and I have been wanting to do a new private thread. You could get in on it if you want. Make it sort of a dinner party to discuss the business of the Sith and criminal underworld.

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