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Approved Location Bosthirda Fortress

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[SIZE=9pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]To create a home-base for Darth Pyrrhus, a secluded hideout and training ground for himself and apprentices while expanding his influence. [/SIZE]
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[SIZE=9pt]Structure Name: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Bosthirda Fortress[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Sith Fortress[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Location: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Bosthirda[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Affiliation: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Darth Pyrrhus[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Accessibility:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Darth Pyrrhus’ private estate on Bosthirda is located deep within a secluded mountain range on the planet’s northern hemisphere. It is a place known for its harsh terrain and cold climate, with frequent snowstorms and blizzards. Locals wouldn’t go there, and it has an eerie feeling about it, almost as if it doesn’t want to be found. The Dark Side weighs heavy on the terrain.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]The fortress’ main point of entry is the main gate, at the end of a long and narrow bridge. High walls and surrounding mountain passage makes access from any other point a tricky affair. That being said, there is a sensor-covered secret exit tunnel passage, although it is one opened from the inside of the fortress. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Security: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]The base itself does not have heavy defenses nor the garrison size you would expect to see on a military base. It relies more on the cover of terrain than weaponry. If necessary the bulk of the Remnant Legion is stationed at a military base elsewhere on the planet, and they are available as reinforcements. A small garrison remains in place at the fortress, although its master, Darth Pyrrhus, sometimes has it cleared nearly completely from personnel for unknown reasons. The Epirus Guard, however, is normally stationed here, and not at the military base. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]A Guardian-class Shield Generator offers the fortress some protection from assaults and orbital bombardments. Six anti-air turrets along the tower and surrounding spires guard against enemy fighters and bombers coming too close. Ten autoturrets placed along the ramparts protect the fortress’ perimeter. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]The corridors inside are covered by sensors and cameras to scan for intruders or acts of insubordinations from within. The corridors themselves are constructed with the intent of being able to serve as chokepoints to give another edge to the defenders, a design decision inspired by Darth Carnifex. Furthermore, ray shields have been installed along strategic locations inside the main spire to catch any unwanted guests.[/SIZE]

Description: Built between heavy rocks and frosty terrain stands Darth Pyrrhus’ personal fortress. Built on the planet Bosthirda, deep within Sith territory and with proximity to Korriban. Thanks to its secluded location its a spot not normally found unless one knows where to look, and even then it blends in well with its surroundings. It’s an imposing structure, with tall towers reaching for the skies, built upon the rock and surrounded by walls. One main tower stands out at the centre, and it’s also here most areas of import can be found. It is surrounded by spires either build into the main or serving as defensive watchtowers on its flanks.

[SIZE=9pt]It is clearly a location that does not wish to be found, but with its turrets and other agents of darkness, it stands ready to repel unwanted intruders all the same. It is a location with varying activity, as it holds the capacity for many people though thanks to its owner it keeps a preference to keep personnel at a minimum. It requires little staff to operate as desired. From a distance it might even seem abandoned, although any closer inspection would reveal that the place is very much in use. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Within you find much what you’d expect. The entire complex is filled with cameras and sensors, both hidden and visible. In addition to its other more notable points of interest, it comes fully equipped with expansive kitchens as well as a sitting room to entertain guests whenever the audience chamber is deemed the less appropriate option for whatever reason. The halls and corridors are made from a militaristic point of view, forming into chokepoints at key locations. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Hangar: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]A small hangar can be found on the lower levels, capable of holding a low amount of ships. It would be a poor host to cruisers and frigates, but offers space to a starfighter squadron should the need for them arise. Naturally it also has room for Darth Pyrrhus’ private transport and that of a few guests. Additionally and somewhat unrelated, up high on one of the spires there’s a landing pad for small transports, available for use by Pyrrhus only.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Barracks:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] The fortress comes with two barracks, both located near the lower levels. These provide living and working quarters for a battalion of the Remnant Legion. However, unless the fortress is at full alert and expecting trouble or threats to security, these will likely not be fully housed. Depending on the threat level the garrison might go down to one or two companies, or even as low as none at all. At the main tower’s higher levels there are living quarters for the Epirus Guard. If Darth Pyrrhus is present expect the quarters of his personal honour guard to be filled. Connected to the barracks is the armoury, for all your violent needs. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Medbay: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]It seemed inadvisable to Pyrrhus to have a large structure such as this, garrisoned and host to a Sith Lord and likely apprentices, to stand without a medical wing. As such he had a medbay created with beds and bacta tanks to tend to the soldiers if needed be, and naturally himself should he find himself injured and in need of medical attention. It is staffed by a combination of the Remnant Legion’s medics as well as medical droids. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Dungeons:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Every sinister-looking fortress such as this would naturally come with an equally sinister dungeon! Below ground level you will find holding cells of various types for prisoners (from spacious to oubliette) and an interrogation room (read: torture chamber). Sometimes this doubles as an experimentation lab for research purposes, although the slave camp found elsewhere on Bosthirda is better suited for this. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Audience chamber: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]The audience chamber, drawing the distinct resemblance of a throne room, is a large open room intended for formal meetings, dinners, and the like. In its normal state it is a big room with no furniture to speak of, aside from a large chair at the very end on an elevated plateau, flanked by two more chairs each on one level lower. A large, drawn out oval table can rise from the centre of the floor along with chairs, making it a flexible room usable for several purposes. The table comes with a holoprojector at its centre. There is also one in front of the throne. Overall the decoration is modest. Sleek, elegant, without any extravaganza added to it, reflecting its owner’s minimalist approach. At the side opposite of the throne, there is a wide balcony. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Living quarters:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Along the lower floors there will be living quarters for staff and slaves alike (although the slave population is not particularly extensive at this fortress). Higher up in the tower there are larger, more finely furnished chambers that normally stand empty but are kept clean and in good condition in the event of visiting guests. Darth Pyrrhus’ own personal chambers are located high up in the tower, coming with a balcony providing a beautiful view overlooking the facility and nearby snow-covered valley. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Personal office: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]On the same level as his living quarters, Pyrrhus has his own office. It comes with a view of the valley opposite of that provided from his bedchambers, although here there is no balcony. Much like the style of the rest of the building, there is little room for extravaganza or displays of wealth. There’s a desk, chair, and a number of artefacts and objects of power. These, however, are not put on displays as trophies but rather as subjects of research. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Library:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Not far below Pyrrhus’ own quarters there is a grand library. It is in many ways the pride of the Togruta Lord. Much time is spent here, and much data has been gathered within its archives. When he transitioned away from his estate on Glee Anselm he had all records transferred to his fortress on Bosthirda. This also includes what was stored within the Sith Academy of Glee Anselm, which he had seen constructed. Entrance to the library requires proper access codes. One or two members of the Epirus Guard will usually be stationed by the door, revealing Pyrrhus’ desire to preserve and guard his accumulated knowledge. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Training Room: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Higher up in the tower, approximately just above the middle, there can be found a well equipped training facility. This is not the same as the one used by the Remnant Legion, or even the Epirus Guard, but designed with the intention of training Sith. Usually this will mean Darth Pyrrhus and his apprentices. It holds a variety of weapons, some standard some exotic, as well as various droids with different specialisations that play the role of sparring partners.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Storage Chamber: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Along the wall of a particularly long hall, there is a hidden storage room. There is no visible door nor anything resembling a keypad to open it. Its location is intended to be kept a secret to all but Pyrrhus. He would seek to keep this a secret even to his apprentices. The idea is that no one without the knowledge of its exact location, the key and a connection to the Force would be able to access it. Through the use of the Force, a piece of the wall slides up into the roof, revealing the thick armoured door. It is here the keypad can be found, requiring two keys to open. Within the Sith Lord stores what he wishes hidden, be that powerful artefacts, wealth, or other valuables deemed unfit to be put on display at his library. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Meditation chamber: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]This room is found at the very top of the main spire. It is a private chamber that similarly to the library below receives plenty of attention from the fortress’ resident Sith Lord. It is large, round in shape, and dark.The purpose is simple and lies in the name; a place of meditation, study, and enhancing the user’s powers within the Force. The chamber also doubles as a command centre. The walls can give way to numerous screens containing information, be that from the fortress’ camera feeds or reading reports coming in from Pyrrhus’ assets. One neat way Pyrrhus likes to use these devices is to provide him a 360 degree view of the fortress’ surroundings. This is accomplished not through windows, but by utilising a number of cameras and sensors placed outside of the tower. This creates the illusion of looking through windows, when in fact one is safely within the fortress walls.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Since the fall of the One Sith, the world which Darth Pyrrhus governed was no longer secured by the might of an empire. Their military forces either deserted, withdrew or straight up revolted. Even though Glee Anselm went through the transition without major incident, it was estimated that after the fall of Coruscant the Galactic Alliance’s forces would come sweeping upwards, eventually seeking to absorb Glee Anselm into its own empire. The permanence of any Sith control over Glee Anselm was then brought into question. Although this never came to be, from that moment Pyrrhus started looking for alternative bases of operations while he withdrew back into the shadows and contemplated the future of the Sith and the worth and meaning of ‘empire’. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Never falling under foreign occupation, Sith involvement with Glee Anselm still faded into obscurity and became more hidden. The previous capital of Sector Five (according to the One Sith division of the galaxy) risked drawing too much attention, and the desire to house both fleet and army elsewhere arose. The move away from Glee Anselm allowed it to slide off the radar, and Pyrrhus kept his assets there uncontested. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]The Bosthirda fortress was constructed as a private base of operations, a nefarious den of scheming and evildoing. It became a symbol of the Sith Lord’s power on the planet. It was less hands-on than the Remnant Legion’s military base, but an expansion of his influence on the planet all the same. The place would become a secluded home, away from the prying eyes of the galaxy where the Lord of Ruin could plot his moves and complete his research uninterrupted.[/SIZE]
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