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Approved Planet Boroa (Planet)

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Intent: To Create a world for Lord Boros

Image Credit: Here (Artist and title Unavailable)

Canon: N/A

Links: Lord Boros


Planet Name: Boroa

Demonym: Boroans

Region: Unknown

System Name: Arriba

System Features:
  • Two Moons praised by the people along with their Sun a Red Giant
  • Closest Moon: Sitama (Death)
  • Furthest Moon: Azure (Time)
  • Sun: Muman (Life)
  • Constellation: Genos

Coordinates: 2,21

Major Imports: Luxury Goods

Major Exports: Raw Materials


Gravity: Standard

Climate: Temperate

Primary Terrain: Artificial

Major Locations:
  • Capital City: "The Capital" as it is known by some is the capital of Boroa and has been around for thousands of years as long as anyone could remember. Built out of disaster it stands to remind them of what fortune they have to be alive.


Native Species: Boroans
Immigrated Species: N/A

Population: Heavily populated

Demographics: Only Boroans can be found on the planet due to its government outlawing any alien races to touch foot on the planet or in any of its cities.

Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic

Culture: A very war-like culture, as the main sports are gladiator events where members of the race test their skills in the arena for the entertainment for others. They enjoy the fight and they are ruthless and savage when it comes to it. On a day to day basis they are cultivating the fields, mines, and other places for the raw materials that are replenished every night by the system and then the rest of the day is spent on luxury activities such as the holo-emiiter rooms and other such establishments.


Government: Absolute Monarchy

Affiliation: King Boran

Wealth: High, due to its ability to replenish any and all raw materials (Coal, Crystals, Natural Gas, Oil, etc.) on its planet due to the technology that the planet has on it that allows for them to have any and all they need. Spend much of their wealth on luxury goods from other planets around the system. Items that are favored tend to be weapons and other such items, (which are luxury items on Boroa) Ancient and antique weapons can sell for much more then most planets and have caused many planets around the sector to come to Boroa with unique and Antique weapons.

Stability: High stability. The King has a iron grip over the planet and him and his guards are all seeing and knowing due to the camera's places almost everywhere and stop any unauthorized activities in a very quick matter of time. The control over the planet is a iron tight grip and the crime rate is low due to some rebellions in the smaller cities.

Freedom & Oppression: Mostly Free: Even though it is a monarchy most people have their own choices and free will to make their decisions on what actions they want. The people pick their profession, lifestyle and what they spend their wealth on and only have to follow the Kings mandate's and other official laws.


Military: Militaristic, with a large fortress around the castle and in each of the government buildings in the cities covering the planet. Also, a fairly small navy and army with advanced technology protecting the planet from any foreign invaders.

Technology: Advanced with replication and many other ideas and systems that are used on a daily basis for the people of the planet. The planet has developed advanced military technology making their ships very good defensively and with a large amount of armament but with slow speed and weak rears.


Be sure to cover the following information:
Boroa is almost a mythical planet told from trader to trader for many generations. It is said that the only reason they trade at all is to get the luxury goods from other planets for their people. It was found by a small trading convoy many centuries before the rise of the Old Republic and was a advanced society even then with King Borans' father being just crowned during this time. It became a almost technological world after the Boroans polluted and ruined the planet to near destruction before Borans' great-grandfather introduced new technology which stabilized the planet and united them into the technological empire they rule today.

During the Netherworld crisis the Boroa system went into a panic. People around the planet were holding funerals day after day as people disappeared, but when people started returning things got more complicated. The people thought that their family and friends that returned where warning sent by the gods and where to be slain causing a massacre throughout the planet. With half the population or less dead due to their deaths they would have a slight economic depression but luckily the Government funded its wealth into new reproduction programs and other ways to boost the economy and within three to four years the economy and population although greatly depleted began to stabilize and return to normal.

Boroa has kept aliens off the world since before most modern governments were created. Becasue the whole reason their planet needed to change. A group of aliens used their cunning and intelligence to use the Boroans for wealth and resources and pitted to powerful rulers against one another. Fighting for hundreds of years against one another until a scientist, King Borans finally solved their plight on their dying world and outlawed aliens to ever touch foot on the planet again.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
[member="Lord Boros"]

Can I just say I love this concept? A post-scarcity society that goes to extreme longths to place value on work, a xenophobic dictatorship where being alien is a crime? Very cool.

That said, for fairness/balance reasons, a couple of details will.need to get toned down significantly. I can't stamp a planet that has a huge navy all by itself, a navy that's basically invulnerable to conventional weapons and has extremely powerful weapons of its own. Teleportation will also have to go; in SW canon it's extremely rare. I have no problem with replicators, as people play replicator games with molecular furnaces all the time. All-seeing, all-knowing guards and 0% crime rate just aren't realistic; it comes off as more of an OOC mechanism to let you prevent anyone from RPing on this planet ever.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
[member="Lord Boros"]

Awesome, thanks. At this point it's just a matter of polishing and options.

The Codex has some guidelines on properly cite your images. Use a Google image search or TinEye to find the original source, then list the work title and artist as well as the hyperlink. If you can't find that information, just make a note to that effect.

You're in a remote and interesting area with some weird planets. You could mention trading partners and unusual trade goods when you talk about luxury imports. You may also want to flesh out or adjust your exports.

'Any and all resources’ is a little broad. For example, some materials are restricted. Can you clarify the language?

Can you flesh out your system features?

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
[member="Lord Boros"]

Awesome. A couple more tweaks I forgot to mention, and then we're good as far as I'm concerned

- Image sourcing, if possible.

- I'm left a little confused by the moons: how many are there total?

- Could you expand the history a bit? For example, just about every planet was affected by the Netherworld crisis maybe ten years ago, where tons of people just vanished into the afterlife and eventually, mostly, came back.

- Crime rates would vary by crime, so you could just say that rates are unusually low.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
[member="Lord Boros"] - I'm not sure genocide is the word you're looking for, if they bounced back within 3-4 years. Tweak that and I'll give this a pending-approval stamp.
[member="Lord Boros"]

This section needs clarifying:

Freedom & Oppression: Monarchy
It's not asking you what type of government controls the planet, you've already answered that in the government section. It's asking what the law abides and what it does not. What types of liberties and freedoms do the people of this planet enjoy? What sort of restrictions are applied to their daily lives? This is another good area to put the law forbidding aliens on the planet and WHY they are forbidden. That is huge in the SW galaxy - a massive place where commerce, trade, and cultural expansion are the main ingredients to survival and growth. Why would a planet outlaw aliens yet allow alien tech and goods? I'd like to see this explained more both in the Freedom & Oppression section as well as the history.
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