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Blue Bloods [Iron Empire]


Pharmaceutical Wing
Csillian Labs - Csilla

The pharmaceutical wing was hard at work preparing to release their new product, Memoryx. Dr. Blaire was excited to see her business getting back on it's feet after the most recent change it had endured. "Dr. Liva. Have you spoken with Gerell about the promotion campaign? I hear he has something quite revolutionary." Dr. Blaire asked the other Chiss scientist. "I have, yes. Only briefly, however. Whatever nonsense he was spewing I did not have time for. But, if you wish I shall actually hear him out." she replied. "Please do. Thank you." Sila walked out of Dr. Liva's office and proceeded down the hallway towards her press conference. Dr. Blaire's assistant, Dr. Mari, walked at her side. "Dr. Blaire. I ahve your notes prepared for your speech. Are you ready to return to the spotlight? What am I saying, of course you are." Sila just smiled at her assistant as she took the notes from her. Sila looked over the datapad as she neared the entrance of the facility where she would be talking to the press and any of the Iron Empire's people that decided to come.

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