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Blood Ravens

Nyla Bloodraven

The Blood Ravens are a piratical organization operating in the Aparo and Wyl Sectors; operations have also extended out towards the border worlds of the Tingel Arm. Their primary operations consist of pirating; though focus heavily on anti-slavery operations, with their main targets being Slavers. Many of the captains and crews of the Blood Ravens are former slaves or beings with a heavy anti-slavery stance. Vessels range from a varying myriad; though many are heavily modified to increase speed, armor or weapons to allow for rapid hit and run tactics or withstand heavy damage.

There was show last night of interest with the take on an anti-slaver faction. While the primary one is inactive; this one has a more lean towards piracy, with individual captains and crews making the choice to strike out at slavers. This would not be an entirely anti-slavery faction as that only serves as part of the faction. The primary operation of the Blood Ravens is first and foremost piratical.