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Blood is Thicker than Water [Isley Verd]

Torinia Mune

A soft tune flutters in the background of the Mune family's ballroom as people in expensive robes and garments made idle chitchat. Eyes silently judged the elegant creme walls styled to mimic the classy architecture of Naboo. Every guest was quietly scrutinizing their host's home as well as each other. Torinia was beginning to loath these events. Wearing a dress of a similar colour as the pillar she leaned on, she sipped her drink with a dull expression on her face. Her grandfather made it clear she was to behave this evening. After a scandal of another Mune Torinia had never heard of fleeing the Jedi order, speculation surrounding the values of the Mune family had placed extra stress on the old dog. So, he decided to through a little 'party' for his investors to prove they still remained a dignified house.

The man in question was conversing with a older gentlemen with a young twi'lek bride, a gem so large hung from her neck Torinia swore it would strange her. Torinia rolled her eyes and took a even bigger swig of her drink, avoiding the eyes of a few other girls her age. She heard the familiar mocking giggles in their direction. Air heads. Torinia was tempted to run to tell their fathers out their lower class alien lovers. Tapping her foot on the ground her gaze lingered to the clock planted above the massive pair of doors. Another hour, and she'd sneak out. Ditch the outfit and steal a speeder and head for her favorite seedy cantina in the darkest corner of the Coruscant underworld. It was so much more colourful there, so much more wild. No more creme walls to suffocate her.

No grandfather to dictate her every move.

Where no one cares about her last name.

"Torinia, Darling, won't you come and join the dancing?" The small voice of her mother said from behind her. The little woman didn't usually make herself known at these events, but she encouraged her daughter to make herself known.

Torinia groaned in reply, running her finger over the glass as she turned to look at her mother. "I'm alright, I don't want to get on the old fart's nerves." She said bluntly.

"I will, however, have another drink."
There were very few things in the entire Galaxy that would bring the Mandalorian known as Isley Verd to a gala such as the one hosted by the Mune family; and even fewer things could ever make him one of the invited guests. He was, to say the very least, not the sort of character one would ever expect to grace the exquisite halls of such a wealthy family; but business had a funny way of bringing people together. While Isley was a Colonel within the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and very much occupied with the duties that came associated with said rank, he did make time to hone his skills through the taking of side jobs. More often than not, these jobs would consist of one of his favorite past times: bounty hunting. This day, one of the wealthy businessmen attending the party had placed a bounty out for an employee who had taken some company secrets and gone rogue; breaking several laws in the process.

Well, Isley had fulfilled the dead or alive portion of the bounty...and had decided to keep the poor woman alive. The businessman decided to offer quite the sizeable bonus for putting her down, but when the Mandalorian had her at blaster point, the tale she spoke touched his heart and brought forth a wicked desire to get paid...and to see a show. And so, the armor-clad warrior strode up to the Mune estate and gained clearance to the party through the flaunting of his rank; for who would deny a notable officer from an allied nation's military entrance into a gala? His entrance into the ballroom drew gasps and stares, not just because he was garbed from head to toe in beskar...

But because the woman he was sent to either kill or apprehend was over his shoulder, tied by numerous ropes.

A grave silence befell the crowd as the Mandalorian strode boldly forward until he came to a halt in the middle of the floor, before thrusting forward a finger at the man in question. 'Twas the older gentleman with the young, Twi'lek bride, of course, who began to sweat the moment he saw the woman and Isley. "I'm here to collect on my bounty." said the Mandalorian in a cold tone, stepping forth and unceremoniously depositing the woman on the floor before his feet. "I demand it in full." Then, he looked to the Bride and said. "By the way, your husband's a pig. He knocked up this woman here and refused to acknowledge the child as his own, then fired her from his company in order to keep it all secret. When she retaliated, he hired me."

And thus the scene began. Slaps. Gasps. Yells. Sweet chaos.

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