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Blasted Decisions


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Corporation Name: Blasted Decisions
Headquarters: Valhalla
Locations: Red Nebula
Operations: Blaster creation (rifle, pistol, etc.)
Rationale: Made
Tier: 2

In the recent times, Zaiden has found his order sizes from JAC increased to far more then ever before. Each shipment seems larger then the last, and along with losing some men to separate job sites, Zaiden decided it far simpler to create a seperate branch dedicated to the arts of blaster tech. Facing multiple issues at first, mainly injuries from inexperience, Zaiden chose to hire some ex Blaster Specialist from the Imperial and Republican militaries to come and look over certain events.

Nothing changed until within the past few week, as production has resumed near normal pace and the product seems better. Practice along side a few different professional individuals that have their own singular opinions allows one to become rather adequate quickly. Now rather than fighting others that were used to melee weaponry and armor, Zaiden had men that day by day were getting better.

Initially, there was a 25% success rating, on a good day. But slowly that grew to, 30 then to 40. With each complete product, the next was easier, faster, and more durable. Soon enough the next step will be within grasp. That day, when it does indeed come, Zaiden has decided to hire even further Military experts, this time in long-range and modification. In enough time, the company could be as useful as it's mother branch.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Just as with the Family Hospital, this submission is disappointing in the amount of effort put into it. Expand the description and drop it to Tier 2, or do some sort of development thread and expand the description and we may be able to swing tier 3.