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Approved Tech Black Wanderer Armor (Repost)

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The White Wolf

Dog of the Sith
Intent: To provide 13 with lightweight armor for his under cover assassinations.
Model: Prototype (Will probably make newer version later)
Affiliation: LotF
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Classification: Multipurpose
Material: Armorweav and Durasteel
Weight: 5KG
Quality: Class 3
Description: This armor/Coat is designed with armorweav to provide 13 with minor blaster and lightsaber attacks. The jacket has the appearance of a regular trench coat for simplicity of design. This gives 13 more control in combat so he does not have to be restricted to long garbs slowing him down or a hood. The mask is made of Durasteel for obvious reasons and painted a solid white. The eye holes are made of a thick glass that protect his eyes from things like smoke or water. The strap that locks it to his head is made of Armorweav as well. But given the mask is really think it is definitely breakable with the right amount of force. It can even crack on some occasions. The mask is primarily thin around the eye hole section and in between the eyes.
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