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Black Hand Terror Cell [Interest Check]

Carlos Castillo

The Black Hand Terror Cell
The Black Hand Terror Cell is an upcoming terrorist organization founded and managed by Aiker Edizu under the alias "Aznear Enael." The Black Hand operates under the guise of businessmen and private military contractors, using information sources and underground networks to gain intelligence on their targets and strike high-ranking figures of the galaxy. Even Force sensitive beings are known to be members of the cell, the cell's leader is even suspected of being Force sensitive.
The Black Hand is a terrorist cell, simple and to the point. Individuals who know of them in the public are either informants or members of the cell itself. Their motives and reasoning all lies behind the veil of "Aznear Enael." Being their leader, Enael pays his subordinates heartily although he rarely makes contact with them face to face.
Where do we get our weapons? Information? Members? The underworlds of the galaxy. We're the ones that live under your bed, the ones lurking in the shadows whether you're looking or not. Chances are: you can't even see us. The Black Hand has many proprietors and supporters around the galaxy and they pay the organization nicely, giving us more than enough money to purchase weaponry, tech, and lots of other gadgets.
The true motive of the terror cell is to plainly create anarchy and destruction. Truth is, this galaxy is a toy and needs to be played with as such. The aroma of freshly slaughtered corpses, the smoke and fire burning your eyes, the taste of death lightly wrapping itself around your tongue is what we live for.
The Black Hand has contacts and sources all across the galaxy. We operate in the underworlds and black markets, utilizing the shadows and darkness as our mode of transportation and movement. Although the Hand came strike from anywhere, their headquarters is believed to be in the undercity of Coruscant.