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Black Friday Shopping

Vascious Relens

Anyone gonna do some black Friday shopping?

I have no intention of waiting out in the cold for doors to open (even if I am waiting in what is considered cold only in Texas), but i'm gonna go rooting around for cheap blu-rays. Anyone know where the best places will be for that?

Also I hear a lot of people talking about online vs in store black Friday shopping. Any opinions?


Disney's Princess
I've noticed a good number of promotions for online purchases made on Friday. I hope to use a few of these opportunities to buy a few things for Christmas. I hope to save a little money in the process. :D


DVD's are considerably cheaper than Blu-Rays so that's a option, look for a DVD instead

Vascious Relens

Ironically I ended up just playing around online and buying a bunch of movies. The lesson I learned in this situation is to do it at midnight next year instead of at 2am in the morning. A lot of the good stuff was going out of stock as I was trying to form up a cart. None the less I got a lot of $4 blurays.

Sargon hit the nail on the head with it being Black Thursday now.