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Bene Vole, Senator of Shili

Bene Vole


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NAME: Bene Vole (Pronounced: Ben-ay Vole-ay)
FACTION: The Galactic Republic
RANK: Senator
SPECIES: Togruta
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.6 meters (5' 3")
WEIGHT: 55 kilograms (120 lbs)
EYES: Black
HAIR: None
SKIN: Orange with white markings, and blue and white Montrals



Very aware - Though not fully trained in the force (by her own accord), she is more aware of things than most, especially with her Montrals. She can usually tell if you're lying or not telling the whole story.

Can be persuasive - The young Senator makes an effort of practicing her use of words tactically.

Aggressive - When involved in something, Bene doesn't like to back down, and pursues her objective relentlessly. She is also not limited to verbal aggression, if attacked she has enough martial skill to inflict some damage. Her aggressive nature was a part of the reason why she couldn't continue being a Jedi.

Would-be Jedi - She probably could have continued if she could have kept her emotions and aggressive nature in check, but she simply couldn't. She couldn't let go of her emotions she was going to be sent to do farm work. She resigned, unable to face her failure. Though because of this, she has some understanding of the force, and a very subtle influence over it, but nothing more than an amateur. This would be where she gained her martial skill as well.


Naive - Bene is young and inexperienced, and though she herself can be persuasive as well as aggressive on her beliefs, she can be manipulated with a fair amount of ease, so long as you keep up with it.

Emotional - Bene has a hard time keeping her feelings out of the mix, a large reason why she couldn't continue being a Jedi.

Sore loser - Bene can't stand personal failure. She hates it, loathes it. Yet another reason why she couldn't continue being a Jedi.

Dirt - Senator Vole has some dirt about a past marriage she wouldn't be too privy to release to the public.

Bene has a strong sense of unity and togetherness with those she chooses to trust as allies. She relies on them to support her through her more difficult journey's and decisions, and without support becomes overtly aggressive and looses her sense of logic. She is more individualistic however, than most Togruta, not as spiritually connected as her people are (and thus lacks that special connection that heightens their strength in the force), and MUCH less silent and tranquil. She hates being alone or being the odd-woman-out. She doesn't like being uncomfortable, so she decides to use her cultural heritage to her advantage to get out of wearing painful shoes.

Politically, Bene is a fence sitter, she isn't entirely sure where she stands on the political field. The only thing she does know, is that the Republic needs to keep its nose out of other factions business, and do everything in its power to keep the Empire on a tight leash... even if it means asking friends to do it for the Republic. So on the issue of the shaky relations with Omega Pyre, she would rather have the Republic forgive and forget, and pay more attention to expanding the influence of freedom and liberty.

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).

Born on Shili, Bene had been taken from her family by the Jedi as so often practiced by the Galactic Republic... of course at the time the Galactic Republic wasn't exactly official yet, thus she was more so adopted by an independent band of Jedi who would eventually join the current Jedi Regime. She had significant potential in the force, but unfortunately the girl was highly connected to her emotions (most likely erroneous teaching methods used by her Master, a novice teacher). Her potential was never reached, and was facing failure. Rather than live the entire journey only to be sent to a farm, she resigned from the order. Stranded without food or home, it was a difficult journey to Senator. Eventually, she used her feminine charm to land herself a marriage with a fabulously wealthy man (that she genuinely loved at the time)... which she divorced (because she genuinely hated him at the time) and "stole" a goodly portion of his money (to rub the salt into his open wounds). This is dirt that not many people know about. Now with plenty of funding she has the skills and drive to run for Senator of Shili.

I, am no murderer of innocents.




Elected! ... Now what?

Bene Vole

The bio at the moment may be subject to major change. I didn't really delve too deep into Togruta Culture or style of governing.

I also haven't formulated my political stand points.

@[member="Sarge Potteiger"], ALWAYS.

@[member="Tae Reek"], Hello yourself bub, I don't affiliate myself with anyone that could put my status at jeopardy... unless they're wealthy, powerful, or extremely good looking and charming...

@[member="Silas Opri"], nice to meet you as well! I hope to make an impression on the Galactic Senate! Hopefully in a positive manner.

Bene Vole

@[member="Marek S'hadar"] thank you again!

Question: Why is your Sig still all red and junk?

Bene Vole


@[member="Marek S'hadar"], Best I could do on short notice... well actually I think that's the best I've ever done with any kind of image editing >.>

I don't like how the words came out, and I didn't really ask you what you wanted either.

My editing ability is very limited, but perhaps I can learn :p

Bene Vole

I have a question for all of you, who do you pronounce my name?

I was thinking of changing it because I just realized someone could be reading it and saying in their head "Bean Voll"

Which is not a very feminine name.

I pronounce it "Ben-ay Voll-ay"

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