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Approved Tech Ba'Vanim, Ara Ren's Lightsaber

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Intent: Personal Lightsaber of Ara Ren
Image Source:
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: A Qixoni Crystal Hunt
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: Ara Ren
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Ara Ren
Modularity: Yes, Crystal can be swapped out
Production: Unique
Material: Qixoni Crystal, Silver Electrum plated Duraplast, Lightsaber Components, Shaped Obsidian

Classification: Lightsaber
Size: One-handed
o Hilt: 32 cm
o Blade: 90 cm or 50 cm
o Maximum Total Length: 122 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg

Fencing Emitter
Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse
• Variable Intensity Settings
• Duel Phase Module
• Insulated against EMP/Ion Attacks


  • Fencing Emitter – Amplifies saber’s ability to parry enemy attacks but results in a saber that is less proficient in deflecting blaster bolts.
  • Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse – Allows the saber to be used when submerged underwater.
  • Force-activated – The saber can be activated with the force, removing the need for an activation button, preventing non-force users from activating the blade.
  • Variable Intensity Settings – A variable intensity switch has been installed allowing the saber to be used at full-power or as a training blade
  • Duel Phase Module – The blade can be altered from a normal length of 90 cm to a shorter blade of 50 cm as needed.
  • Insulated against EMP/Ion Attacks – With built-in Insulating materials and redundant circuitry, the Lightsaber's defense against EMP/Ion Attacks is increased, allowing the weapon to circumvent the overcharge/deactivation cycle that comes from encountering unrefined Cortosis and Mag-Pulse weaponry
• Blade of Form II, Makashi – Equipped with a fencing emitter and curved hilt, this blade is designed for increased proficiency when using Form II, Makashi, built with speed and parrying in mind.
• Amphibious – The Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse ensures the saber can be used underwater.
• Strength of Character – Offering an increased defense against EMP/Ion Attacks, this saber was designed to reduce the chance of shorting out when in contact with Cortosis and Mag-pulse Weaponry.
• Force on, Force off – This saber can only be activated by use of the force, preventing the blade form being turned on its master by any NFUs.

Weaknesses :
• Force on, Force off – While preventing activation by NFUs, the lack of activation button also means that the saber cannot be used once someone’s connection to the force has been broken.
• Bear Hunting with a Butter Knife - While having higher than average protection from cortosis, Ba’Vanim can still be affected by the metal, causing the blade to be temporarily disabled. It is also weak against traditional lightsaber-resistant metals such as Phrik and Songsteel.
• Terminated – As with any plasmatic blade, Ba’Vanim offers little protection against slugthrowers due to the slugs’ pesky habit of melting when coming into contact with the blade.


Created with the assistance of her Master, Talon Ren, the saber was meant to be a powerful tool and weapon in her continuing path along the Dark Side. All aspects of the saber, save the crystal, were left in the hands of the Disciple of Ren, the girl choosing a curved hilt to compliment her fighting style and to fit easily in the palm of her hand. Despite Talon’s assurances that looks mattered little when it came to sabers, valuing function over appearance, Ara chose to find balance in both, her own personal vanity shining through in her construction and design.

The modifications chosen for her blade (fencing emitter, Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse, force activation switch, etc.) were meant to reduce the necessity of carrying another blade, her own weapon able to act as a training saber, work in aquatic environments, and vary in length. The curved hilt and fencing emitter play well into her preferred form of Makashi, favoring quick, lithe movements over powerful sweeps.

Although appearance played a large role in her material choices, she also valued strength and durability. The hilt itself made of Duraplast, resistant to EMP/Ion attacks and lightsaber strikes, but coated in beautiful silver electrum creating a dynamic template for swirling designs adding during assembly. Obsidian added to the end of the hilt contrasting with the bright silver and adding a sharp edge to any future melee attacks.

Forged on the fiery planet of Mustafar, the place where the rule of two ended and Jedi came to die, the bond between the Dark Side and the crystal strengthened by the location of its creation. The crystal itself has been retrieved from the Dark Side Cave on Dagobah, Ara having faced her fears and past to retrieve the blood-red crystal. The Qixoni crystal within has been imbued with the Dark Side and the emotions swirling within the disciple of Ren: fear, anger, passion, determination, and more.

Ba’Vanim, Deadly Beauty. Designed and named after its Master, a beautiful exterior hiding a powerful and deadly interior.
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